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Dec 2003
Issue 043

KS Classifieds out NOW!

FAMFATAL presents

"FAMFATAL"-— a party of girls, by girls, for everyone!! Guest DJ's: Ellen Allien is in residency at Tresor in Berlin and also played at WIRE03, and DJ Mayuri, who is the organizer of well known outdoor techno rave METAMORPHOSE.

They're both cool, beautiful and their D skills are incredible! Come with your favorite girl (or boy) and get the couple discount! It's going to be a perfect pre-christmas present.

12/5(Fri) 22:00 @ CLUB TWO
¥3000 (adv.& w/flyer: ¥2500, couple discount: ¥3000 for two)
GUEST DJs: Ellen Allien (from Berlin), Mayuri.
DJs: Dora, Motoko, Satuki, Mie Kashiwagi, A'Kubi.


He should need no introduction, the master of dance music, Carl Cox is coming back to Osaka. His worldwide radio program GLOBAL has just started here in Japan (every friday night on Inter FM). He's now working on a new album collaboration with Norman Cook (a.k.a Fatboy Slim) & Josh Wink and also making a theme song for Dragonball Z!!

"I'm still having fun" he says," and I'm still enjoying what I'm doing." It seems we should have fun, too.

12/22(Mon) 20:00 @ UNDER LOUNGE
¥3000 (adv.¥2500)
GUEST DJ: Carl Cox.
DJs: Ken Haradda, Y.Matsuoka, Ryuta.


It's time for the annual RING count down at Bayside Jenny! RING recommend fantastic artists from all over the world are coming back to Osaka to play only for US!! Boshke Beats label owner, Alex will close 2003 and your first live in 2004 will be Midimilz.

You cannot miss (even) one of them so get lots of sleep beforehand — or you'll regret it for the rest of the year!!

12/31(Wed) @ Bayside Jenny
¥6000 (adv.¥5000)
LIVE: Midimiliz(Ge), Spies(Fr). DJs: Xavier(Fr), Holeg(Fr), Alex(Sp), RING DJ team(Tez/Jun).

Club Listings November

5 Fri

GROOVE CONTROL @ WORLD. Techno/UK Hard house/Trance. DJs: Kitagawa, Ryuji, Doi, Ippei, Yutaka.K + more. Open 21:00. ¥2000/1D.

FAMFATAL @ CLUB TWO. Techno. See the pickups for the details.

ENCOUNTER @ TRIANGLE. Progressive house. LIVE: Shingo, Luna. DJs: Yashima, Shogi, Breakey + more. Open 21:00. ¥3000/1D.

6 Sat

DAIFURYU @ KYOTO CITY HALL. Free outdoor music&art festival in Kyoto. LIVE: ji ma ma, aupe, soft, Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra.DJs: Okino Shuya, Mamezuka, Kazuma. www.daifuryu.net.

STYLUS meets DAIFURYU @ WORLD. House. GUEST DJs: Junior Senior (from Denmark), EYE, Mame-zuka. DJs: Ageishi, Ban, Kee-bo, Napalm'Tadokoro'. Open 21:00. ¥2500/2D.

DAIFURYU AFTER PARTY meets STILL ECHO @ METRO. All mix. LIVE: aupe, Fujii Yuji, soft. DJs: Kazuma, Kazuhiro. Open 22:00. ¥2500/1D.

REFLEX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Techno. GUEST DJ: Thomas Schumacher (from Germany). DJs: Y.Matsuoka, Astro. Open 20:00. ¥3000/1D.

FOR PARADISE @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. GUEST DJ: Danny Krivit (NYC). DJs: Tokusaburo, Gehi Mania. Open 20:00. ¥3000/1D.

PUBLIC CAFE @ DAWN. Indie rock/ Guitar pop. Weekly event. DJs: Aoyama Toshiharu, Nakamura kazumoto. Open 20:00. ¥2000/1D (Foreigners: ¥1000/1D, Students w/ID before 22:00: ¥1000/1D)

MOTHER JAPAN TOUR 2003 ANALYZER @ MOTHER HALL. Psy-trance. LIVE: Atomic Pulse (from Israel). DJs: Tamir Ozana (from Israel), Ta-ka, Full Moon Mondo. Open 23:00. ¥5000(adv.¥4000).

AURORA SOUNDZ — 5th ANNIVER-SARY @ ZINK. Psy-trance. GUEST LIVE: Cosmosis (from UK). DJs: Rockzo, Nao, Mintama, Hamachan. Open 22:00. ¥3500 (w/flyer: ¥3000). 147-2 2F Fukaehama-cho, Higashinada ku, Kobe. Tel: 078-452-1009. www.aurora-soundz.org.

LITTLE BITCH @ KARMA. Rock. DJ: Ichiro rider, Ryo, Tetsu, Kazyua. Open 23:00. ¥2500/1D (adv.¥1700/1D).

STAFF NIGHT @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All party music. Open 21:00 (till 8:00!) Men: ¥2000 /2D, Women: ¥1000/1D. *Bar staff get in FREE.

BODY&SOUL @ SAM&DAVE SHINSAIBASHI. Hip hop. Weekly event. DJs: Beans, Kei + more. Open 21:00. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women:¥1000/1D.

7 Sun

SOUL FREE @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hip Hop/R&B. Weekly Event. DJs: Minami Benkei. Open 22:00. ¥2500/2D.

12 Wed

H2DP @ UNDER LOUNGE. Disco. Weekly event. DJs: GWS + more. Open 20:00. Men: ¥2500/2D, Women: Free.

11 Thu

JORI HULKKONEN JAPAN TOUR @ DAWN. Techno. DJs: Jori Hulkkonen (from Finland),Yama, Kazuma. Open 22:00. ¥3000/1D (adv,¥2500/1D).

SPINNS NIGHT @ TRIANGLE. All mix. DJs: Ono, Nyudo, Furutani, Kazuya. Open 21:00. ¥1000/1D.

12 Fri

ZETTAI-MU @ DAWN. Breakcore. GUEST LIVE: Jah Shaka Sound System (from UK), Kodama Kazufumi (a.k.a ECHO from Dub Station). FRONT ACTS: 1945 a.k.a Kuranaka + more. Open 21:00. ¥TBA.

SAYANSE @ WORLD. Reggae. GUEST: Mighty Crown. Sound: Chilldrive, Rodem Cyclone + more. Open 21:00. ¥3000/1D (¥2500/1D).

QUBICAL @ TRIANGLE. Techno. GUEST DJ: Tasaka. DJs: Kihara Yoshihiro, Murai, Takami, Pele. Open 21:00. ¥3000/1D (adv.¥2500/1D).

WICKED! @ UNDER LOUNGE. House. DJs: RDM, Sugata, Mari. Open 20:00. ¥2500/1D (Foreigners: ¥1500/1D).

13 Sat

DRAGON FLY LSD JAPAN TOUR @ MOTHER HALL. Psy-trance. LIVE: Man With No Name. DJs: Yoth, Ring DJ Team(Tez/Jun), Mukai, Bunlin. Open 22:00. ¥5000(adv.¥4000).

FEARLESS @ WORLD. House. MAIN DJ: Osawa Shinichi(Mondo Grosso). DJ: Maeda Shoutaro. Open 21:00. ¥3500/1D.

TOP FUEL @ UNDER LOUNGE. Progressive house. DJs: Ko-Kimura, Ko-Matsushima, Hamanaka. Open 22:00. ¥2500/1D (Foreigners: ¥1500/1D).

PLASTIC RAGUN JAPAN TOUR with BEAT PARK @ KARMA. All mix. DJs: Phantom Beat, Duck Rock, Mizuta, Marui Kenji. Open 23:00. ¥2500/1D (adv.¥2000/1D).

CYBER TRANCE @ JOULE. Trance. DJs: Dragon, Green-T, Ko-taro, Ken-bow. Open 20:00. Men:¥3000/1D, Women:2000/1D.

18 Thu

STILL ECHO @ METRO. Electro. LIVE: Phoenencia (from Miami). DJs: Kazuma, kazuhiro. Open 22:00. ¥3000/1D (adv.¥2500/1D).

19 Fri

REUNITE! FREEDOM TIME-FINAL SESSION 2003 & CLUB DAWN 10th ANNIVERSARY @ DAWN. Future jazz/Crossover. SPECIAL GUEST LIVE: Reel People (UK). GUEST DJ: Okino Shuya(from Kyoto Jazz Massive). DJs: Okino Yoshihiro(from KJM), Sakajiri Kenji. Open 21:00. ¥3500/1D (¥3000/1D).

DAYS SERIES @ TRIANGLE. Bossa nova/House. LIVE: G.Rina. DJs: T. Yasuhiro, Sa-sa + more. Open 21:00. ¥3000/1D (adv.¥2500/1D).

20 Sat

COOL TO KOOL Xmas Edition! @ METRO. Future jazz/Crossover. SPECIAL GUEST LIVE: Reel People (from UK). DJs: Okino Yoshihiro (from KJM), Sakajiri Kenji. Open 22:00. ¥2800/1D (adv.¥2500/1D).

MOTIVATION @ WORLD. House. GUEST DJ: Towa Tei. DJs: Tamura Tomoki + more. Open 21:00. ¥3000/1D.

RIDE TO THE NEXXT @ KARMA. Drum'n'bass. DJs: Shitaro, Doggy Sack, Hiroshi, Kenji + more. Open 23:00. ¥2500/1D (adv.¥2000/1D).

SEXY TRAX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hard house. DJs: Ise, Yutaka.K. Open 20:00. ¥2500/1D (Foreigners:¥1500/1D).

BOOZE 'n' TATTOOS @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All the party music. Free non-permanent tattoos & free piercing (jewelry not included)! Open 19:00. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D.

21 Sun

ROUTE#3 @ DAWN. House/Cross-over. DJs: Moodman, Force of Nature, Yohey, Kozue. Open 22:00. ¥3500/1D (adv.¥3000/1D).

[etw] 4th ANNIVERSARY @ METRO. all mix. LIVE: Sleep Walker, Nozaki Ryota (Jazztronik), Stoned Soul Picnic, ji ma ma + more. Open 22:00. ¥3000 (adv.¥2500) www.etw.jp.

FILTER88 AFTER PARTY @ JOULE. Hip hop. DJs: Tatsuta, Ani, Ryo-g. LIVE: Cuezero, nobodyknows+, Channel + more. Open 20:00. ¥2500(adv.¥2000).

22 Mon

F05:CARL COX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Techno/House. See the pickups for the details. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D.

CARL COX AFTER PARTY @ SAM & DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All the party music. DJs: Tatsuhiko, Fuji, DJ P, Ken + more. Open 21:00.

HOUSE FUSION @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. GUEST DJ: BLAZE (from NYC). DJs: Dausuke, Tamura Tomoki. Open 20:00. ¥3500.

ROUTE#3 @ METRO. House/ Cross-over. DJs: Moodman, Force of Nature, Osanai. Open 22:00. ¥3500/1D (adv.¥3000/1D).

IMAGINED COMMUNITIES @ DAWN. Techno/House. GUEST DJ: Karafuto. GUEST LIVE: Illreme, Easter, Harp on Mouth Sextet + more. DJs: Kamachi, RIPe, Oranje + more. Open 21:00. ¥3000/1D (adv.¥2000/1D).

ESSENTIAL @ WORLD. Hip hop. GUEST LIVE: Dee CHika. GUEST DJs: Watarai, Hazime. DJs; Sancon, Yohei, Meg, Shigenori. Open 21:00. ¥3000/2D(adv.¥2500/2D).

23 Tue

JAMS-Midnight express @ DAWN. House. DJs: Kihira Naoki, EYE (VÉREDOMS), Ayashige, Mamezuka. Open 22:00. ¥2000/1D.

26 Fri

MONOGRAM @ WORLD. Techno/ House. DJs: Y.Matsuoka, Shimazaki, Ippei. Open 21:00. ¥2500/2D.

BLACK BEATZ BOX @ TRIANGLE. Drum'n'bass. DJs: Toyo, Kenzi, King-hisato, Global Spin + more. Open 22:00. ¥2500/1D (adv.¥2000/1D).

LADIES NIGHT @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All the party music. Hair fashion show. A glass of bubby, a red rose and a free drink ticket for all the ladies. Free nail artists, too. DJ: Akira. Open 19:00. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D

27 Sat

ULTRA PUMPIN' @ MOTHER HALL. Nu energy/UK Hard house/ Progressive house. GUEST DJ: Sterling Moss. RESIDENT DJs: Yoji Biomehanika, Sawa. Open 23:00. ¥3500 (adv.¥3000).

SUPER PSYCHEDELICIOS @ MACAO. Psy-trance. LIVE: Hydro Generator, Drap Drop. DJs: Shiva Jorg (from Germany), Bristras, Eternal Green DJ Team, New world DJ Team +. Open 23:00 (till 16:00!). ¥TBA. www.newworld-dj.com.

TERMINATOR 11th ANNIVERSARY @ BAYSIDE JENNY. Reggae. SOUND: Terminator, Mighty Jam Rock, Red Spider + more. CASTs: Jumbo Maatchi, Takafin Boxer Kid, Boogiei Man + more. Open 23:00. ¥3500 (adv.¥3000).

WARP DA DISCO @ UNDER LOUNGE. UK Hard house/Trance. DJs: Shinkawa, F.Gotoh, Co-hey. Open 20:00. ¥3000/2D.

28 Sun

HAPPY PEOPLE! PARTY PEOPLE!! @ WORLD. House. GUEST DJ: Silva. DJ: Second Royal DJs. Open 21:00. ¥3000/1D (adv.¥2500/1D).

29 Mon

ANTHEM @ WORLD. House/Jazz/ Latin. DJs: Takeshiman, Isai, Sawano + more. Open 21:00. ¥2500/1D.

30 Tue

ESCAPE @ WORLD. House/Garage. GUEST DJ: Timmy Regisford(from NYC). DJs: Alita, K-suke + more. Open 21:00. ¥3000/1D (adv.¥2500/1D).

HYBRID NIGHT @ TRIANGLE. Drum'n'bass. GUEST DJ: 4 HERO (DEGO a.k.a TEK9 from UK). DJs: 1945 a.k.a Kuranaka, Toyo. Open 22:00. ¥3500/1D (adv.¥3000/1D).

CALLING @ DAWN. Future jazz/ House. LIVE: Little Creatures + DJs: Yama + more. Open TBA. ¥TBA.

CLUB SNOOZER @ KARMA. Rock. DJ: Tanaka Soichiro, Mura Keiji. Open 23:00. ¥3000/1D (adv.¥2500/1D).

31 Wed

YOJI BIOMEHANIKA COUNT DOWN 2004-DANCE OR DIE @ MOTHER HALL. Nu energy. DJ: Yoji Biomehanika(special long set!). Open 22:00. ¥4000 (adv.¥3500).

2003-2004 COUNT DOWN @ KARMA. All mix. DJs: KARMA all stars. Open 18:00. ¥3000 (adv.¥2500) with 1D+new year's special food + otoshidama!

TRIANGLE COUNTDOWN PARTY @ TRIANGLE. All mix. DJs: Triangle Hybrid DJs. Open 21:00. ¥2500/1D.

COUNT DOWN PARTY2003-2004 @ WORLD. All mix. DJs: WORLD All stars. Open 22:00. ¥4000/1D + furumai zake(adv.¥3000/1D).

CLUB DAWN LAST! COUNT DOWN @ DAWN. All mix. DJs: Club Dawn All Stars. Open TBA. ¥TBA.

RING COUNT DOWN 2004 @ BAYSIDE JENNY. Psy-trance. See the pickups for the details. ¥3000/1D (adv.¥2500/1D).

Club section compiled by Terumi Tsuji


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ELLEN ALLIEN vs DJ MAYURI @ Club Two, Carl Cox @ Under Lounge and more...


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William Kremer A member of the Midori Group, and co-director of "Kyoto Poverty".



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