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July 2004
Issue 050

Special 50th Issue!

Yokoyama Taikan — A Master of Modern Nihonga

July 2 - Aug 8

Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958) was born in Mito in present-day Ibaraki Prefecture. He entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts’ first class when it opened in 1889 and participated in the establishment of the Japan Art Institute (Nihon Bijutsu-in) that Okakura Tenshin founded in 1898. Under the tutorage of Tenshin, Taikan pursued the creation of new Nihonga (Japanese-style painting), utilizing traditional Japanese art based on Kano school, as well as Western art, but the Institute’s activities were halted due to financial difficulties. Taikan, who was active at the Bunten (Ministry of Education Exhibition) which was founded in 1907, reorganized the Institute in 1914 to mark the first anniversary of Tenshin’s death. After that Taikan played a significant role as a leader of the art world in Japan. He was conferred the first Cultural Medal in 1937. The exhibition shows his masterpieces, Cherry Blossoms at Night and Autumn Glory together for the first time in the Kansai area and it also presents 60 outstanding paintings including new discoveries. The exhibition tries to verify his great achievement by following the footsteps of Taikan who built his unique, dynamic style on Oriental idealism.

The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto
Nearest Stn: Keihan Shichijo Stn., Okazaki Park
Open: 9:30am – 4pm, closed Mondays
Admission: ¥1000/¥600/¥400
Tel: 075-761-4111

Early Imari — The Origins of Underglaze Cobalt-blue and Overglaze Polychrome Enamels

Thru July 12

The earliest Underglaze Cobalt-blue came from the Hizen region (part of present Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture) and originated in the early Edo period (early 17th century). Although this porcelain was heavily influenced by Chinese porcelain from the Keitokuchin Kiln, the Overglaze Polychrome Enamels with applied stain was called Kakiemon Style after its inventor Sakaida Kakiemon and appeared in the mid-17th century.
Because Hizen wares were distributed through the port at Imari, the porcelain also became known as Imari China among other similar names. This fine porcelain was distributed throughout Asia and to Europe through the Dutch East India Company from the mid 17th century. It has also been recently recognized that Imari ware came to fill many domestic demands throughout Japan as well. For nearly 400 years, these wares circulated throughout the Sea of Japan area and have been found in Echigo and Sado (present Niigata Prefecture), and Dewa (present Akita Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture). It has also recently been recognized that Kokutani wares previously thought to have been fired in Ishikawa were actually produced at the Hizen kilns.
The items in this exhibition, which continue to be popular today, are fine examples of this stained and painted porcelain representing technologies from the earliest days to the most recent products of Hizen pottery. This exhibit features 280 different items including 221 historic examples of these wares and one important cultural property.

Osaka Museum of History
Nearest Stn: Tanimachi 4-chome stn, Exit #9, Tanimachi-line/Chuo-line
Open: 9:30am – 4:30pm, closed Tuesdays
Tel: 06-6946-5728

Brillance de la Belle Epoque

Thru July 19

It is said that the Petit Palais is the cream of the 1900 Paris Expo. Our exhibition is intented to reveal the mood and the arts in those days through various works from
the Petit Palais collection which includes paintings by Cézanne, Renoir, Morisot, Moreau and Maillol, the sculpture by Rodin, and prints by Redon along with art crafts by Galle, Daum, Fouquet and so on.
We do hope that visitors enjoy the luxurious and unrestrained atmosphere at that time reputed to be the "Belle Epoque" or good old days.

Suntory Museum
Nearest Stn: Osaka-ko station, Exit #1, Subway chuo, Technoport line
Open: 10:30am-7pm, closed Mon.
Admission: ¥1000/¥700/¥500
Tel: 06-6577-0001

Journey Through the Inland Sea:
Trades and Exchanges in Medieval Setonaikai

Jul 24 - Aug 22

Setonaikai Inland Sea has played the role of a gateway that connects the mainland with Kyushu. This special exhibition features ancient artifacts, old documents and pictures contributed by the three Prefectural Museums of Hyogo, Okayama and Hiroshima, which illustrate how products were distributed, how port towns thrived and how people interacted with each other in the Setonaikai in the Middle Ages. This is an introduction to the real faces of a region in close connection with the sea.

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of History
Nearest Stn: JR/Sanyo Himeji stn.
Open: 10am – 4pm, closed Monday
Admission: ¥200/¥150/¥100
Tel: 0792-88-9011

Kansai Art Listings


Thru July 11
ATC Museum Nanko
“Picasso : la metamorphose de la forme”. Works from the Jacqueline Collection.
From Honmachi stn, take the OTS
line to Trade Center mae stn.
ATC O’s south tower B2F
Open: 11am–5:30pm.
Closed Wednesdays
Admission: ¥1300/¥1000/free for junior high school students & under
Tel: 06-6343-3142

June 30 to July 28
DDD Gallery
Pierre Mendell Exhibition
Nishi-Umeda stn or Higobashi stn.
Open: 10am–6pm. Closed Sat, Sun, Holidays.
Admission: Free
Tel: 06-6347-8780

Thru August 1
Kirin Plaza Osaka
Disco University Exhibition
By Dotonbori River
Open: 11am–8:30pm
Admission: ¥700/¥500
Tel: 06-6212-6578

Thru July 4
Osaka Nihon Mingeikan
The Beauty of Japan Blue,
textile exhibition
Inside Expo Park,
Banpaku Kinen Koen Stn.
Open: 10am–4pm, closed Wed.
Admission: ¥700/¥450/¥100
Tel: 06-6877-1971

July 3 to August 31
Suntory Museum, Tempozan
Brillance de la Belle Epoque
Subway chuo, Technoport line,
Osaka-ko stn, Exit #1.
Open: 10:30am-7pm, closed Mon.
Admission: ¥1000/¥700/¥500
Tel: 06-6577-0001


Thru July 19
Hosomi Museum
Good Times in the Old Capitol
Picture scrolls, folding screens and other art works from Japanese literature from the Heian to the
Edo period.
Tozai Subway line, Higashiyama stn. On the corner of Nijo-dori and the river
Open: 10am–5:30pm, closed Mondays
Admission: ¥700/¥500
Tel: 075-752-5555

Thru August 29
Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum
Over 555 pieces of inro from the Champoud collection
Bus no. 207, Kiyomizu-michi stop.
Open: 10am–4pm, Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
Admission: ¥500/¥300/¥200
Tel: 075-532-4270

Thru July 19
Kyoto Bunka Hakubutsukan
The Shinsen Gumi Exhibition
Suway Torimarugoike stn/Hankyu Torimaru stn, Keihan Sanjo stn
Open: 10am–5:30pm, Closed Mon.
Admission: ¥1,100/¥800/¥500
Tel: 075-222-0888

July 2 – August 8
Kyoto Kokuritsu Kindai Museum
Yokoyama Taikan – A Master of Modern Nihonga
Keihan Shichijo stn., Okazaki Park
Open: 9:30am–4pm, closed Mondays
Admission: ¥1000/¥600/¥400
Tel: 075-761-4111

Thru August 29
Kyoto City Museum
Masterpieces from the Permanent Collection II:
The Consciousness of the Avant-garde and the Development of Expression

Hankyu Kawaramachi/JR Kyoto/Keihan Sanjo stn.
Open: 9am–4pm, closed Mon.
Admission: ¥1300/¥900/¥500
Tel: 075-771-4107


July 17 – September 5
Akashi Shiritsu Bunka Hakubutsukan
Watanabe Ume – Doll
JR Akashi stn. 5 min walk, north
Open: 1pm–6pm, closed Wed.
Admission: ¥800/¥500/¥300
Tel: 079-918-5400

July 10 – August 29
Ashiya City Museum of Art and History
Reflections: Tsuruko Yamazaki
Hanshin Ashiya st. Walk south,
10 minutes
Open: 10am–4:30pm, closed Mondays
Admission: ¥300/¥200/free for children
Tel: 0797-38-5432

Thru July 19
Himeji Shiritsu Bijyutsukan
Picture Book Exhibition
JR/Sanyo Himeji stn. B/h Himeji Castle
Open: 10am–4:30pm, closed Mondays
Admission: ¥800/¥500/¥100
Tel: 0792-22-2288

Thru June 6
Hyogo Kenritsu Rekishi Hakubutsukan
50 paintings by Edo period artists.
JR/Sanyo Himeji stn.
Open: 10am–4pm, closed Mondays
Admission: ¥200/¥150/¥100
Tel: 0792-88-9011

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