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Jan 2004
Issue 044

KS Classifieds combined with Kansai Scene this issue!

Kurds and Kurdistan


Talk-no-kai is a discussion forum in its ninth year. Once a month a Foreign guest is invited to give a speech which is then followed by an open discussion, all in English.

The theme for this month is, 'Kurds and Kurdistan'. I wonder how many of us can locate Kurdistan on the world map? Hassan Bervani, an Iranian Kurd and a resident of Osaka will talk about the geography and the political situation in this region. Using slides (and possibly a video) he will set out to explain the Kurdish culture and way of life.
Bervani is currently studying for his Ph.D in electrical engineering at Osaka University. The meeting is a platform where people from different parts of the world can interact directly with the Japanese public. All are welcome to participate in Talk-no-kai, inrespective of English ability.

(Nara International Foundation Commemorating the Silk Road)
Getting there: Nara Kintetsu Station Building 6F
Time: 11:00am-12:30pm
Admission: ¥1,000 (Free for students and those under 20)
Tel: 0745-31-1262

Fake Fest


Why blow 30,000 yen of perfectly good beer money on Fuji Rock when for a mere 2000 yen (with flyer or this magazine) you can see The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Muffs, Exodus, Pink Floyd, U2, AC/DC, Kiss, The Dead Kennedys, Nirvana, Judas Priest, The New York Dolls and more at Namba Rockets? Local band Tripod Jimmy have assembled the crème de la scum of Japanese and foreign musicians to put on a tribute night of bands that “sound best when you are blasted”.

Sure, they may not be EXACTLY like the real thing (Doctors wanted WAY too much to re-animate Kurt Cobain….) but if you drink and squint REALLY hard, they could be. Just like that last date you went on. Except here, you get a FREE DRINK!

@ Namba Rockets
(the big rock/dance music club under
the train lines behind Namba City)
Time: 9pm-Late
Tel: 06-6649-3919 or [email protected]

Chinese Super Circus

Until Feb.15

Roll up, roll up, the circus has come to town. The Chinese Super Circus to be exact, the same troupe that scooped the Gold Award at the Monte Carlo International Festival, for their dazzling performance on the tightrope. The tightrope is a rope stretched tightly high above the ground on which acrobats perform.

The prize was given to them for the amazing feat of five performers standing one on top of the other walking across the rope. A kind of human column, if you like.

Before the television age the circus was an entertainment billed as the 'greatest show on earth', with exotic animals performing alongside human performers.

Today there are no animals, but innovation and quality is at the top of the agenda. The Chinese Super Circus show is divided into two parts. The opening act is followed by the pole acrobat, where performers do some amazing gymnastics up and down a pole in perfect snychronization.

Other acts include the foot juggler who not only juggles umbrellas but tables too. Some stupendous hand balancing acts, bicycle act and thrilling aerial work on the trapeze. In the second half you can see the 'human column' that was awarded the top prize in Monte Carlo, hoop diving and double trapeze. And there's more, much more. From adventurous and daring acts to comedy sketches, it's all here under this 'big top' (an average size 'top' really) at Ayameike.

@ Ayameike Amusement Park
Show: Week days two shows. Three shows on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays.
Time: 11:00, 13:15 and 15.30. Performances last one and a half hour.
Admission: Adult ¥2,500. Child ¥1,500. If tickets are bought in advance there is a ¥500 discount.
Tel: 0742-52-6501


Events compiled by Mylene Oishi


Kansai Event Listings

Hungarian State Budapest Operetta Theater
New Year’s Concert, Kyoto Concert Hall 2pm. ¥4000~¥7500
Tel: 075-211-0261

Die Lustige Witwe
In Hungarian with Japanese subtitles Festival Hall, Osaka
6:30pm. ¥4000~¥15,000
Tel: 06-6453-6000

Leningrad State Ballet Carmen Swan Lake
Festival Hall, Osaka
2pm & 6:30pm, ¥4000~¥15,000
Tel: 06-6453-6000

Hideki Togo
Spring Concert
6:30pm. ¥7500
Tel: 06-6345-5062

Osaka Auto Messe 2004
The 8th motor show featuring tuning-up and dressing-up items which help create unique cars.
Intex Osaka. 9am-5pm.
¥2500, free for kids 12 and under.
Tel: 06-6458-0300

Until Mar.7
Ice skating Rink
Skiers and snow boarders complain there is so little snow this year, but if you are an ice skater, no sweat, you can skate from morning through to afternoon at this ice rink. One point lesson on offer for beginners. For those wanting more than the basics, 3 day intensive skating courses are available at a price.
Ayameike Amusement Park
Open: Everyday (except Wednesdays and if the weather is bad.)
Time: Weekdays 11:00-16:00, Week-ends and public holidays 10:00-16:00
Price: Adult ¥1,500. Child ¥1,000 (includes admission to Ayameike Amusement Park, the skating rink,
one point lesson and skating boots)
¥4,000 for three day skating course
Tel: 0742-45-0971


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