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Feb 2005
Issue 057

Out now!

Hey Mister DJ

So many tunes, so many players, so much money to spend … Here's a rundown of what's hot to look at and listen to in the world of digital music players without being bogged down by the technical mish mash, and judging purely on appearance.

iPods are spreading like something that spreads, and fast. The original silver monster jukebox has the capacity to hold up to 10,000 songs, and it's also a handy shiny surface in which to check your reflection. Let Apple.com show you how your life could be with an iPod.

“Imagine: you could fly from New York to Paris and still have hours of listening time left over as you stroll the Champs Elysées,” (hmm, yes, be happy that this is now possible!) “You'll never guess what's coming up next…” (perhaps a stick of bread?) “…so you're always surprised by startling juxtapositions.”

How much do we love Apple's copywriters? iPod minis come in a more compact size and a more interesting “trendsetting” colour palette. They hold 1,000 songs, good for those that feel okay leaving the house minus their 9,000 other favourite songs.

Next up is the iPod shuffle. “Meet your new ride. More roadster than Rolls, iPod shuffle rejects routine by serving up your favorite songs in a different order every time.” Goodness! It's smaller than a pack of gum, and much more musical, holding up to 240 songs. “iPod shuffle weighs as little as a car key and makes a tuneful fashion statement.” Yes, it's that cool. www.apple.com

The JetAudio iAudio U2 is an up and coming hit, mainly for it's style. “iAUDIO U2 colors are reached on maximum of sparkling light like Cool feeling of Ocean Blue, Passion of Ruby Red and Luxury of Platinum Black and perfect harmony with metallic feeling
of navigation button. Through all these you will become a fashion leader.”

With a little grammar help, and a hand from NEC and Fujitsu, the JetAudio people are well on their way. They have a lot of features including voice recording and radio and a choice of memory sizes. Next up for JetAudio is the new iAudio G3, available in sky white, and pearl white. White white is still on the drawing board. http://eng.iaudio.com

The iRiver kids have many wares on display including the techno jewel N10, styled as necklace with built in headphones and a tiny pendant design, you can wear your MP3 player without looking like a fool. Apparently in the world of technology, looking like a nerd is quite common.

The H10 player shows photos and texts with a vibrant color display while playing music and comes in four “stylish” colours, red, blue, silver and gray — those crazy kids! It's worth checking out the iRiver website, as they have portable audio in cd, flash, and hdd types as well as other nifty stuff like portable video and accessories. www.iriver.com

Creative have a couple of lovely long lasting players, great for long trips and you don't have to carry the power adaptor with you. On a single charge the 20GB Zen Touch player can last up to 24 hours. The focus here is on longevity, not on how it looks. On the other hand, the 5GB Zen Micro holds up to 2,500 songs, and stylistically speaking, it has a “mesmerising” blue LED backlight, and comes in 10 “attractive” colours. Not amazing, but, attractive. Which is nice. www.creative.com

There are a lot of choices out there, so do your homework kids. Though after poking around, you'll probably notice almost every company see the iPod as it's main competition, the one to beat, which may just be an indication that the iPod is the one to get.

Text: Jared Olthof


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tip of the I-radio berg in that it is primarily a terrestrial broadcaster, with its Net feed basically an adjunct to the main service. Regardless of its localised content, bFM's wide range of alternative music and commentary makes it an excellent listen anywhere in the world.

IndieFan is a US-based Website devoted to independent music in general and the artists behind those sounds in particular. As well as re/pre/interviews, news, forums and other resources, the site provides a radio service
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to electronica to hip hop. Most songs are culled from tracks sent in by musicians looking for promo.

SomaFM, out of San Francisco, is a small miracle, somehow managing to operate eight separate channels on just listener donations.
The different pre-recorded streams cover trance, deep house, spy jazz, ambient and indie pop, among other forms. The station is also closely tied into the San Fran underground club scene and regularly hosts live events.