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Sept 2003

KS Classifieds
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Summer Tech Bites


SONY will be releasing a new digital camera with
a rotating lens, making it easier for you to take those pictures you thought were impossible to take up until now.

Cyber-shot U, the new digital steel camera (DSC-U50) lets you rotate the lens of the camera for more angle enjoyjment. The camera uses Memory Stick Duo which is about a third smaller in size compared to the regular memory stick making it easier to carry around. Cyber Shot U comes in three colors: silver, orange and black and will be in stores on September 19th.

e-English Gym

SONY Marketing has launched a new broadband English learning tool called e-English Gym Pocket. This is to go alongside their English tutorial website EnglishGym (http://www.e-englishgym.com/)
The E-English Gym Pocket went on sale on August 21, 2003 in order to enhance your English learning experience on the website.

This new e-English Gym Pocket uses SONY's Clie system where you can review what you've learned and studied on their site. There are two ways to study: The Training Studier that allows you
to practice pronunciation and the Comprehension Studier that allows you to study conversation while watching and listening to a certain situational image. It was important that along with listening comprehension skills, conversational and imagery skills were added to the study procedure.

You can use your spare time on the train, in a cafe or just killing time waiting for your friend to enhance your English skills. A great aid for students and for those wanting more than just a textbook.

Hold out your Palms

Sony Japan has uncovered the CLIE PEG-UX50 - the first Palm OS device to support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth out of the box, also packing a landscape display and digital camera.

Sony has taken another first in the Palm OS market with the release in Japan of the CLIE PEG-UX50, the first Palm OS device to include both the Bluetooth and 802.11b (Wi-Fi) networking standards. It also features a new rotated screen as part of a new clamshell design, a keyboard, and other Sony extras.
The PEG-UX50 is a "landscape clamshell", with a 480 x 320 pixel screen that runs width-wise rather than vertically, as on nearly every other Palm OS handheld to date. It also uses the same "Twist and Rotate" flip design as Sony's previous portrait-oriented handhelds which leaves room for a larger keyboard as well. The entire devices measures 103 x 87 x 18mm when closed, and weighs in at 175 grams. Available now at ¥70,000 at most retail stores nationwide.


From the pages of KS Classifieds:
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From the pages of KS Classifieds:
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Dohyo Iri:
Entering the Ring of Power

Bare asses and silk sound like something you could get into, then try the official national sport of Japan, Sumo.


far From the Maddening Crowd
Shikinejima Island, Tokyo Prefectures's last frontier.


Summer Tech Bites
New releases from Sony for all you techies.


Lanna Thai Restaurant
Northern Thai cuisine in Shinsaibashi.

A new bar enters the Shinsaibashi scene.


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