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July 2004
Issue 050

Special 50th Issue!

CLUB JOULE 5th Anniversary Special — EMMA HOUSE

The symbol of the Shinsaibashi
night scene, club Joule is having its
5th anniversary this month on the 18th, house music masters from Tokyo and Osaka will be playing to celebrate this house of music. DJ EMMA — a guy, by the way — started djing in 1985 and quickly worked his way to the top of the Japanese house scene (doubters can check out his funky, sexy sound on his latest album EMMA HOUSE 10). He will be joined by Osaka’s busiest house DJ and producer of the live dance group A Hundred Birds, YOKU. Not one to miss.

7/18(SUN) 20:00 @ JOULE. DOOR: ¥2,500(1D) / ADV: ¥2,000(1D).


Our favorite outdoor party season is finally back again. Quiet Moment in Neon Park Life is alternative free outdoor dance music and art project undertaken by a number of part time urban visionaries. They will serve as a catalyst to kick start something fresh and alternative in this gleaming chrome megatropolis that is Osaka. Armed with a small club sound system they seek out unusual, interesting venues, for example gallery spaces and Chinese cabaret strip bars and transform them for a night. To compliment the vibe, forward thinking DJs drop an electric mix ranging from heavy jazz to tribal tech-house... actually any beats! Get off at the Tanimachi 4 chome station, take exit 10 and go straight ahead for 300m. See you all there in the lush intimate surrounds of the green sanctuary.



Frenchman Laurent Daumail, aka DJ Cam, has a cult following amongst lovers of melodic downbeat, and anyone with a taste for something different. He’s collaborated with DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, DJ Krush and Kid Koala and does remix work for quite a few Japanese artists as well. It is hard to categorize DJ CamÅfs music but if you were going to try you might call it laid back-down beat-hip hop meets old school jazz... or maybe not. You get the idea though: go see for yourself and expect to be (very) pleasantly surprised. Warming up will be drum ‘n’ bass act, Pendulum, who got the Best Single award from Knowledge magazine in 2003. Very cool. Chill, even.

7/31(SAT) 21:00 @ TRIANGLE. DOOR: ¥3,500(1D) / ADV: ¥3,000(1D).

Club Listings July


AUTO TUNE JAPAN TOUR @ BAYSIDE JENNY. Techno. LIVE: Auto Tune(from Germany). Djs: Mamezuka, Tez, Ido, Juse. Open 22:00. ¥3,500(adv.¥3,000).
REFLEX-UNDERWATER NIGHT @ UNDER LOUGNE. Techno. GUEST DJs: Mutiny, Paul Jackson. DJs: Y. Matsuoka, Astro. Open 21:00. ¥3,000/1D.
VOYAGE meets TITONTON DUVANTE JAPAN TOUR 04 @ NUDIC. House. GUEST DJ: Titonton Duvante(from US). DJs: Kazuma, Lovegod, Katz, Marco. Open 22:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
DRAMA @ TRIANGLE. Break beats. GUEST DJ: Plump DJs(from UK). DJ: Juse. Open 22:00. ¥3,500/1D(adv.¥3,000/1D).
FUTURE DISCO @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All the party music. DJs: Shinke, Jun + guests. Open 20:00. Men ¥2,000/2D, Women ¥1,000/1D.
COYOTE FRIDAY @ SAM&DAVE SHINSAIBASHI. Reggae. SOUND: Sun Set, Goodeis, King Ashura, First Class Cloub. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/2D(ladies before 24:00 ¥1,000/1D).
T.G.I.F @ BECAK. R&B/Reggae/Hip hop/House. Weekly event. DJ: 2z&co. Open 22:00. FREE.


MONOGRAM @ WORLD. Techno/House. DJs: Y.Matsuoka, Shimazaki, Kitaura, Mie Kashiwagi. Open 22:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
TOP FUEL @ UNDER LOUNGE. Progressive house. DJs: Ko-Kimura, Ko-Matsushima, Hamanaka. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.
SMOKE @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Luke, Yoku, Brett, Dimitri, Joules, Shimazaki. Open 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.
OSAKA-KISEKI-MOST @ CLUB NEO. German trance/Hard dance. DJs: Hayashi-Banginger, Show-Hey, Masamune, Herzog The Hi-Lo, Teru-Sea, Lunch. Open 21:00. ¥3,000/1D(Foreigner ¥1,500/1D, Adv.¥2,000/1D, WF ¥2,500/1D). www.hayashi-banginger.com
SATURDAY CLASSIC GROOVE FOR STYLISH GIRL @ GRAND CAFE. Classic groove. DJs: *Groovy workshop., Jun. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
BOSSANOVA UNDERGROUND-4th ANNIVERSARY @ NOON. Bossa nova. LIVE: Argyle, Bamboo Swing, copa salvo, La Turbo. DJs: Kijiro Sakurai, Chiaki + more. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D(adv.¥2,000/1D+CD).
DEEP SOUTH RECORDS presents BRILLIANT @ ROCKETS. Techno. DJs: RIno Cerrone(from Italy), Kunio Asai + more. Open 23:30. ¥3,500/1D (adv.¥2,500/1D+mix CD, WF ¥3,000/1D).
DE LA SONICS vol.4 @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All the party music. DJs: Mark'e, Funky 802 DJ all stars + more. Open 19:00. Men ¥2,000/2D, Women ¥1,000/1D.
MO:TISFACTION @ BECAK. House/Drum'n'bass. DJs: Dee, Wil Turetts. Open 22:00. FREE.


ONE LOVE @ GRAND CAFE. Reggae. Weekly event. MUSIC: Iire a.k.a Hiroto, Takuo. Open 20:00. ¥1,000/1D.
SOULFREE @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hip hop. Weekly event. DJs: Minami, Benkei, Kaz001. MC: Moggy. Open 22:00. ¥2,500/2D


LEGEND @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. Weekly event. DJs: Yoku, Daisuke, Asahara, Tokusaburou. Open 20:00. ¥1,000/1D


H2DP @ UNDER LOUNGE. Disco. Weekly event. DJs: *Groovy workshop.,Tsune. Open 21:00. Men:¥2,500/2D, Women:FREE!!
ADAM @ METRO. House/Tech-house/Techno. GUEST DJ: Lava(from Tokyo). DJs: Sinomiya, Mie Kashiwagi. LIVE: Ryoma Sasaki. Open 22:00. ¥1,000.


BLACK BEATZ BOX @ TRIANGLE. Drum'n'bass/Breaks. GUEST DJ: Aquasky vs Master Blaster (from UK). DJs:DJ Toyo & Kenji feat. King-Hisato, Tuttle, Tukamoto, Shin. Open 21:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv. ¥2,500/1D).
BLACKÉBRA feats.NYSO VOL.1 mixed by DJ Q'HEY RELEASE TOUR in OSAKA @ ROCKETS. Techno. GUEST DJ: Q'Hey, Chiru x2 Michiru + Toku. Djs: Sasa, Ibi, Saki. Open 23:00. ¥2,500/1D(adv&WF ¥2,000/1D).
HOBO-DMX KREW JAPAN TOUR @ NOON. Electro. DJs: DMX Krew(from UK), Tuttle, Yohey Yamamoto + more. Open 21:00. ¥3,000/1D (adv.¥2,500/1D).
PARK SPECIAL @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hip hop/R&B. DJs: Ban-chan, Haruki, Ko-Taro. Open 21:00. \2,500/1D.
RENDEZVOUS @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Riki, Sachiko, Inaba. Open 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.
OSAKA SAFARI @ GRAND CAFE. R&B/Hip hop. DJs: George, Getaku, Hondy, Force +more. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
HOUSE CLASSICS @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. House. DJs: Tatsurou Amamiya, Akira. Open 20:00. Men ¥2,000/2D, Women ¥1,000/1D.

10 SAT

HOWIE.B @ UNDER LOUNGE. Electro sounds/Hip beat. DJs: Howie.B + more. Open 21:00. ¥3,000/1D.
JAMES PENNINGTONN JAPAN TOUR @ NOON. House. DJs: James Pennington aka Suburban Knight, Naoki Kihira. Open 22:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv.¥2,500/1D).
DEEP DISCO! @ NUDIC. House. Ageishi, Tetsu Shiraishi, Kitaura. Open 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.
SEXY TRAX @ VINYL. Hard house. DJs: Ise, Vinyl saturday DJs. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
STEREO FEAT @ CRUST. Techno. GUEST DJs: Wada, Satoshi Endo. DJs: Hide, Beyond. Open 23:30. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
FEARLESS TOUR in KYOTO - WORLD 3RD ANNIVERSARY PARTY @ WORLD. House. MAIN DJ: Mondo Grosso a.k.a Shinichi Osawa. GUEST DJ: Kenichi Yanai. DJ: Jyotaro. Open 22:00 ¥3,500/1D(adv. ¥3,000/1D).
FOR PARADISE @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. DJs: Tokusaburou, Gehi mania + more. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
WEST @ TRIANGLE. Progressive House. DJs: Yashima, Shogi. Open 22:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF: ¥2,000/1D).
INSPIRATION INFORMATION @ BECAK. Funk/House. DJ: Ringo. Performance: Herbie on horn. Open 22:00. FREE.

16 FRI

DJ GREGORY JAPAN TOUR 2004 @ GRAND CAFE. Crossover. DJs: Gregory(from Paris), Yoku. Open 20:00. ¥3,000/1D.
M-FLO CLUB DJ TOUR ASTROMANTIC PARTY @ JOULE. Hip hop. GUEST: M-flo, Melody&Ryhohei Yamamoto. DJs: Hisada, Maru, Arima + more. Open 20:00. ¥3,500/1D(adv.¥3,000/1D).
SAYANSE @ WORLD. Reggae. GUEST: Papa-b(from Mighty Crown Entertainment). HOST SOUND: Chill Drive Disco. SOUND: Bass Green, Jam Field + more. Open 22:00. ¥2,500/1D(adv.¥2,500/2D).
ROCKETS 14th ANNIVERSARY Vol.1@ ROCKETS. All mix. DJs; Club Rockets All Stars. Open 22:00. ¥1,000/1D.

17 SAT

COOL TO KOOL - DOMU JAPAN TOUR 2004 @ METRO. Future jazz. GUEST DJ: Domu. DJs: Yoshihiro Okino(from Kyoto Jazz Massive), Kenji Sakaziji. Open 22:00. ¥2,500.
CLUB JOULE 5th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL!!-QUEEN presents SESSION OF JOULE HERO'S @ JOULE. Hard dance. DJs Enery-dai, Tetsuya, Ikuoh, Sho, Faster, Togi, Yogi. Open 20:00. ¥2,500/1D.
KYOTO POP 04 - WORLD 3RD ANNIVERSARY PARTY @ WORLD. House. GUEST DJs: Tomoyuki Tanaka(from FPM), Yasushi Ide + more. GUEST LIVE: Chieko Kanehara. Open 22:00. ¥3,500/1D(adv. ¥3,000/1D).
ABA-SHANTI-I JAPAN TOUR @ TRIANGLE. Dub. DJs: Aba-Shanti, Shandi, 1945 aka Kuranaka. Open 21:00. ¥4,000(adv. ¥3,500).
SEXY BEACH @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hard house. DJs: Ise, Mokoto, Uda. Open 21:00 ¥2,500/1D.
MOVIN' HIGHT-FIFTH SESSION @ KARMA. Techno. DJs: Tetsuji, F.Gotoh, Fran. Open 23:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
PUBLIC CAFE @ NOON. Rock/Pop. DJs: Aoyama, Nakamura. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
URBAN APPEAL @ BECAK. Hip hop/House. DJs: Seeb + guest DJ. Open 21:00. ¥1,000/1D.

18 SUN

ZERO CONTACT @ KATSURAGI-SAN HIGHLAND PARK. Trance/Techno. Open air party. GUEST DJ: Dave Shokh(from Berlin). DJs: Take, Hero, Atsuji, Nishito, Boo, Que, Yu Kurose + more. Gate open: 18:00. ¥2,500. Info: mixmax.main.jp
GAIA 18 HOURS TRANCE PARTY @ FLARE. Trance. GUEST DJ: Shinke. DJs: Taka, Ken, Ya-m, EDAMAME + more. Open 19:00. ¥2,500/1D(adv.¥2,000/1D).
ESSENTIAL-ESSENTIAL MUSIC 9th ANNIVERSARY FINAL @ WORLD. Hip hop. GUEST DJ: Masterkey, Yukijirushi, O-Ken. REGULARs: Sancon, Yo aka Type Lo, Meg, Frisk, Danbo. Open 22:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv.¥3,000/2D).

22 THU

STILL ECHO -Q-BERT JAPAN TOUR 2004 @ METRO. Hip hop. GUEST DJ: Q-BERT (from US). DJs: Shark, Kazuma, Kazuhiro. Open 22:00. ¥3,500/1D(adv.¥3,000/1D).
FAMFATAL @ UNDER LOUNGE. Techno. DJs: Dora + more. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/2D.

23 FRI

LIFE @ UNDER LOUNGE. House. DJs: Tatsurow Amamiya + more. Open 21:00, ¥2,500/2D.
STYLUS @ WORLD. House. MAIN DJ: Ageishi. DJs: Ageishi, Ban, Jyotaro. Open 21:00. ¥2,000/1D.
WACKIE'S LIVE & DIRECT!! @ NOON. Dub/Abstract. SOUND: Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes, Black Redemption aka Wackies Official Sound, Ras Kush, Ras Takashi. SPECIAL GUEST: Kazufum Kodama. Open 21:00. ¥3,500/1D (adv.¥3,000/1D).
ROCKETS 14th ANNIVERSARY Vol.2 @ ROCKETS. All mix. DJs; Club Rockets All Stars. Open 24:00. ¥1,000/1D.
LADIES NIGHT @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All the party music. A glass of bubby, a red rose and a free drink ticket for all the ladies. Free nail artists, too. DJ: Akira. Open 19:00. Men ¥2,000/2D, Women ¥1,000/1D(+ a lot more!!).

24 SAT

COSMIC CRUISE @ JOULE. Techno. DJs: Dave Angel(from UK), Ippei, Koujirou, Matumura Hazime. Open 20:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv.¥2,000/1D).
READYMADE WEEKEND @ KARMA. House. DJs: Yasuharu Konishi, Groove Anchan, Orange Records Crew. GUEST: Karia Nomoto. Open 22:00. ¥3,000/1D(adv.¥2,500/1D).
LARRY HEARD JAPAN TOUR 2004 @ ZING. House. DJs: Larry Heard + more. Open 23:00. ¥3,000 (adv.¥2,500, WF ¥2,800).
WICKED! @ UNDER LOUNGE. House. DJ: RDM. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/2D.
DIMENSIONS @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Wil Robinson, Riki, Sachiko. Open 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.
SPINNS T-PARTY 2004 @ METRO. All mix. LIVE: Myojyo, ji mama, Uni + more. DJs: Yoshihiro Okino, Sunny Sunday Smile, Halfby + more. Open 20:00. ¥2,800/1D(adv.&WF ¥2,500/1D).
NATURAL SELECTION @ BECAK. House/Drum'n'bass. DJ: Sly Boots&co. Open 22:00. FREE.

25 SUN

THE BREAKFAST CLUB @ NUDIC. House. Sunday morning after hours party. DJs: ian Handsley, I-Bec, Dave Russell. Open 5:00am-8:00am. ¥1,000/1D.

30 FRI

RING @ BAYSIDE JENNY. Psy-trance. DJs: Domino + more. Open 23:59. ¥4,000(adv.¥3,000).
DISCO FRESH!! @ UNDER LOUNGE. Disco. DJs: *Groovy workshop., Ban-chan. Open 21:00. ¥2,500/2D.
HOUSE FUSION @ GRAND CAFE. House/Classics. DJs: Daisuke, Ackin'. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
RENDEZVOUS @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Riki, Sachiko, Inaba. Open 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.

31 SAT

BANQUET @ GRAND CAFE. House. DJ: Orienta-rhythm. Open 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
FAR EASTERN FELLOWS #3 @ NUDIC. Electronic music. LIVE DJ SET: Octopas 8 aka Keiji Shimazaki. DJs: Naoki Kihira, Y.Matsuoka, Sachiko, Kakimoto Daisuke. Open 22:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).

KS club section compiled by Terumi Tsuji


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