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Dec 2002 - Issue 031

New from January!


Welcome to Kansai Scene, your bilingual Kansai living guide.

With around 60,000 copies picked up each month (therefore an estimated total readership of well over 100,000), Kansai Scene and Tokyo Scene are Japan's biggest bilingual magazines.

Our 100,000+ readers are English and Japanese speakers who enjoy meeting new people, seeing new places, getting to know new things, and having fun in the big cities.

That's why we pick up on the most interesting art exhibitions, live music gigs, club events and movies, and also squeeze in some fun news, fun features, and tasty bar and restaurant reviews.

And we do it all for free. You can pick up a copy at the beginning of each month at one of hundreds of locations in either city. Or check out each issue here on our websites: kansaiscene.com and tokyo-scene.com.

Thanks for reading.

P&K Inc., publisher of Tokyo Scene and Kansai Scene seeks an English-speaking branch manager with sales knowledge in Tokyo, and graphic designers in Tokyo and Osaka. Japanese nationals with experience only. Salary negotiable. Please fax resume to 06-4806-5801 and call 06-6301-3054 att: Peter Horvath or email [email protected]