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May 2004
Issue 048

KS Classifieds

Classifieds now combined with Kansai Scene.

Space Cowboy

If you like Fatboy Slim, Tim Deluxe, or even The Naptunes , you should check this one out! Space Cowboy spins all kinds of stuff: funky disco house, breaky hip hop, “oriental” tunes and even the cheesy Prince cover ‘I would Die 4 U’. Under the name of Loop Da Loop, he’s been doing some remix works with Lisa Stansfiled, The Wiseguys, Afrika Bmbaataa etc, etc... This guy’s got talent! He’s also looking for singers and rappers for his new project (www.spacecowboyonline.com) so don’t miss this chance to catch the man live if you fancy yourself on the cover of a music magazine.

5/29 (Sat) 22:00 @ CLUB KARMA
ADV: ¥4,000.
DJ: Space Cowboy + more.


Leading a new generation of music lovers into the future, clubbers from diverse styles will be partying together as one on the mystical ringed planet, Saturn. Sky Hall, located at the top of Osaka Dome, will be transformed for this interplanetary event. This music festival will showcase only internationally renowned Japanese music artists and DJs, melding sounds of post-rock, new wave, techno, house, dub, hip-hop, noise and ambient all night. This is NOT JUST a Rave – this is modern music fused together in a space that will allow you to enter a new music galaxy with infinite possibilities. In 2004, the Saturn legend has begun…

5/15 (Sat) 19:00 @ OSAKA DOME SKY HALL.
ADV: ¥5,800.
ACTs: VooREDOMS, Takkyu Ishino, DJ Krush, Buffalo Daughter, Fumiya Tanaka, Moodoman, DJ Kentaro, Boom Boom Satellites, Kuranaka, AlayaVijana, Kazufumi Kodama, Tha Blue Hearb, DJ Tuttle.

X-PRESS 2 Japan Tour

If you have never heard X-PRESS 2 before, you are missing a lot. Even if you don’t recognize them by the name, you definitely know their song ‘Lazy’ if you’ve been anywhere near a club in the last two years. One of the UK’s biggest and best dance groups, comprising Ashley Breedle and DJ Diesel from the legendary Black Science Orchestra plus DJ Rocky, they are finally coming to Osaka! This crazy trio uses six turntables at one time and plays catchy tech-house with a progressive bent and we like them very much indeed. Even better, they are playing at cool new America-mura venue, Fanj Twice. Bound to be a blast.

5/14(Fri) 21:00 @ FANJ TWICE. DOOR: ¥3,500/1D(ADV: ¥3,000/1D)
DJs: Mamezuka, u:zo, Kitagawa, Lightz.

Club Listings May

1 Sat

DE-CODE EXPERIENCE-Organized by RING @ OSAKA NANKOU RYOKUCHI PARK. Tech-trance. LIVE: K.U.R.O. DJs: Midimiliz, Tez, Jun, Kai, Kvox, Sho-kei, Kaz, Atuji. Open 18:00. ¥4,000. www.ring-rec.com
WORLD LOVE 2nd ANNIVERSARY @ JOULE. Hard dance. GUEST DJ: TOm Harding(from UK). DJs: Energy Dai, Masaki, Shinya, Iwasaki, Minami, Flying Beat. Open 20:00. ¥2,500/1D(foreigners ¥1,000/1D!!)
SATURDAY CLASSIC GROOVE FOR STYLISH GIRL @ GRAND CAFE. Classic groove. DJs: *Groovy workshop., Jun. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
REFLIX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Techno. GUEST DJ: Kenny karkin. DJs; Y.Matuoka, Astro. Open 21:00. ¥3,000/1D.
NITELIST MUSIC Presents “EMMA HOUSE 10 ”RELEASE PARTY @ WORLD. House. MAIN DJ : EMMA. GUEST DJ : MAAR. DJ : K-JI. Open 22:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv. ¥2,500/1D).

2 Sun

COSMIC CRUISE @ JOULE. Techno. GUEST DJ: Mijk van Dijk(from GER), Kagami, Toby. DJs: Ippei, Koujirou, Hajime Matumura. Open 20:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv.¥2,500/1D).
SPINNS NIGHT 2nd ANNIVERSARY @ TRIANGLE. All mix. LIVE: Uni, Sunpoulo. DJs: Special guest DJs. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D(adv.¥2,000/1D).
SUPER SOUL SHOW -GW SPECIAL- @ WORLD. Soul/Disco/Happy House. GUEST DJ: Ryo Fukawa(a.k.a Rocketman). DJs: Atsushi Ootsuki, Hisada, Emoki, Matsui. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.
ONE LOVE @ GRAND CAFE. Reggae. Weekly event. MUSIC: Iire aka Hiroto, Takuo. Open 20:00. ¥1,000/1D.
SOULFREE @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hip hop. Weekly event. DJs: Minami, Benkei, Kaz001. MC: Moggy. Open 22:00. ¥2,500/2D

3 Mon

SOLSTICE MUSIC presents WE INTERFACE @ MOTHER HALL. Psy-trance. LIVE: X-Dream, The Antidote. DJs: DImitri D.K.N, Isao. Open 22:00. ¥5,500(adv.¥4,500).
WEB vol.1 @ ZING. House. GUEST DJ: Derric Tompson a.k.a Drivetrain(from Detroit). DJs; Yoku, Lovegod, Yama, Yoshiyasu Saito. Open 23:00. ¥3,000/2D.
STEREO SYSTEM @ WORLD. Techno. GUEST DJ :Mijk van Dijk(from GER). DJ s: IPPEI, Enomoto, Shin, Sho. Open 22:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv.¥ 2,500/1D).
THE BREAK AND THE BEATS THE SESSIONS ZETTAI-MU @ NOON. Drum'n'bass/House. DJs: Dego(from 4HERO/UK), Kaidi Tatham(from UK), Kuranaka, Yohei Okino Open 21:00. ¥3,500/1D(adv.¥3,000/1D).

4 Tue

LEGEND @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. Weekly event. DJs: Yoku, Daisuke, Asahara, Gokusaburou. Open 20:00. ¥1,000/1D
ESSENTIAL-ESSENTIAL MUSIC 9th ANNIVERSARY STAGE#02- @ WORLD. Hip hop. REGULARs: Sancon, YO aka TYPE Lo, Meg, Frisk, Danbo. GUEST LIVE: RHYMESTER,FU-TEN. Open 21:00. ¥3,800/1D(adv.¥3,500/1D).
STAY TUNED @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Toshibo, maru, Bata, Izumi. Open 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.

5 Wed

JOE CLAUSSELL JAPAN TOUR 2004 @ METRO. House. GUEST DJ: Joe Clausell(from NYC). DJs: Ban, K-ji. Open 22:00. ¥3,500/1D(adv.¥3,000/1D).
BREAKS @ GRAND CAFE. Nu school breaks, Electro, Dub. DJs: Mizuta, Tuttle, Yohei Yamamoto, Kenji Marui + more. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.

6 Thu

ARRIVE @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hip hop. LIVE: Large Prophits. DJs: Soba + more. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/2D.

7 Fri

SON KITE DVE&ALBUM RELEASE JAPAN TOUR @ WORLD. Progressive Trance. LIVE; Son Kite(from Swe). DJs: Marcus(from Son Kite), Sal, Masumi, Eugo. Open 22:00. ¥4,500(adv.¥3,500).
BLACK BEATZ BOX @ TRIANGLE. Drum'n'bass. GEUST DJs:Marky(from UK), Stamina MC(from UK). DJs: Toyo, Kenzi freat King Hisato, Aki. Open 21:00. ¥3,500/1D(adv.¥3,000/1D).
RENDEZVOUS @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Riki, Sachiko. Open 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.
DESTINATION @ SALLYS. UK&US lounge/House/Breaks/ DJs: Zak B, Jules Ehrhardt, Kompel. Open 22:00. ¥1,000(Ladies free!)
SURE SHOT Vol.7 @ JOULE. Hip hop. GUEST DJ: Hazime. DJs: Benkei, Nan-Jyo, Bata. Open 20:00. ¥2,500/1D.

8 Sat

TOP FUEL 1st ANNIVERSARY @ UNDER LOUNGE. Progressive house. DJs: Ko-Kimura, Ko-Matsushima, Hamanaka. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.
FOR PARADISE-THE SHELTER JAPAN TOUR 2004 @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. GUEST DJ: Timmy Registord. DJs: Tokusaburo, Gehi mania + more. Open 20:00. ¥3,000/1D.
SHIAVA SPACE WORLD SPRING TOUR-LIGHT @ MACAO. Psy-trance. LIVE: Intelabeam, Neurobiotic Rec(from ISR). DJs: Shiva Jorg(from GER), Full Moon Mondo, Keisuke, Electrap. Open 23:00. ¥4,500(adv.¥3,500).
MONOGRAM @ WORLD. Techno/House. DJs: Y.Matsuoka, Shimazaki, Kitaura, Mie Kashiwagi. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).

9 Sun

GROOVE CAFE FINAL @ JOULE. House. DJ: Tomoki Tamura. Open 21:00. ¥2,000/1D.

14 Fri

DESTINATION UK @ SALLYS. UK&US lounge/House/Breaks/ DJs: Zak B, Jules Ehrhardt, Kompel. Open 22:00. ¥1,000(Ladies free!)
SQUAREPUSHER JAPAN TOUR @ MOTHER HALL. Electronica/Break beats. LIVE: Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, Jamie Lidell, Joseph Nothing. Open 22:00. Adv.¥5,800.
DOPE DISCO! @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Ageishi, Tetsu Shiraishi, Kitaura. Open 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.
OSAKA SAFARI @ GRAND CAFE. R&B/Hip hop. DJs: George, Getaku, Hondy, Force, Brocken. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
SAYANSE @ WORLD. Reggae. HOST SOUND: Chill Drive Disco.SOUND: Bass Green, chocochip.45, Jam Field, Lake Beat + more. Opoen 21:00. ¥2,000/1D.
URBAN @ TRIANGLE. House. DJs: Yoku, Takashi Koyamma, kazuto, Takafumi, Risa. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
MASQUERADE @ ROCKETS. Techno. GUEST DJ: Kunio Asai. DJs: Ooya, Fujimura Shinji. Open 23:00. ¥2,000/1D(WF ¥1,500/1D).

15 Sat

SATURN @ OSAKA DOME SKY HALL. All mix. See the pickup for the details.
FEARLESS @ WORLD. Funky house/Progressive House. MAIN DJ: Mondo Grosso a.k.a Shinichi Osawa. DJ: Toshiyoshi NKJ. Open 22:00. ¥3,500/1D(adv.¥3,000/1D).
COOL TO KOOL @ METRO. Future jazz. DJs: Yohei Okino, Kenji Sakajiri. Open 22:00. ¥2,000.
SOCIAL INFECTION @ NOON. House. LIVE: Akio Nagase. DJ: Kihira naoki. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.
SEXY TRAX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hard house. DJs; Ise, Mokoto, Uda. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.

16 Sun

THE BREAKFAST CLUB @ NUDIC. House. After-hours party! DJs; Ian Handsley, I-Bec, Dave RUssell. 5:00-8:00. ¥1,000/1D.

21 Fri

LAURENT GARNIER JAPAN TOUR @ UNDER LOUNGE. House/Techno. DJs; Laurent Garnier, Juse, Ido. Open 21:00. ¥3,000/1D.
METRO 14th ANNIVERSARY @ METRO. DJs: Yoji Biomehanika, Lala, ADAM crew, Style crew. Open 22:00. ¥4,000/1D(adv.¥3,500/1D).
BLACK BEATZ BOX @ TRIANGLE. Drum'n'bass. GEUST DJs: Ed Rush&Ryme Time. DJs: TOyo, Kenzi feat. King-hisato. Open 21:00. ¥¥3,500/1D(adv.¥3,000/1D).
MOUNTAIN ISLAND @ NUDIC. House. DJs: YAÅ¢MA, Keiji Shimazaki, Kakimoto Daisuke. Open 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.
STYLUS @ WORLD. House. GUEST DJs: Takanori Shiraishi a.k.a Sas in soul, Force of Nature. DJs: Ageishi, Ban, Jyotaro. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D(adv.¥2,500/2D).
COUNT 5 @ GRAND CAFE. All mix. LIVE: Ganaha Mina, Stoned Soul Picnic. DJs: Tomoyuki Tanaka(FPM), Magumi(LA-PPISH), Junzo Ogawa. Open 20:00. ¥TBA.

22 Sat

DANCELIBRE presents CRAIG RICHARDS JAPAN TOUR 2004 @ GRAND CAFE. Techno. DJs: Craig Richards(from UK), Juse. Open 20:00. ¥3,000/1D.
T2 @ KYOTO HATI HATI. Psy-trance. LIVE: Uni. DJs: Domino(from UK), Ryo, Rockzo, Eugo. Open 23:30. Adv.¥4,500(+ ¥500 drink). *adv only. Info: 075-212-2228.
WICKED! @ UNDER LOUNGE. House. DJs: RDM, Sugata, Mari. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.
ROCK DO @ ROCKETS. Rock/Pop. DJs: Jin, Yo-1, An-chang. Open 23:00. ¥2,500/1D(adv.¥1,500/1D).
FUSION @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORHIBASHI. House. DJ: Tatuhik Fuji. Open 20:00. Men ¥2,000/2D, Women ¥1,000/1D.

25 Tue

NEWEST @ UNDER LOUNGE. Progressive house. DJs: Ko-Matsushima, Hide, Yashima + more. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/2D.

27 Thu

BEAT PARK @ NOON. House. GUEST DJ: Layo & Bushwacka! DJs: Tuttle, Mizuta, Marui, Yohei Yamamoto. Open 21:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv.¥2,700/1D).

28 Fri

SMOKE @ NUDIC. House/Progressive House. GUEST DJ: Phil Tompson.DJs: Luke, Yoku, Ko Matsushima. Open 22:00. ¥3,500/1D(WF ¥3,000/1D).
DISCO FRESH!! 3rd ANNIVERSARY @ UNDER LOUNGE. Disco. DJs: *Groovy workshop., Ban-chan. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/2D.
DESTINATION KOBE @ SALLYS. UK&US lounge/House/Breaks/ DJs: Zak B, Jules Ehrhardt. Open 22:00. ¥1,000(Ladies free!)
LADIES NIGHT @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All the party music. A glass of bubby, a red rose and a free drink ticket for all the ladies. Free nail artists, too. DJ: Akira. Open 19:00. Men ¥2,000/2D, Women ¥1,000/1D(+ a lot more!!).

29 Sat

SPACE COWBOY JAPAN TOUR @ KARMA. House. See the pickup for the details.
VOYAGE pre Opening Party @ NUDIC. HOUSE. GUEST DJ: Koenie(from Belgium). Djs: Kazuma, Lovegod, Katz. LIVE: Hug. Open 22:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv.¥2,500/1D).
WARP DA DISCO @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hard house/ Trance. DJs: Shinkawa, Gotoh, Co-hey. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.
ESSENTIAL-ESSENTIAL MUSIC 9th ANNIVERSARY STAGE#03- @ WORLD. Hip hop. REGULARs: Sancon, YO a.k.a TYPE Lo, Meg, Frisk, Danbo. GUEST DJ: Watarai. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D(adv.¥2,500/1D+DJ Watarai mix CD).
HOUSE FUSION @ GRAND CAFE. House/Classics. DJs: Daisuke, Ackin'. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
JAMBOREE @ TRIANGLE. Hard house. DJs: Ibi, Doi + more. Open 23:00. ¥2,000/1D(WF ¥1,500/1D).
SOUND SOUP @ NOON. Techno. GUEST DJ: Wada(Co-Fusion), Kihira Naoki. DJs: Dai.S, Tadashi Oda, COke. Open 21:00. ¥2,800/1D(adv.¥2,300/1D).
ULTIMATE PARTY @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All party music. DJs: Sam&Dave all stars. Open 23:00. Men ¥2,000/2D, Women ¥1,000/1D.
URBAN APPEAL @ BECAK CAFE-BAR. Hip hop. DJs: Seeb, Thom, Co. Open 22:00. ¥1,000/1D.
DANCE ANIMAL PARTY @ SALLYS. Mainstream latin /Commercial House. DJs: Fumio, Jeffy + more. Open 22:00. ¥1,000.

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