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Feb 2005
Issue 057

Out now!

The Adventure Countdown

Longman's senior marketing executive in Osaka hypes us up for a series of events designed to inspire and stimulate teachers of children.

A battle of wits or survival of the fittest? How do young learners really learn? Ever felt yourself ready to walk the plank with 100 Stitch-like ankle biters, caught in the cross fire with your neighbourhood pirates, lost in the battle with too-cool-for-school 5th and 6th graders? And feeling in need of super human powers to deal with the parents!?

Whether they’re mice, monkeys or monsters in your classroom, the adventure is always full-on and a little magic can go a long way! Dropping anchor, Longman is back with a full bounty of ‘Motivate to Educate’ treasures for the kids teachers of Japan.

Look who’s coming … Need magic? Are you guilty of dulling kids natural curiosity for learning with the parrot like perfection of rote style drills or chants? Blast that past! Young Learner Specialists, Mayumi Tabuchi, consultant to last years fastest growing kid's series Hip Hip Hooray! and Katherine MacKay, Chief Teacher Trainer, are back with Grammar Beats! Igniting your kids emotions for real, meaningful and life long learning strategies ... set to impress your parents in more than just one off shows, as they put the magic in teaching grammar for kids with a new full bag of tricks!

Need inspiration? Enter the return of the Super woman herself; Aleda Krause! Kids teachers across Japan have realized input does not mean intake with our little learners! Some methods land you right back at square one in your next lesson – as English goes in one ear and out the other! With 20 years of super teaching experience, Aleda prizes open her pearls of wisdom on developing your most effective teaching approach for Japanese children. This year marks Aleda’s launch of the second edition of Japan's most super series, the new Super Kids. Come and find out what’s super about Superkids and define your own teaching style.

Need energy? Experience the power of teacher training with leading kids specialists, Mari Nakamura, Akiko Seino, Junko Yamanaka and Mitsuyo Ohta. Turn frowns upside down and keep little learners on their toes, with our Top 10 Teaching Techniques and Music, Memory and Motivation sessions.

For kids, research shows that they need a sensory experience to connect the dots in-side those amazing young minds. Language learning can only take place when it makes sense, is inter-active and most of all FUN! Research also shows kids have a natural ability to perfect sounds, so make the katakana kraze a faze, and don’t forget a little Fonikz Phun too!

Live and direct in our lunchtime showdown, the internationally acclaimed power of stories will be brought to life in a Short Stories and Long Tales session. Keeping it simple in a 3 step approach for your kids, pack your bento and stay for
the razzle dazzle!

Its pay back time — as Japan's most adventurous kids tour begins. With a full crew of experienced authors and trainers from a variety of teaching backgrounds, and a full line up in age, level and situation appropriate games, songs and activities, Longman's commitment to making education easier proves your treasure map for an adventure in a Kid’s English Land.

A final word — Pack light! The whole event is FREE. And Longman in association with Maruzen bookstore brings you incredible discounts on Longman kids materials. Plus, there is a bonus chance to win unrivaled prizes anywhere in Japan.
Don’t get left behind …

Longman Kids Tour in the Kansai:

• February 13: Kyoto Shigaku Kaikan
• February 20: Grand Cube Osaka
• February 27: Kobe Intn'l Conference Centre Register 10:00 – 18:00, toll free 0120-010-549.

Check on line for maps and times: [email protected]

Text: Katherine MacKay


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