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JULY 2005
Issue 062

Van Gogh in Context

Collection from the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam and the Kroller-muller Museum, Otterlo

Thru Jul 18

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is one of the world's most beloved painters. In the past, more than ten major exhibitions of the artist's work have been held in Japan. This exhibition was realized with special cooperation from the Van Gogh Museum and the Kröller-Müller Museum, both located in Van Gogh's homeland of Holland. From the dark hues of his early naturalistic paintings to the dazzling colors of his later works, you will have a chance to trace the constant changes in Van Gogh's paintings over what proved to be a brief career through the outstanding collections of these two museums. The exhibition also attempts to consider Van Gogh's work not as that of an isolated figure — a "crazy" artist — but rather to re-examine it as a part of art history. And by looking at the work of artists such as Millet, Cézanne and Monet, who Van Gogh knew and was influenced by, and Japanese ukiyo-e as well as books and magazines of the era that shed light on the environment in which he worked, the exhibition provides a cultural context for Van Gogh's artistic activities. In viewing approximately 30 of the artist's masterpieces, 30 works by the artists he was associated with and 60 related documents, visitors will discover a new Van Gogh, one who differs widely from the familiar legend.

The National Museum of Art Osaka
Getting there: Higobashi stn. Exit #3
Open: 10am-4:30pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥1500/¥1000/¥600/free
Tel: 06-4860-8600

Bosco Sodi —
Beneath the Unconscious

Thru Sept. 27

Bosco Sodi being one of the most up and coming contem-porary artists in the European art scene is not the sole reason this exhibition will be held here at MSSOHKAN Kobe. The urge to bring this extremely talented young artist from Spain (where he now resides) this year is two-fold and is partly due to the fact that his home country, Mexico, experienced a great earthquake some 10 years prior to the one that hit Kobe back in 1995. 2005 being the 10th anniversary of the Hanshin earthquake, the exhibition poses a unique opportunity to glance at how the traumatic experience that shook the whole of Mexico city despite being 350km from the epicenter, has been filtered through artistic spirituality. The "spirituality " is indeed a deep-rooted phenomenon within the artist's inner self, and the technique used to materialize the "unconscious" is more akin to that of the pioneers of the exploratory processes of early 20th century than to the contemporary practices on canvas. Using sawdust, ocher and dry plants on a base-colored canvas, he attempts to keep it as straightforward as possible. But when the original pigments of countless colors are added, the vividness and seemingly fragile gradations work to represent complexity in an attempt to launch out into the galaxy of images of the unconscious.

Getting there: Hankyu Oji-Koen stn., 8 min, walk, north
Open: 1:30-6:30pm, closed every Wed/Thu.
Admission: Free
Tel: 078-802-8822

Street Art in Africa:
A Color Commotion

Jun18 - Jul 9

Just by walking into the exhibition room, it is obvious the museum is offering an unfamiliar look at African culture. The curators ask viewers to put aside stereotypical images of the Dark Continent and embrace the living spirit in African art of the everyday. From there, the color, humor and craftsmanship of the varied designs speak volumes about the vitality and power of the culture itself. Many hand-carved sculptures are lined up. The exhibition collects more fascinating pieces of daily design ephemera from all over Africa. Of particular note are the full-size replicas of a café and a beauty salon plucked straight from a street in Cote d'Ivoire. Also memorable are cases made from commercial logo-covered tin sheets and some wildly psychedelic plastic buckets and bowls.

Museum of Ethnology
Inside Expo '70 Park. Subway Banpaku Kinen Koen stn.
Open: 10am-4:30pm Closed Wed.
Admission: ¥420/¥250/¥110
Tel: 06-6876-2151

Nhon Nguyen's solo exhibition

July 24-30

Nhon Nguyen's first solo exhibition in Osaka will be on July 24 running thru the 30th at Flou Gallery in Honmachi. Originally from Seattle, WA. USA, Nhon draws his influence from Hip Hop culture where the art of break-dancing plays a major theme in his paintings. His paintings capture the raw energy and power that is expressed in the break-dancing form. His background in skateboarding is also shown thru his work where his current body of painti-ngs include skaters showcasing their tech-nical skills against silhouetted city-scapes. There will be a live painting performance by Nhon accompanied by live music. Visit Nhon's website (www.lifelikedust.com) or Flou Gallery for more info.

Flou Gallery
Glad Bldg 2F, 1-8-21, Nishi-Honmachi,
Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0005
Tel/Fax: 06-6534-612


Kansai Art Listings JULY


Thru July 3
Suntory Museum, Tempozan
Raymond Savignac

July 15 - Aug 31
GUNDAM — Generating Futures
Subway chuo, Technoport line, Osaka-ko stn, exit 1.
Open: 10:30am-7pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥900/¥630/¥450
Tel: 06-6577-0001

Thru July 10
Osaka Municipal Museum of Art
National Treasures of Kohfukuji — From the Temple Revival of the Kamakura Period
JR/subway Tennoji stn.
Open: 9:30am-4:30pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥1,200/¥1,000
Tel: 06-6771-4874

July 12-19
Kaede Gallery
Romantic Organs Fumi Gyobu Printmaking Exhibition
Tani 6 Stn. Tanimachi line (exit 1)
Open: 12am-7pm, closed Mon Admission: Free
Tel: 06-6761-0388

July 14-24
Mebuki Cafe & Gallery
Tomoko Matsumoto Solo Show: Unexpected Pathos II
Etchings of old family photographs.
Yotsubashi-suji, Kita-horie.
Open: Weekdays, 10am-7:30pm. Weekend, 10am-8pm
Admission: Free
Tel/Fax: 06-6535-3443

July 16-August 6
Nomart Project Space, Cube & Loft
Young Artist Cultivation and Exhibition Project —
An exhibition by Mayumi Kimura
Chuo Line, Fukaebashi Stn, exit #1
Open: 11am-7pm, Sat: 1pm-7pm. Closed July 18. Admission: Free
Tel: 06-6967-1354

Thru July 18
Kokuritsu Kokusai Bijutsukan (National Museum of Art Osaka)
Stephan Balkenhol: Skulpturen und Reliefs
Yotsubashi line, Higobashi stn exit #3
Open: 10am-4pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥420/¥130/¥70

Thru July 18
Kirin Plaza Osaka
Her Projects — Memories of No One. Yurie Nagashima Exhibition and Miyamoto Katsuhiro Exhibition
Midosuji Line, Shinsaibashi stn.
Open: 11am-9pm
Admission: ¥500/¥300
Tel: 06-6212-6578

Thru July 29
DDD Gallery
Laboratoires CCCP = Dr. Peche + Melle Rose Exhibition
Nishi-Umeda stn or Higobashi stn.
Open: 10am-6pm Closed Saturday/Sunday/Holiday
Admission: Free
Tel: 06-6347-8780

Thru September 4
Museum of Oriental Ceramics Osaka
Masterpieces of Oriental Ceramics — Exhibition from Korea, Japan and China.
Midosuji line, Yodoyabashi Station
Open: 9:30am-4:30pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥500/¥300/free
Tel: 06-6223-0055


Thru July 3
Asahi Oyamazaki sanso Bijutsukan
Impressionist works displayed from the museum collection
JR Yamazaki/Hankyu Oyamazaki stn.
Open: 10am-4pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥700/¥500/free
Tel: 075-957-3123

Thru July 3
Kyoto National Museum
New Acquisitions
Forty newly purchased and three donated works of art on display.

July 16 - Aug 28
The Age of Sakamoto Ryoma
Keihan Shichijo Stn.
Open: 9:30am-5pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥420/¥130
Tel: 075-541-1151

July 5th-10th
Kyoto Nasic Square Gallery
YOUR HEART'S DESIRE — An exhibition of new prints by British artist Wuon-Gean Ho.
South of Karasuma Shichijo intersectioN. Near Kyoto Station.
Open 12-6pm everyday.
Admission: Free
Tel: 090-8468-5473

Thru July 10
Kyoto Kokuritsu Kindai Museum
Kamoda Shoji Exhibition
Keihan Shichijo stn. Okazaki Park
Open: 9:30am-4pm closed Monday
Admission: ¥1,200/¥900/¥600
Tel: 075-761-4111

Thru July 24
Hosomi Museum
Art of the Japanese Postcard
Tozai Subway line, Higashiyama stn. On the corner of Nijo-dori and river
Open: 10am-5:30pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥1,000/¥800
Tel: 075-752-5555

July 26 - Sept 4
The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto
Kobayashi Kokei Exhibition.
Sixty of his representative paintings.
From JR/Kintetsu Kyoto stn, take bus #5, get off at Kyoto-Kaikan-Bijyutsukan-mae.
Open: 9:30am-4:30pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥1,200/¥900/¥600
Tel: 075-561-4111


Thru July 10
Hyogo Prefectural Museum of History
Yoshitsune — The precious treasure of Gen-Ji, Hei-Shi, and Oshu Fujiwara-Shi.
JR/Sanyo Himeji stn.
Open: 10am-4pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥1,000/¥700/free
Tel: 0792-88-9011

Thru July 31
Hyogo Prefectural Museum
Gustave Moreau (1826-1898): French symbolist painter.
Hanshin Iwaya stn.
Open: 10am-5pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥1,300/¥900/¥500
Tel: 078-262-0901

July 9 - Aug 7
Nishinomiya-shi Otani Kinen Bijyutsukan
A Drop of Water: Eiji Okubo
Koroen stn.
Open: 10am-4:30pm, closed Wed
Admission: ¥500/¥300/¥200
Tel: 0798-33-0164

Jul 13-Aug 31
Himeji City Museum of Art
Special Exhibition for children and parents
JR/Sanyo Himeji stn;
Open: 10am-4:30pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥500/¥300/free
Tel: 0792-22-2288

Jul 9 - Oct 10
Kobe Shiritsu Hakubutsukan
Masterpieces of the Museum Island, Berlin — Visions of the Divine in the Sanctuary of Art
JR/Hankyu/Hanshin Sannomiya stn.
Open: 10am-4:30pm Closed Mon
Admission: ¥200/¥150/¥100
Tel: 078-391-0035


Thru Jul 10
Nara National Museum
The Buddhist Sculptors of Shukuin (Shukuin Busshi) —
Nara Buddhist Sculptors of the Warring States Period

Kintetsu Nara stn; inside Nara Park
Open: 9am-5pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥420/¥130/free
Tel: 0742-22-7771

Thru Jul 24
Nara Prefectural Museum
The museum collection exhibition focusing on Nara-related artists.
Kintetsu Nara stn.
Open: 9:30am-4:30pm, closed Mon
Admission: ¥400/¥250/¥150/free
Tel: 0742-23-3968

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