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May 2004
Issue 048

KS Classifieds

Classifieds now combined with Kansai Scene.

Taro Okamoto Exhibition

May 7-29

One of the most well known and popular artists in the postwar era, Taro Okamoto's (1911-1996) well rounded talents were presented to the world at the 1970 Osaka Expo, Tower of the Sun, and in a television commercial, in which he famously announced, "Art is an Explosion."

Despite the clarity and brightness of the expression contained in his vast breadth of work, which began during his student days in Paris in the 1930s and continued until the last period of this life, it may be more appropriate to read a hidden, deep and dark underlying message behind each piece.
This exhibition will take a look at over 30 of his graphic works.

Subway Midosuji/Keihan Yodoyabashi stn. KitaTel: a-bldg. 1F
Open weekdays 11am – 6:30pm, Sat. 12-5pm, closed Sun. & holidays.
Tel: 06-6201-0221

Planet Museum / One Room

Thru June 5

This exhibition attempts to explore the boundaries that lie between time and the value systems on which all of us rely, as well as linking the three elements of time, past, present and future, by presenting familiar contemporary artifacts that may be ‘discovered’ in two thousand year’s time by our descendants.

This forms a part of the traveling exhibition series by Shibakawa Toshiyuki, which started from History Museum of Hiroshima where Shibakawa built a concrete platform for “collaboration” between locally-excavated artifacts (from “Kusato-Sengen”, a town which was completely demolished by a massive flood 330 years ago) and “contemporary artifacts”.

Hankyu Oji-Koen stn., 8 min, walk, north.
Open: 1-6pm Closed Wed.
Free admission
Info: Tel: 078 802 8822

Edo Period Art

Thru June 6

Following the successful Kano Eino Exhibition in 1999, the Hyogo Prefectural History Museum will be featuring more art works from the Edo Period. There will be over 50 paintings by Edo period artists that include Maruyama Okyo, Ishida Yutei and works by the Tsurusawa-ha. The works will feature mostly works done in Kyoto after Kano’s time and show how each artist developed their own styles and formats.

Hyogo Kenritsu Rekishi Hakubutsukan
JR/Sanyo Himeji stn.
Open: 10am – 4pm. Closed Mon.
Admission: ¥200/¥150/¥100
Tel: 0792-88-9011

Victor Cinti Exhibition


Canadian artist Victor Cinti will be exhibiting his latest oil paintings at Calibre café in Shinsaibashi during the whole month of May. Victor Cinti has previously exhibited across Canada as well as Bangkok and Japan. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art, he also spent one year studying art in Florence, Italy. His work is not easy to pin down, but if any influence can be traced, then his colors are from the yellow hues of Van Gogh while his images are a blend of western secular and metaphysical considerations. His latest works stray from his normal subjects and deals entirely with Japan. This time Victor has focused on the energy and drama of sumo wrestling, kabuki and shunga (spring pictures). There will an opening party on Friday, May 7th and all are welcome.

Calibre Cafe
3F Minami Parking Bldg Shinsaibashi-suji
Shinsaibashi stn. Exit 5
Open 12pm – 11:30pm
Admission: Free
Tel: 06--6251-1533

TMDC’s 1st Project: Cap Gun

A collection of 20 years of the magaTel: ine works Fujimoto Yasushi, the driving force behind design group CAP. As well as the magaTel: ines themselves, the exhibition includes insights into the thought processes and lifetsyle of this influential art director.

DDD Gallery
TMDC’s 1st Project: Cap Gun
Nishi-Umeda stn or Higobashi stn.
Open: 10am – 6pm Closed Sat, Sun, Holidays.
Admission: Free
Tel: 06-6347-8780

Kansai Art Listings


Thru June 5
Fujita Bijutsukan
Exhibition of tea ceremony utensils collected by the Fujita’s.
JR/Keihan Osaka-jo KitaTel: ume stn./subway Kyobashi stn.
Open: 10am – 4pm. Closed Mon.
Admission: ¥700/¥400/¥200
Tel: 06-6351-0582

Thru May 30
Kirin PlaTel: a Osaka
Music Graffiti Japan: 80’s J-Pop exhibition
By Dotonbori River
Open: 11am – 8:30pm
Admission: Free Tel: 06-6212-6578

Thru May 30
Osaka Shiritsu Museum
Jium Sonja Exhibition.
Commemorating the 200th anniversary of his death.
JR/subway Tennoji stn.
Open: 9:30am-4pm closed Mon
Admission: ¥1000/¥800/free for children
Tel: 06-6771-4874

Thru June 27
Osaka Shiritsu Toji Tojo Museum
Electric Colors: Ceramic Creations by Hiraga Gennai.
90 works of Gennai-yaki style created in the Edo period.
Keihan/Subway: Yodoyabashi stn.
Open: 9:30am-4:30pm closed Mon
Admission: ¥900/¥600/free for children and seniors
Tel: 06-6223-0055


Thru May 23
Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art
Sarah Moon’s latest photo and video work. Circus.
Hankyu Kawaramachi/Keihan Shijo stn.
Open: 10am – 5pm. Closed Mon
Admission: ¥1000/¥800
Tel: 075-525-1311

Thru June 6
Kampo Museum
Marc Keane exhibition. “Envisioning the Japanese Garden”.
An introduction to the history and construction of Japanese gardens.
East of Heian shrine
Open: 10am – 4pm.
Admission: ¥600/¥400
Tel: 075-771-7130

Thru May 6
Kyoto Kokuritsu Museum
Treasures of a Great Tel: en Temple - NanTel: enji
Keihan Shichijo stn.
Open: 9:30am – 5pm Closed Mon.
Admission: ¥1100/¥700/¥300
Tel: 075-541-1151

Thru May 23
Kyoto City Museum
Paintings by Berthe Morisot, Claude Monet and other impressionists from the Marmottan monet Museum.
Hankyu Kawaramachi/JR Kyoto/Keihan Sanjo stn. Open: 9am – 4pm closed Mon. Admission: ¥1300/¥900/¥500
Tel: 075-771-4107


Thru May 30
Ashiya Shiritsu Bijutsu Hakubutsukan
MOGA’s Lifestyle in Ashiya
Female modernism Ashiya style.
Hanshin Ashiya stn. Walk southeast for 15 mins. Open: 10am – 4:30pm Closed Mon. Admission: ¥300/¥200
Tel: 0797-38-5432

Thru August 1st.
Kobe Fashion Museum
Footwear from around the globe.
Island Center stn. Rokko Island
Open: 10am-5:30pm closed Wed.
Admission: ¥500/¥250
Tel: 078-858-0050

Thru May 10
Sake Musuem
Sakura Exhibition
Hanshin Nishinomiya stn.
Open: 10am-4pm Closed Tues.
Admission: ¥500/¥250
Tel: 0798-33-0008


Thru May 23
Nakano Bijutsukan
Over 40 works by modern Japanese artists.
Kintetsu Gakuen-mae stn.
Open: 10am – 4pm Closed Mon
Admission: ¥600/¥500/¥250
Tel: 0742-48-1167

Thru July 19
Nara Kenritsu Bijutsukan
Reims Fine Arts Museum exhibition.
19th century French paintings by modern Japanese artists.
Kintetsu Nara stn. Open: 9am – 4pm
Admission: ¥1000/¥700/¥400
Tel: 0742-23-3968

Thru June 13
Nara Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan
Horyu-ji: the Dawn of Japanese Buddhist art.
Exhibition focusing on Japanese Buddhist art in the Asuka Period.
JR/Kintetsu Nara stn, bus.
Open: 9:30am – 4pm. Closed Mon
Admission: ¥1000/¥700/¥400
Tel: 0742-22-7771

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