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May 2003

KS Classifieds
#009 out now

The Slow issue

Kansai Scene investigates the Slow life, samples some Slow food and checks out the latest trends in everyone's favourite 'slow' transport — the trusty bicycle.

With this month marking the 3rd Anniversary for Kansai Scene, there's never been a better time to find out for yourselves why we are the biggest and best free, bilingual magazine in Japan.

Our 100,000+ readers are English and Japanese speakers who enjoy meeting new people, seeing new places, getting to know new things, and having fun in the big cities.

That's why we pick up on the most interesting art exhibitions, live music gigs, club events and movies, and also squeeze in some fun news, fun features, and tasty bar and restaurant reviews.

And we do it all for free. You can pick up a copy at the beginning of each month at one of hundreds of locations in either city. Or check out each issue here on our websites: tokyo-scene.com and kansaiscene.com.

Thanks for reading.


The Slow Life
Ever thought about jacking it all in and heading to the country to grow daikon? Everyone else seems to be.


Wonder Wheels
Go slow, the fun and sweaty way.


Landmines and Cappuccinos, Eritrea
Warm climate, even warmer welcomes.


Slow Suppers
Chemical-free carrots at Kansai's coolest organic eateries.

Eat in an earlier era at Manma, Kyoto.


Dick Tracy wrist phones, trimming tea, perfect pick-up lines + your chance to be in the movies...


Andrew W Art versus Science, Jono David photo exhibition and more...


Lisa Loeb, Chara, American Hi-fi and more...


Metro's 13th Aniversary Special with Takkyu Ishino, crossing over with Truby Trio and more...


The Hours, Reign of Fire and many more...