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Sept 2003

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The Rose of the North

Lanna Thai opened in Osaka just about three years ago. This restaurant, on the second floor of the Tamaki Building, is just a two minute walk from the subway station and right in the center of Shinsaibashi. Lanna Thai is different from other Thai eateries in that it serves and provides NorthernThai dishes which is a blend of local Thai and Burmese tastes. Most of the spices used in these northern dishes however originated in Burma, thus giving these dishes a distinct smell and taste. When talking about nothern Thai dishes, you cannot but help mentioning Chiang Mai or “the Rose of the North” as it is often called, being the geographical and also the political capital of Nothern Thailand (Lanna) and the second largest city of Thailand after Bangkok.

The owner of Lanna Thai, Alada is born in Chiang Mai but moved to Japan eight years ago bringing along all her delicious recipes to satisfy your pallette. If you truly want to experience Chiang Mai you have to try Nam Prik Eong (¥1,100), which has a sweet, sour and spicy taste, and is made from minced pork and finally mixed with pepper sauce and tomatoes or you have to perceive the flavor of the Larp Muu/Larp Ghai (¥1,000), made from minced pork or chicken, mixed with peppers and other spices, eaten with fresh vegetables and the tasty sticky rice.

A lot of Japanese are crazy about the Seafood Phad Tha-Khlai either (¥1,300), stir fried shrimp with lemongrass and Thai style noodles which is especially to recommend for those of you who love coconutmilk. But you can even enjoy the sweet coconut even more by taking one of the most popular Thai deserts (around ¥350) that Lanna Thai is offering namely coconut ice cream (Ice Cream Mapao) and the delicious squash in coconut milk (Fakutong Geang Phaato). As the Thai chef cook enjoys spoiling his customers with a special service you should always feel free to request special dishes besides the menu giving even vegetarian the possibility to enjoy the rich taste of the Chiang Mai food.

For those of you with the urge to enjoy the Chiang Mai food once a week Lanna Thai offers a weekly special menu including four main dishes. An example of a weekly special - just to make your mouth watering even more - you can have the pleasure of enjoying fried chicken with herbs which is the owner's favorite dish. To complete the Northern Thai experience you should really try a Paraiso, the litch liqueur, a bottle of cold Singha, the Thai beer or a special Thai sour. If you prefer the great variety of fruity cocktails they are offered affordable prices with cocktails starting around ¥650.

Lanna Thai is offering Nothern Thai food all day, starting with lunchtime from 11:30 am to 3 pm including a special daily lunch menu. The sets (this day's menu was a curry set and a fried rice set) consists of an appetizer, a main dish, bottomless bowls of rice and all you can drink tea or coffee for ¥850, ¥700 without drinks. Dinner is served from 5 pm to 12 am and making a reservation is recommended on Fridays and Saturdays as the restaurant gets quite busy. The crowd is usually half Japanese and half foreigners - which can only be seen as a reasonable compliment for this restaurant. As an entertaining way to digest the excellent food you can have drinks and free karaoke-music until 5 in the morning!

Lanna Thai provides a good way to get to know the excellent Northern Thai food in a nice surroundings full of Thai craft and decoration together with some japanese karaoke culture. Savor the delicate flavors of a traditional Chiang Mai Dinner with all the dishes that have enliven-ed the cuisine of the Lanna for generations and spend a great time in the 'Rose of the North'.

Lanna Thai
Address: Tamaki Bldg. 2 F, 1-2-24
Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
Nearest station: Shinsaibashi
Open: Lunch 11:30-15:00 (L.O.14:30)
Dinner 17:00-24:00 (L.O. 23:00),
Bar & Karaoke 24:00-05:00 (L.O.4:50)
Open: Everyday
Tel: 06-6241-8745

Text and Photos: Steffi Eckelmann


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