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Jan 2004
Issue 044

KS Classifieds combined with Kansai Scene this issue!

John Digweed

John Digweed, one of the most creative and in-demand progressive house DJs in the world, recently played Osaka's Motherhall as part of his first Japan tour in over 2 years. Kansai Scene's HWJ and Terumi had a chance to sit down and chat with him before his Oct 21st set.

Kansai Scene: How did you get your start?
John Digweed: When I was at school, a guy that worked with my parents was flat mates with one of the local DJs, he had turntables in his house, and he used to give me mix tapes... and he had all these tapes of, like, Shep Pettibone, François K, stuff like that. And I came round one night, to have a chat, and see the set-up, it was two turntables and a mixer and a tape deck. So I saved up to get my own turntable and a cheap mixer. Every penny I earned from that point on,
I spent on vinyl and equipment, that's all. Obviously once you've got the equipment, then you want a chance to play out, so, anytime when there was a birthday party, or whatever, I was always wanting to be there DJ-ing.

About when was this?
About 1984. That kind of early funk, soul and jazz sound of Pettibone and François K, you know, that's what I used to really like listening to, along with The Human League, New Order, The Cure, a mixture, really.

What do you think of the scene here in Kansai and Tokyo?
I mean, the thing... you always kind of associate Tokyo with being more futuristic... it's a very exciting place to come and visit. And the club tonight (Mother Hall), the sound system is great and the crowd seems really into it as well. I mean, the last time I played at Underlounge, it was a great reaction. So I'm expecting a similar thing tonight. You don't always know what to expect, and that keeps you on your toes, and it's what keeps me excited about DJing.

Any differences in the audiences' styles or attitudes in the two areas (Osaka and Tokyo)?
I mean, I'm sure there are differences, but I don't pick up, or try to focus on them.

About your recent China tour, were the audiences receptive to you?
It was good, I mean, they were very interested in cheering along...
I think, you know there's great potential over there. Everyone kind of expects it to grow quickly, but I think for the scene to grow well, it needs to take time because if it develops too quickly, it's almost like, you know... I think people need to come along for the experience that it's growing, rather than just going from A to Z right away. It was a sense of organic-ness that made the scene in England so good, the fact that it took such a long time for it to actually peak, rather than just overnight. With China, too, it's gonna to take a while.

How do you feel about labeling of music (styles), "electro-this," "minimal-that," etc? Good, bad or...?
JD: Terrible! (laughs) Labeling is like, I mean once you get labeled it's very hard. Especially, you know, there's nights when I've played, and a majority of the set is house music and then you read a review and it's like "Yeah, he started out with this progressive track, and" and it's like which DJ were you listening to? (laughs)… So I think sometimes they just define your sound and that's it. And especially with the record label, we kind of got labeled as a progressive label to start with, and we'll put out a record by Brancaccio and Aisher, which is house, and you'll read a review, and it's like "This is the most Unprogressive house record there is!" and it's like well, yeah, because it's NOT progressive house. But they'll still try to fit it in that box, and they're like, "Well, we'll get it in there somehow." So I think the whole labeling thing does sometimes confuse things. But what are you gonna do? People wanna pigeonhole you.

I got a look at your website, which is very cool...
JD: Thank you. It's been under development...

And I saw that you really talk to your fans, that they can email you directly...

And that you email them back.
JD: Yeah, that's right, and on my radio show as well, on KISS, you know there's an email address there. Often when I'm sitting in hotel rooms, I'll send emails back to people.

How much time out of your day does that take?
JD: I mean, I don't go through every single one, (laughs) you know, but if it's something I can answer quickly, then I'll just shoot one back. I'm not known for long emails anyway, so you'll probably get about 3 words, but you know 3 words is better than nothing.

What's new with your Bedrock record label?
JD: We've launched a new website for it in December, and we're starting a download service of the singles, kind of alongside the vinyl. With Internet technology today, you've gotta move with it. It's not easy for people in many countries to get the vinyl or CD, with import taxes and all that. A lot of kids are downloading tracks, and I think it's better to try and make as many contacts with the DJs all around the world, you know.


Great news to Kobe music heads: a new venue has just opened in Sannomiya, not too far from Tokyu Hands. It's a "new dimension discotheque" and you can enjoy everything from classic disco sounds to the latest trance tunes.

Satoshi Tomiie, one of Japan’s best progressive house DJs who has ranked in the DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs, will also come to celebrate the opening of this new music oasis in Kobe. You don't have to dress up but it's better not to wear a baseball cap to this one – just come ready to dance!

1/11 (Sun) 19:00 @ FLARE KOBE
¥3500/¥1000 drink tix (ADV. ¥3000/¥1000 drink tix, W/F: ¥3500/¥2000 drink tix)
SPECIAL GUEST DJ: Satoshi Tomiie • GUEST DJ: Yoku • DJs:Fuji, Taka


DJ Ziad DJ Rosco

London's biggest after hours party "TRADE" meets Osaka's hardest event "JAMBOREE" for a night of stompin’ tunes and madness! TRADE is renowned for their hard, energetic parties that go on well into the morning.

Direct from London’s TRADE, DJ ROSCO, started DJing at the young age of 14, inspired by the legendary hard NRG DJ, Tony De Vit. He will join DJ ZIAD, noted for his impressive Timo Maas remix, to show Osaka the true TRADE sound. Resident at Kansai’s No.1 Dragqueen party “Dendou Tsukematsuge”, DJ Ibi,will join other super-genki DJs from Osaka to keep it hard, happy and uplifting! In 2004, the BEST way to spend the freezing winter is in the CITY! And this party is one you should not miss! Who needs sleep?!

1/23(Fri) 21:00 @ TRIANGLE
¥2500/1D (adv.¥2000/1D)
GUEST DJs: Ziad, Rosco • DJs: Ibi, Doi, U-kic, Siji + more


Not many DJs can state that they started their DJ careers at 15, but Tim Deluxe sure can. He played at the infamous Ministry of Sound at just 15, and set up his own record label at 17 – what a way to start-off! Known to most for his killer 2002 summer anthem “It Just Won’t Do”, Tim’s track first appeared in Darren Emerson’s Underwater Records “Episode 1” mix album.

He dj-ed at Electraglide 2002 in Tokyo, Fuji Rock Festival 03 and finally, he is coming to Osaka in 2004 to promote his debut house-based album!! Don't know him? Don't worry, YOU KNOW THE SONG and it’s rocks! If you are looking for the next Fatboy Slim, Tim Deluxe's the new man to check-out!

1/24(Sat) 22:00 @ MOTHER HALL
¥3500 (adv.¥3000)
GUEST DJ: YO'C + more
DJ: Tim Deluxe

Electraglide 2003

A huge annual event now in its 4th year in Tokyo, made its move
to the Kansai region on November 29, setting up shop at the enor-mous ATC pavilion in Nanko.

Over 6000 people witnessed some of the biggest acts this planet has to offer, giving up the goodies, in an ear candy marathon running over ten hours. Big names such as LFO (Have you seen that video?), veterans Felix da Housecat and the legendary Underworld were all kept on their tippy toes by a writhing crowd that barked and cheered until the wee hours.

Luke Vibert, the stand out performer, was the last act of the night. You may know him through his connection and friendship with br-ache-beat masters Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. Mr Vibert is a master in his own right however, with a set that left people vibrating until the final curtain. A cookin' multi-instrumentalist that turned on a show many wont forget, displayed his culinary skill with styles ranging from early Hiphop, Disco, Acid all the way to New Noise and a peppering of everything in between. This along with a visual display by Tomato left me more satisfied than the curry I consumed earlier.

Fortunately Kansai Scene had a chance to talk to him about the event, his music and his new album "YosepH" (Warp/Beat Records), Asking him about Japan, and Japanese crowds, "They really seem to react to the human element in the equation" elaborating on his wont to connect with his listeners and steer clear of, often heard but rarely liked, "manufactured" music. His latest release "YosepH" harks back to a period we all hold dear to our hearts... Acid. Not being restrained by his equipment and with a keen eye on the future, he has produced an album that initially seems simple but grows on you slowly like all good acid should. "Its easy to write it off as simple... but its quite deep in a way. It's all live so it's a really human album".

"I like Acid" the first single of the album is a killer track, with enough 303 to have you in a daze for days. A great act to see next time he is in town and an album well worth listening too.

11/29 (Sat) @ ATC HALL
LIVE: 2manydjs, Colder, Futureshock, Darren Price,
Underworld, Felix da Housecat, LFO, Luke Vibert

Club Listings January

2 Fri

H2DP @ UNDER LOUNGE. Disco. Weekly event. DJs: GROOVY workshop., Ken-bow, Jun, miura, Popeye. Open 20:00. ¥3,000/1D

WORLD A HAPPY NEW YEAR PARTY 2004 @ WORLD. All mix. DJs: The World All Stars + more. Open 21:00. ¥2000/4D + free sake!

DANCE 45 X NITE @ METRO. Reggae. ACT: Chilldrive, Ryu-ki + Na-T, Clear Cut + more. Open 22:00. ¥1500/1D.

FUTURE DISCO @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All kinds of party music. DJs: Shinke, Jun. Open 21:00. Men:¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D.

3 Sat

BLISSDOM presents ETNICANET TOUR @ MOTHER HALL. Psy-trance. LIVE: Etnica, Wrecked Machines. DJs: Dimitri D.K.N, Max, Full Moon Mondo, Isao. Open 22:00. ¥5500 (adv.¥4500).

REFEX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Techno. DJs: Y.Matsuoka, Astro. Open 20:00. ¥3,000/1D

CLUB '80S @ METRO. '80s sounds/Disco. DJs: Nacky, Club'80s all stars. Open 22:00. ¥1500.

ESSENTIAL @ WORLD. Hip hop. GUEST DJs: Master Key, Yukijirushi, Master Peace Sound. DJs: Sancon, Yohei, Meg, Shigenori. Open 21:00. ¥3000/1D(adv.¥2500/1D).

SAT*CLA @ GRAND CAFE. Disco. DJ: Groovy Workshop. Open 20:00. Men: ¥2000/1D, Women: Free!

4 Sun

SOULFREE @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hip hop/R&B. Weekly event. DJs: Minami, Benkei, Kaz001. Open 22:00. ¥3000/2D.

JUST-MUSEUM-SUNDAY AFTERNOON SPECIAL 12 HOURS— @ WORLD. House. DJs: Isao, Brett, Jyotaro, Ange + more. Open 16:00. ¥2000/2D.

8 Thu

EVOLUTION @ WORLD. Hip hop/ R&B. DJs: Shiotsu, Bass, Abe. SOUND: Jambaret, Bassgreen. Open 20:00. ¥1500/1D.

9 Fri

SUPER SOUL SHOW @ UNDER LOUNGE. Disco/Soul/Classics/ DJs: Super Soul Show crew. Open 20:00. ¥2500/2D.

STYLUS @ WORLD. House. MAIN DJ: Ageishi. DJs: Ban, Kee-bo. Open 21:00. ¥2000/1D (w/f:¥1500/1D).

ADMA @METRO. House/Techno/ Tech-house. LIVE: Suetake a.k.a Psychonaut, Sasaki Ryoma. DJs: Shinomiya, Fulltono. Open 22:00. ¥1500.

HOUSE CLASSIC STYLE @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. House. DJs: Amamiya Tatsurow, Akira, P, Andix. Open 21:00. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D.

10 Sat

TOP FUEL @ UNDER LOUNGE. Progressive house. DJs: Ko-Kimura, Ko-Matsushima, Hamanaka. Open 22:00. ¥2500/1D (Foreigners:¥1500/1D).

FOR PARADISE @ GRAND CAFE. House. Djs: Tokusaburo, Gehimania, Kotani Kenichi, Massan, Megumi. Open 20:00. ¥2000/1D.

SAFE SEX SATURDAY @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All kinds of party music. Complimentary condom upon entry. Sex on the beach and Hooch ¥500 all nite. DJ: Tetsuya. Open 19:00. Men:¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D.

11 Sun

"UNDULATION1" CD RELEASE PARTY @ FLARE. House. see the details for pickup.

SAYANSE @ WORLD. Reggae. GUEST: Mighty Jam Rock. Sound Chilldrive + more. Open 21:00. ¥2500/1D.

12 Mon

3ACAFE Presents PEACE vol.6 @ METRO. Reggae/Hip hop/R&B. GUEST LIVE: Keyco with Loop Junktion. LIVE: Saura, TMS, Liberal Meteor + more. DJs: Motion, Nomb, Strech, B-stone. Open 20:00. ¥3150(adv.¥2650).

15 Thu

FRONTIN' @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hip hop. DJs: Mash, Hayato. Open 20:00. ¥2500/2D.

LEGEND @ GRAND CAFE. House music. Weekly event. DJs: Yoku. Daisuke, Asahara, Tokusaburo, Gehimania. Open 20:00. ¥1000/1D.

FLAMINGO @ WORLD. House. DJs: Yamamoto Jowa, Alita, Noda. Open 20:00. ¥1500/1D.

16 Fri

WEST @ TRIANGLE. House. DJs: Yashima, Togawa, Tomoa, Onishi. Open 21:00. ¥2500/1D (w/f: ¥2000/1D).

WICKED! @ UNDER LOUNGE. House. DJs: RDM, Sugata, Mari. Open 20:00. ¥2500/2D.

LADIES NIGHT @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All the party music. A glass of bubbly, a red rose and a free drink ticket for all the ladies. Free nail artists, too. DJ: Akira. Open 19:00. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D (+ a lot more!!).

17 Sat

WIZZY NOISE 2004 JAPAN TOUR @ MOTHER HALL. Psy-trance. LIVE: Wizzy Noise. Open 22:00. ¥TBA. www.arcadia-music.net.

REIJI NO TATAKAI @ ROCKETS. Techno/Gagga/Break Beats. DJs: Tomi, Future Investiga&Koyote, Pengo, Sharpnel + more. Open 23:00. ¥2500/1D (w/f: ¥2000/1D).

SEXY TRAX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hard house. DJs: Ise, Yutaka.k. Open 20:00. ¥2500/1D.

KYOTO REGGAE MATSURI @ METRO. Dance hall reggae. GUEST SOUND: Sunset. SOUND: UJ, Black Bass, Anahiem, King Ashra + more. Open 22:30. ¥2000.

GROOVE CONTROL @ WORLD. Techno/UK Hard house/Trance. DJs: Kitagawa, Ryuju, Doi, Ippei, Yutaka.K. Open 21:00. ¥2000/1D.

MOVIN' HIGH @ KARMA. Hard house/Techno. Djs: Koujirou, Tetsuji, F.Gotoh. Open 23:00. ¥2500/1D (w/f: ¥2000/1D).

SPICY! @ GRAND CAFE. New style Disco party. Djs: Miura, Groovy Workshop., Fox-shingo. Open 20:00. ¥2000/1D (w/f: ¥1500/1D).

NAKED NIGHT @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All kinds of party music. Prizes for nudity. DJ: Tetsuya. Open 19:00. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D.

21 Wed

STILL ECHO @ METRO. Experimental/Free jazz. LIVE: Chicago Underground Duo, Trio, Quartet (from Chicago), Brokeback (from Chicago), Jeff Parker (from Chicago). DJs: Kazuma, Kazuhiro. Open 19:00. ¥5500/1D (adv.¥5000/1D).

23 Fri

JAMBOREE 1st ANNIV. meets SPINNS NIGHT SPECIAL CRUISE JAPAN TOUR vol.3 @ TRIANGLE. UK Hard house. see the details for pickup.

LIFE @ UNDER LOUNGE. House. DJ: Amamiya Tatsurow. Open 20:00. ¥2500/2D.

JET SET presents ROUTE vol.4 @ METRO. Dance music. SPECIAL GUEST: Maurice Fulton, MU. LIVE: ECD, Riow Arai, Illeme Orchestra, Alt Entre Del Esc. DJ: Moyujyumo, oorutaichi. Open 22:00. ¥3500/1D (adv¥3000/1D). www.jetsetrecords.net/

FIZZ @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORI-BASHI. All mix. DJs: Wil, Fuku. Open 21:00. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D.

24 Sat

THE LITTLE GINGER CLUB KID TOUR @ MOTHER HALL. House. see the details for pickup.

NYX-RYAN HAIFAX JAPAN TOUR @ BAYSIDE JENNY. Psy-trance. LIVE: Ryan Harifex vs Sly Flynn (from Ger). DJs: Sal, Mukai. Open 21:00. ¥4000 (adv.¥3000).

AURORA SOUNZ @ KOBE FUKAEHAMA ZINK. Psy-trance. more info: www.aurora-soundz.org.

R&B/HIP HOP NIGHT @ TRIANGLE. R&B/Hip hop. DJs: Hiyoco, Ko-taro, Swing. Open 21:00. ¥2500/1D (w/f: ¥2000/1D).

RUMBLE @ UNDER LOUNGE. Progressive house/Break beats. DJs: Tommy Digital, Luke. Open 20:00. ¥2500/1D.

GROOVE ROOM WEST- 3rd Anniversary @ KARMA. Lounge. DJs: Konihi Yasuharu (ex.Pizzicato Five) Ikeda Masanori (a.k.a Mansfield). Open 22:00. ¥2800/1D (adv.¥2300/1D).

FUSION @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All kinds of party music. DJs: Fuji Tatsuhiko, Ryoji, Knob. Open 21:00. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women: ¥1000/1D.

30 Fri

DISCO FRESH!! @ UNDER LOUNGE. Disco. DJs: *Groovy workshop., Ban-chan. Open 20:00. ¥2500/2D.

XXX @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORI-BASHI. Top hits from all around the world. DJ: P. Open 21:00. Men: ¥2000/2D, Women:¥1000/1D.

31 Sat

WARP DA DISCO @ UNDER LOUNGE. UK Hard house/Trance. DJs: Shinkawa, F.Gotoh, Co-hey. Open 20:00. ¥3000/2D.

SUPER SOUL SHOW @ WORLD. Soul/Disco, DJs: Ootsuki Atsuhi, Hisada, Matuim Enoki, Show5. Oppen 21:00. Men: ¥2500/2D, Women: ¥2000/1D.

SUNSHINE KAKE @ KARMA. All mix. Js: Bluetreexxx, Addic, Naoto + more. Open 23:00. ¥2000/1D (adv.¥1500/1D).

FERTILLIZATION @ TRIANGLE. Drum'n'bass/Electrocrash. DJ: Toyo. Open 22:00. ¥TBA. www.s-voga.com.

Club section compiled by Terumi Tsuji


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