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Sept 2003

KS Classifieds
#017 out now

NEW! Kansai Scene Forum

In response to the growing number of 'chat' type ads appearing in the classifieds, Kansai Scene is pleased to announce that its new forum/bbs/community board is now up and running!
Simply use the FORUM link above to access this new feature of the KS website and register as a new user to begin your new forum life!

Whether you need inside Kansai information or simply want to meet new friends ム whatever you have to say, you can be sure someone will listen!

Kansai Scene back online!

Apologies to all that may have visited the KS site recently and been disappointed to find its content stuck in a temporary time warp. Apologies too to all our readers who tried to place classified ads during the beginning of August as we were maintaining the scripts. Rest assured however, that the ever popular KS Classifieds have been whipped back into shape and as you can see, the site has been updated to bring you all the latest info from this month's great mag. Thanks for your understanding and keep an eye out for the new KS BBS/Forum coming soon!

Cover Story

Our cover story (by Peter Kaub) sheds light onto the mystery as to why anyone should want to watch big fat sweaty blokes throwing each other around. Catch the famous wrestlers in kansai next month as the rikishi make their annual tour.

Please direct any questions, comments or rants/raves about the KS site to the webmaster: [email protected]


From the pages of KS Classifieds:
Up to date cinema listings guide so you always know what's on, where and when!


From the pages of KS Classifieds:
Festivals, performances, shows, gallery openings...your guide to what's coming up in the next few weeks.


Dohyo Iri:
Entering the Ring of Power

Bare asses and silk sound like something you could get into, then try the official national sport of Japan, Sumo.


far From the Maddening Crowd
Shikinejima Island, Tokyo Prefectures's last frontier.


Summer Tech Bites
New releases from Sony for all you techies.


Lanna Thai Restaurant
Northern Thai cuisine in Shinsaibashi.

A new bar enters the Shinsaibashi scene.


Some of the news you won't see printed elsewhere, plus the best of the rest.


Hawaiian themed silk paintings by Judith L. Ritter plus art listings for September.


Underlounge 4th Anniversary plus Carl Craig Japan Tour @ World and more...


Whale Rider, 28 Days Later and many more...


Randall Channel, Tea Master Budoka, TV celebrity and a Blues Brother.