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June 2003

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#012 out now

The Travel issue

It's pouring with rain outside and that healthy holiday glow you had after your last break is a distant memory, it's time to get down to the travel agent and book a flight outta here.

Choose carefully though: Asia, all of it, is off the list (SARS), as is Africa, Europe, and the Americas (terrorism/those strange dark fellows with the scarves), leaving, er, Antarctica. Don't forget the pack the ozone hole-strength sun block.

Maybe better to stay home thenノ or maybe not. The chances of picking up the flu from hell even in China itself are a good bit lower than, say, a similarly wretched, diseased death after going for a dip in the Dotonburi, and the odds of meeting a violent end at the hands of a crazed martyr are exactly 1,000,342.5 times less likely than an identical fate at the hands of an equally crazed taxi driver in Shinsaibashi Friday night.

Even better, thanks to the mass panic, it now costs less to fly abroad than it does to catch that same taxi home. So, grab this month's cut-out-and-keep global guide, arm yourself with our recommendations for the latest in travel style, and get packing.

It's going to be a great summer for travel.


Summer Travel Guide
Defy the (anti) hype and pick up a discount ticket. Summer is coming and it's time to travel.


Travel Bag
Eight travel items not to leave home without.


Crater Caper
Blasting up firey peaks in Papua New Guinea.


Cafe Continue
The Duracell of dining in Amerika-mura.

Picca Bar
Bossa-and-peanuts in Kyoto.


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