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Jan 2004
Issue 044

KS Classifieds combined with Kansai Scene this issue!

Gutai Bijutsu Kyokai

01/24 - 03/14

"Gutai Bijutsu Kyokai" (The Gutai Art Association) was an avant-garde art group established by Yoshihara Jiro, an abstract artist living in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture and young artists in the Kansai area pursuing new art in 1954. Under the strict instruction "Do not imitate others" and "Do things no one else can think of but you" of leader Yoshihara, the members of Gutai continuously produced unique works with unexpected ideas. While Gutai was dissolved in 1972, presently its tough experimental spirit and extraordinary originality are being highly evaluated internationally.

The Exhibition retrace 18 years of this legendary group's activities from its establishment to dissolution with representative works and precious material.

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
Getting there: Hanshin Iwaya stn: 8min. walk, JR Nada stn: 10 min.
Open: 10am–5:30pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥1200/¥800/¥400
Tel: 078-262-0901

Hiroko Inoue - Meditation

12/09 - 01/12

Hiroko Inoue has been based in both Germany and Japan as she is primarily captivated by the correlation between how we see ourselves in relation to others and how environmental/social factors mould the invisible boundaries amongst individuals. Her long and prolific career and artistic impressions have ranged from painting, photography, site-specific installation, photography and videos.

This exhibition "Meditation", however, focuses on her photo works as well as installation with video projection, for which she has visited a countless number of mental institutions and orphanages in the two countries to record the very boundaries between inside and outside. This was done by taking photographs from inside a cell through its window and outside the cell.

These works, in short, invite or rather, alert the spectators of their perceived and presumed boundaries in such a way that the process of meditation becomes "media for expression".

Open: 1–6pm
(closed on Weds and Dec.27- Jan.7 for New Year’s holiday)
Admission: Free • www.mssohkan.com
Tel: 078-802-8822

Samurai and their Lives in Northern Harima

01/10 - 02/15

"Harimanokuni Fudoki" is a description of the natural features, culture and history of the Harima region, Shisou-gun in Harimanokuni is well known as a region which is rich in natural products such as iron sand, wood.

This exhibition shows observations from the Middle Ages and Modern times of Shisou-gun, and talks about how people lived their lives in and around the natural surroundings of the mountains.

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of History
Getting there: JR/Sanyo Himeji stn.
Open: 10am–5pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥200/¥150/¥100
Tel: 0792-88-9011

Kansai Art Listings


Thru Feb.6
DDD Gallery
Takayuki Soeda “Advertising Returns?!”
Nishi-Umeda stn or Higobashi stn.
10am–6pm Closed Sat, Sun, Holidays.
Admission: Free
Tel: 06-6347-8780

Thru Jan.31
Gallery at the Hyatt
Treasure ii — lagoon —
Acrylic paintings by Sato Jun
Yotsubashi line, Suminoe-Koen stn. Transfer to New Tram Nakafuto stn, 3 min. Also available, free shuttle bus from JR Osaka stn. Chuo Kita-guchi exit.
Tel: 0743-79-9711

Thru Jan.11
Kirin Plaza Osaka
Kirin Art Awards 2003
10am–6:30pm, closed Dec.31–Jan.4
Admission: Free
Tel: 06-6212-6578

Thru Jan.18
The National Museum of Art Osaka
Kiyoshi Kawasaki: Architecture and Environment
Inside Expo Park, Banpaku Kinen Koen
10am–4:30pm closed Wed.
Admission: ¥420/¥130/¥70
Tel: 06-6876-3320

Kokuritsu Minzokugaku Hakubutsukan (Museum of Ethnology)
Message from Ainu: Craft and Spirit
Inside Expo Park, Banpaku Kinen Koen
10am-4:30pm, closed Wed
Admission: ¥420/¥250/¥110 www.minpaku.ac.jp/english/
Tel: 06–6876-2151

Thru Feb.16
Osaka Rekishi Museum
The Three Great Civilizations in Turkey
Otemae 4-chome
9:30am-4pm, closed Tue.
Admission: ¥1200/¥900
Tel: 06-6946-5728

Thru Apr.6
Osaka Shiritsu Toji Tojo Museum
Chinere, Korean and Japanese Ceramics
Keihan/Subway: Yodoyabashi stn.
Open: 9:30am-4:30pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥500/¥300/free for children and seniors
Tel: 06-6223-0055

Thru Jan.25
Suntory Museum, Tempozan
Open: 10:30am-7pm, closed Mon.
Admission: ¥1000/¥700/¥500
Tel: 06-6577-0001


Thru Jan.25
Kyoto Kokuritsu Kindai Museum
From Decadence to Hope — Hara Tatsuo Exhibition
Okazaki Park
9:30am–4:30pm, closed Mon.
Admission: ¥1100/¥800/¥400
Tel: 075-761-4111

Thru Jan.16
Kyoto City Museum
The 35th Nitten Exhibition
Jr Kyoto/Hankyu Shijo Kawaramachi/Keihan Sanjo: bus
9am-4:30pm, closed Mon.
Admission: ¥1000/¥600/¥400
Tel: 075-441-4107

Thru Feb.1
Kyoto National Museum
The Twelve Devas and the Landscape Screen
New Exhibition Hall
A special opportunity to see elegant masterworks from the Heian period (794-1185).
Calligraphy by Emperors
Elegant letters written by early Japanese emperors, evoking various sentiments of happiness, anger, and surprise, and reflecting the social conditions of the time.
Get off at Kyoto Station. From bus platform D2 in front of the station,
take City Bus #206 or #208 to "Hakubutsukan-Sanjusangendo-mae" bus stop. 1minute walk to the Museum.
9:30am–4:30pm, Closed Mondays
Admission: ¥420/¥130
Tel: 075-541-1151


Himeji Shiritsu Bijyutsukan
Collection of Belgian Art
JR/Sanyo Himeji stn, B/h Himeji Castle
10am 4:30pm, closed Jan.13, Feb.12, & Mondays
Admission: ¥500/¥400/¥200
Tel: 0792-22-2288

Thru Feb.29
Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
Artists of Garou: Special Exhibition And Nakayama Iwata Exhibition
Hanshin Iwaya stn. 8 min walk south.
10am–5:30pm, closed Mon.
Admission: ¥800/¥550/¥270
Tel: 078-262-0901

Thru Dec.14
Itami City Museum
Copperplate prints by Yukio Fukazawa
JR/Hankyu Itami stn.
10am–5:30pm, closed Mon.
Admission: ¥700/¥350/¥100
Tel: 0727-72-7447

Thru Dec.25
Kobe City Museum
Drawn Music: Japanese Artists and Western Instruments
JR/Hankyu Sannomiya stn.
10am–5pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥800/¥550
Tel: 078-391-0035

Thru Mar.
Kobe Fashion Museum
Hats, caps and head-resses from around the globe
Island Center stn. Rokko Island
10am-5:30pm closed Wed.
Admission: ¥500/¥250
Tel: 078-858-0050


Thru Dec.27
Nara Kenritsu Museum
Yumeji Takehisa: a retrospective
Kintetsu Nara stn.
Open: 9am-4:30pm closed Mon.
Admission: ¥800/¥600/¥400

Thru Jan.12
Nara Photography Museum
The Request Exhibition II: Scenery of Yamato.
Works of Irie Taikichi and Takeuchi Toshinobu
JR/Kintetsu Nara stn.
10am-4:30pm Closed Mon.
Admission: ¥500/¥200/¥100

Thru Nov. 24
Yamato Bunkakan
Korean Paintings and Crafts from the museum collection
Kintentsu Gakuen-mae stn.
Open: 10am-4pm closed Mon.
Admission: ¥900/¥450
Tel: 0742-45-0544


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