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Feb 2005
Issue 057

Out now!

WEST @ Triangle

A young, talented and rather cute DJ/producer from Great Britain, James Holden will be the guest DJ at Osaka's best progressive house party, West. James started producing tracks on a 500 pound (sterling, not weight) PC and a piece of revolutionary music freeware called Buzz while he was at Oxford University. His track with Julie Thompson, Nothing, was picked up by the UK trance legend Tiesto to be his tune of the year, which means you’ve heard the song a lot at the dance floor. He also has remixed pretty much everyone; from electro-house folks New Order to the queen of dance pop, Britney Spears. Together with DJ Yashima, Japan champion of world-wide DJ contest Thirst last year, and other talanted local Japanese DJs, it should be a fine night for prog. house nuts.

2/4 (FRI) 22:00 • DOOR: ¥3,000/1D (WF: ¥2,500/1D)


Even if you've only just arrived in Osaka, if you haven't heard Yoku, you really are missing something. This Osaka based DJ is surely one of the best house DJs in Japan, as well as producer/conductor of his own jazzy house unit A Hundred Birds (AHB). They've released a few tracks on the Francois K-owned label, Wave Music, and their made-in-Japan house tracks have found their way into DJ's boxes all over the world. They are finally releasing
the long awaited first album Fly from the Tree on February 9th, so now's your chance to catch up on your music homework: once you listen to their Latin-flavored, melodious deep house, you'll fall in love with them! For those who can't make it, Yoku is playing in Kyoto and Kobe as well (solo though — no AHB performance at those gigs). Kyoto: Metro on Feb 9. Kobe: Gatro Pub Spark on Feb 19.

2/27 (SUN) 16:00 @ NOON • DOOR: ¥2,500/1D, ADV: ¥2,000/1D, (WF: ¥2,200/1D) • HAPPY HOUR (BEFORE 18:00): ¥1,500/1D.

Club Listings February


ACID JUNGLE @ NOON. Techno/ Trance. DJs: R-Type, Kihira Naoki, Mamezuka, Bunlin, Motoko. 21:00. ¥2,000/1D.
TABLE MANNERS @ UNDER LOUNGE. Break beats/Techno. DJs: Maar, Juse... 21:00 ¥2,500/1D
SURE SHOT @ JOULE. Hiphop DJs: Benkei,Nan-jyo, Bata. 20:00 ¥2,000/1D
SUPER SONIC @ SAZA*E. Disco. Weekly event. DJs: Groovy Workshop, GWS Pro DJs. 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.
LAVA TEKNO @ Metro. Techno/ House. DJs: Doi, Makoto, Tsuen, Ktagawa, Takeshi. 22:00.¥1,800/1D


REFLEX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Techno. GUEST DJ: Chris Liebing. DJs: Astro, Yu Kurose. 21:00. ¥3,000/1D.
QUEEN 4th ANNI. @ JOULE. Trance. DJs: Energy-dai, Faster, Sho, Master Asia, Yoge, Sally. 20:00. ¥2,500/1D (WF ¥2,000/1D).
BLACK BEATZ BOX @ TRIANGLE. Drum'n'bass. GUEST DJ: Sonic. DJs: Toyo, Kenzi feat.King-hisato. 22:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
O.E.M.S. Osaka Electronic Music Saturday @ NUDIC. Techno/House/ Breaks. DJs: Sachiko, Juse, Shirakawa, Eitetsu Amano, Booze-Lee, Yoshio, Keiji Shimazaki, Hug. 20:00. ¥2,000/2D. *After hours starts from 5:00am. ¥1,000/1D.
OSAKA-KISEKI Vol. 02 @ CLUB NEO. German trance/Hard style party. DJs: Hayashi-Banginger, Show-Hey, Masamune, Lunch. 21:00 ¥3,000/1D (ADV.¥2,000/1D, WF ¥2,500/1D, Foreigner ¥1,500/1D).
ABEND @ CRUST. Techno. DJs: Kagami, Lyoma, Moa, Satoshi Endo, Dora. 23:00. ¥2,500(WF ¥2,000). www.der-abend.com.
LIFE&MUSIC @ ZING. House/ Techno. DJ: P.M.D.M.F aka Tan Ikeda. 24:00. ¥1,500/1D
(WF ¥1,000/1D).
BLACK PANTHER PARTY @ SAZA*E. Jazz/Soul/Hip hop/House. LIVE: Ichibanboshi Crew. DJs: Wild 7 Posse, Chappie, Assan + more. 22:00. ¥2,000/1D.
WORLD STANDARD WEST @ NOON. House. GUEST DJ: Moodman. DJs: Tatsuo Sunaga, Naohiro Nomura, Souichiro Yoshikawa + more. 21:00. ¥3,000/1D(ADV.¥2,500/1D).
EMMA HOUSE @ WORLD. House. DJs: Emma, K-ji. 22:00. ¥3,000/2D (ADV.¥2,500/2D).
STAFF NIGHT @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All the party music. Open till 8am. 20:00. M: ¥2,000,2D, W:¥1,000/1D.
BODY&SOUL @ SAM&DAVE SHINSAIBASHI. Hiphop/Reggae/ R&B. GUEST DJ: Hiyoco. DJs: Beans, Masakazu, Hagane + more 21:00. M:¥2,500/1D, W:¥1,500/1D.


ONE LOVE @ GRAND CAFE. Reggae. Weekly event. MUSIC: Iire a.k.a Hiroto, Takuo. 20:00. ¥1,000/1D.
SOULFREE @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hip hop. Weekly event. DJs: Minami, Benkei, Kaz001. MC: Moggy. 22:00. ¥2,500/2D.
FREEKY @ SAM&DAVE SHINSAI-BASHI. Hiphop/R&B/Reggae. DJs: George, Chan-u, Lead, Beans, Nanjyo, Bigai. 22:00. M:¥2,000/2D, W: FREE
TRANCEMATE SUNDAY @ MEGANET STUDIO. Trance/Hrad dance. DJs: Trancemate Japan crews. 19:00-22:00. ¥1,000/1D. INFO: 06-6649-6560www.geocities.jp/trancemate_jp


KONGRONG @ NUDIC. Techno/ House. Weekly event. Djs: Keisuke Doya + more. 20:00. FREE!!


LEGEND @ GRAND CAFE. 1st Ani & A Hundred Birds 1st Album Release Party House/Garage. Weekly event. DJs: Yoku, Daisuke, Asahara, Tokusaburou 20:00. ¥1,000/1D.
POP OF JOY TOY @ NUDIC. Techno. Doctor.C,Iso,Saikubo.8pm¥1,000/1D


A HUNDRED BIRDS 1st ALBUM RELEASE PARTY @ METRO. House. GUEST DJ: Yoku. DJs: Ban, Qotaroo, Jyotaro. 22:00. ¥2,000/1D (WF ¥1,500/1D).
PUSH THE BUTTON-THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS TRIBUTE PARTY @ NOON. House/Techno. DJs: Mamezuka, Mizuta, Moscow + more. 22:00. ¥2,000/1D (WF ¥1,500/1D).
H2DP @ UNDER LOUNGE. Disco. Weekly event. DJs: Groovy workshop,Tsune. Open 21:00. M:¥2,500/2D, W:FREE!!
HONEY TRANCE @ STRAWBERRY. Trance. Weekly event. DJs: Sho, Minami, Hikaru, Su-Mizuguchi.
22:00. M:¥1,500/1D, W: FREE!!

10 THU

TECHNISH BOMBS @ UNDER LOUNGE. Techno. GUEST DJs: Marco Baily, Q'hey. DJ: Sasa. 21:00. ¥3,000/1D.
UN-TITLE @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Ageishi, Daisuke Ito + more. 20:00. ¥2,000/2D.

11 FRI

ONE NATION @ TRIANGLE. Break beats, Nu-school breaks. DJ: Free Stylers + more. 22:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
FORUM @ KARMA. Drum'n'bass. DJs: London Elektricty(UK), High Contrast(UK), Makoto, Takuei, Asayo. 23:00. ¥3,500/1D (ADV.¥3,000/1D)
ESSENTIAL @ WORLD. Hip hop. GUEST: Masterkey, Yukijirushi, O-ken. REGULARs: Sancon, Yohey aka Type Lo, Meg, Frisk, Danbo. 21:00. ¥3,000/2D (ADV.¥2,500/2D).
OSAKA SAFARI @ GRAND CAFE. R&B, Hip hop. DJs: George, Getaku, masaki,Hondy,Bigai.8pm.¥2,000/1D

12 SAT

FUTURE SHOCK @ STUDIO PALTITTA. Psy trance. LIVE: Wreched Machines, Bio Tonic. DJs: Dimitori D.K.N, Gabriel, Takashi. 22:00. ¥5,500 (ADV.¥4,500).
FREEQ OUT @ ZING. House. DJs: Moodman, Yogrut, Qotaroo. 23:00.
TOP FUEL @ UNDER LOUNGE. Progressive house. DJs: Ko Kimura, Ko Matsushima, Hamanaka. 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.
O.E.M.S. Osaka Electronic Music Saturday @ NUDIC. Techno/House/ Breaks. DJs:Sachiko,Juse,Shirakawa, Eitetsu Amano, Booze-Lee, Yoshio, Keiji Shimazaki, Hug.8pm.¥2,000/2D
FOR PARAISE @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. GUEST DJ: Tan Ikeda. DJs:Tokusaburo, Ge-hi Mania,Kenichi- Kotani, Megumi.20:00.¥2,000/1D
HURA-HOOP @ SAZA*E. Hard house. GUEST DJ: Monobe. DJs: Co-hey, F.Gotoh. 20:00. ¥TBA.
DJs: Ichiro rider, Ryo, Tetsu, Nakkan, Kazuya. 23:00. ¥2,500/1D (ADV.¥1,700/1D, WF ¥2,000/1D).
DJs: Aoyama, Nakamura. 21:00. ¥2,500/1D (WF ¥2,000/1D).
SUPER TRANCE @ JOULE. Trance. DJs: Ken-bow, Ko-taro, Faster. 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
CURLER-ALL MIX GIRL'S PARTY @TOCCA ATE. Drum'n'bass/ Breaks /Jazz. Djs: Keiko, Okame, Momoi... 220:00. ¥1,500/1D. 06-6365-5808.
TSUNAMI RELIEF CHARITY EVENT @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All the party music. Live soul/Jazz band before 11pm + prizes, give aways ... 19:00. M: ¥2,000/2D, W: ¥1,000/1D.
VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All the party music. Gifts at the door. 20:00. M:¥2,000/1D, W:¥1,000/1D
BODY&SOUL @ SAM&DAVE SHINSAIBASHI. Hip hop/ Reggae/ R&B. GUEST DJ: Benkei. DJs: Beans, Masakazu, Hagane + more 21:00. M:¥2,500/1D, W:¥1,500/1D.

13 SUN

WELL ZIZz-RAW FUSION MAD MATS JPN TOUR @ METRO. Nu jazz, Broken beats. GUEST DJ: Mad Mats(from Sweden). DJs: Makoto, Takao, SK, Yoshihiro, N.I. 22:00. ¥2,500/1D (ADV.¥1,500/1D).
THE OPUS @ JOULE. Hip hop. DJs: Maru, Arima. 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.

14 MON

SUPER AMAZING feat. RECLOOSE JPN TOUR @ NOON. House. GUEST DJ: Recloose(from NZ). DJs: Kenji Sakaziji, Kazikiyo, Toshibo, Keitaro Akazawa + more. 20:00. ¥2,500/1D (ADV.¥2,000/1D).

18 FRI

NITE GROOVES presents RAINER TRUBY JPN TOUR @ GRAND CAFE. Jazz/Crossover/House. DJs: Rainer Truby(from Truby Trio), Yoshihiro Okino.20:00. ¥3,000/1D.
PATCHWARE ON DEMAND SPECIAL! @ METRO. Electronica. GUEST LIVE: Hair Stylistics, I'm not a gun. LIVE: omb, eater, PsysEx+intext. GUEST DJ: John Tejada. DJs: Eiichiro Azuma, Tsukasa. 22:00. ¥3,300/1D (ADV.¥2,800/1D).
NEW NATION @ TRIANGLE. Drum'n' bass. DJs: Sub, Toyo, Masaki. 21:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
MAMEZUKA VS TETSU SHIRAISHI @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Mamezuka, Tetsu Shiraishi. 20:00. ¥2,000/2D.
SAYANSE @ WORLD. Reggae. SOUND: Chill Drive Disco, Bass Green, Jam Field + more. 21:00. ¥2,500/1D(ADV ¥2,500/2D).

19 SAT

PREMIER @ SAZA*E. Progressive house. GUEST DJ: Osamu M. DJs: Ko-Matsushima, Hamanaka, Baku. 20:00. ¥2,500/1D.
COOL TO KOOL meets KING BRITT @ METRO. Future jazz/House. GUEST DJ: King Britt. DJs: Yoshihiro Okino, Kenji Sakajiri. 22:00. ¥3,500/1D (ADV.¥3,000/1D).
A HUNDRED BIRDS 1st ALBUM RELEASE PARTY @ GATRO PUB SPARK. House. DJs: Yoku, Atsushi Nishiyama, Miyaki. 23:00. ¥2,500/1D (ADV.¥1,500/1D, WF ¥2,000/1D). INFO: 078-242-7805, www.housemental.com.
INFINITE ACADEMIA @ STUDIO PARTITTA. Psy trance. LIVE: Quantum, Echotek. DJs: Gidi, The Papuna, Koki. 22:00. ¥5,500 (ADV.¥4,500).
O.E.M.S. Osaka Electronic Music Saturday @ NUDIC. Techno/ House/ Breaks. DJs:Sachiko,Juse,Shirakawa, Eitetsu Amano, Booze-Lee, Yoshio, Keiji Shimazaki, Hug.8pm.¥2,000/2D
LIFE&MUSIC @ ZING. House/ Techno. DJs: P.M.D.M.F aka Tan Ikeda, Kihira Naoki, Marco. 23:00. ¥2,000/1D(WF ¥1,500/1D).
SEXY TRAX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hard house. DJs; Ise, Uda.9pm¥2,500/1D
ROCK DO @ ROCKETS. Rock/Pop. GUEST DJ: Atussy(from Beat Nature). DJs: Jin&Yo-1, An-chang. 23:30. ¥2,500/1D(ADV,¥1,500/1D + MIX CD, Foreigners ¥1,000/1D).
5th ANNI. PARTY @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All the party music. Free champagne and prizes. 20:00. M:¥2,000/1D, W:¥1,000/1D
BODY&SOUL @ SAM&DAVE SHINSAIBASHI. Hiphop / Reggae / R&B. GUEST DJ: Junko. DJs: Beans, Masakazu, Hagane + more 21:00. M:¥2,500/1D, W:¥1,500/1D.

23 WED

IMAGINED COMMUNITIES @ NOON. Hiphop/Electro. GUEST LIVE:Machine Drum, LaMano Fria. GUEST DJ:Merck, Kihira Naoki. LIVE: Hiroaki, Asai. DJs: Kamachi, Hara, Killer. 9pm ¥3,000/ 1D (ADV.¥2,500/1D, WF¥2,700/1D)

24 THU

VAMOS! SER AMIGOS!! @ NOON. Brazil/Techno. LIvE: Marcos Suzano, Sun Paulo, zOoOoOm. DJs: Bunlin, Mamezuka. 10pm. ¥3,000/1D (Adv.¥2,500/1D)

25 FRI

ONE NATION-LAYO&BUSHWACKA JPN TOUR @ TRIANGLE. Breaks. DJs: Layo&Bushwacka + more. 22:00. ¥2,500/1D(WF ¥2,000/1D).
AREA G @ KARMA. Electro. LIVE: Mu(from UK). DJs: Maurice Fulton, Tuttle, Ido, Yoshiki. 23:00. ¥3,000/1D(ADV.¥2,500/1D).
SATY GOLD @ JOULE. Hip hop. DJs: Minami, Bigai. MC: Macko. 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
HOUSE FUSION @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. DJs: Daisuke, Ackin', Masaki. 20:00. ¥2,000/1D.
DISCO FRESH!! @ UNDER LOUNGE. Disco. Djs: *Groovy workshop., Ban-chan. 21:00. ¥2,500/2D.
CROSS COUNTER @ ROCKETS. Rock. Djs: Kouichi Sato, Kenichi Sekiya. 23:00. ¥2,000/1D (WF ¥1,500/1D).
LADIES NIGHT @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All the party music. A glass of bubbly, a red rose and a free drink ticket for all the ladies. Free nail artists. DJ: Akira. 7pm.M:¥2,000/2D, W:¥1,000/1D (+ a lot more!!).

26 SAT

FREEDOM TIME @ NOON. Nu jazz. GUEST DJ: Bugz In The Attic. Toshio Matsuura. DJs: YOshihiro Okino,Kenji Sakajiri, YOshihisa Fujii, Jules, Neall. 21:00. ¥3,500/1D (ADV.¥3,000/1D)
06S @ TRIANGLE. Drum'n'bass.
DJs: J-Majik, Future Bound, Toyo, Aki. 22:00. ¥3,000/1D(ADV.¥2,500/1D).
NEBULA @ SAZA*E. Techno. GUEST DJ: Robert Food. DJs: Y. Matsuoka, Ryuta, Riki. 20:00. ¥3,000/1D.
BANQUET @ GRAND CAFE. House. DJ: Orienta-Rhythm.20:00 2,000/1D
WARP DA DISCO @ UNDER LOUNGE. UK Hardhouse/Trance.DJs:Shinkawa, F.Gotoh, Co-hey. 21:00. ¥2,500/1D.
SMOKE @ NUDIC. House. DJs: Luke, Yoku, Brett, Dimitori, Joules, Kenji Shimazaki. 20:00. ¥2,000/2D.
JOHN SELWAY JPN TOUR @ ZING. Techno. DJ: John Selway. 23:00. .
WAX @ JOULE. Trance. DJs: Ikuoh Ken-gee,Edamame.20:00.¥2,000/1D
DENDOU TSUKEMATSUGE @ KARMA. Hard house. GUEST QUEEN: Simone Fukayuki. DJs: Ibi, Yossi. 23:00. ¥2,500/1D(ADV.¥2,000/1D).
BONDAGE BALL @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All the party music. LIVE S&M show. 19:00. M:¥2,000/2D, W:¥1,000/1D.
FUSION GLOW EDITION @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. House/Progressive. DJ: Tatuhiko Fujii. 20:00. M:¥2,000/2D, W:¥1,000/1D.
BODY&SOUL @ SAM&DAVE SHINSAIBASHI. Hip hop/ Reggae/ R&B. GUEST DJ: Celory. DJs: Beans, Masakazu, Hagane + more 21:00. M:¥2,500/1D, W:¥1,500/1D.

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