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JULY 2005
Issue 062

Movie Listening!

July 9-10 OSAKA

REMO, (record, expression and medium organization) is an alternative space focusing on moving images from different angles. Kyota Takahashi, Dai SOMA and PAAP come together to give several performances in this experimental media. Takahashi who picked up the grand prix of the Kirin Art Award for his large scale light installations will use his original visual equipment called Vision Scroller, to create an audiovisual performance of improvised images. The three piece band PAAP, also known as Radar will add the music and Dai SOMA from Tokyo, also known as Yudaya Jazz will present a technique using moving images.

REMO, 4F Festival Gate
Getting there: Midosuji, Dobutsuen-mae subway stn, Exit 5
Time: 20:00 • Entry: ¥1,500
Tel: 06-6634-7737

Suma Beach Party

July 16-17 KOBE

Suma Beach, the Kansai regions summer hotspot, is once again the host for the event of the summer. The fifth annual party at Suma Beach will be held on Saturday and Sunday July 16th and 17th. Fun in the Sun, Dan-cing, Singing, Mingling, Beaching, Bathing, Eating and Culturing! No-charge.
What began as an international cultural festival has blossomed into "The Event" of the summer beach season. Started by a group of Kobe City small business owners, the philosophy behind the party was to showcase the different talents and strengths of the multicultural community in our beloved city and have a lot of fun.
With the help of sponsors Smirnoff, Brastel, Alex salons, and several others including a collaborative effort from more Kobe small business owners last year, was a huge success and this year the venue is sure to double in attendance. The main attractions will be live music on both days from several bands, there will also be other ecclectic and intruiging acts as well that will be performed on a large outdoor stage located on the beach in front of the tranquil water. A large variety of international cuisine will help keep appetites under control. Throughout the day there are a host of DJs playing a mix of House, Latin, and Hip Hop, a crowd of over 2,000 each day is expected to dance the day and night away at Suma Beach!

The PARTY is a full service event, located outside Bar Rainbow on the Suma Boardwalk, Wakamiya-cho, 1-chome-on the beach, 078-732-9974.
Getting there: 15 minutes away from JR Sannomiya, west of the Suma Aquarium.
Tel: 078-393-3132

Queer Film Festival

July 23 - 24 OSAKA

The word queer, is being used here to describe people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transsexual. In other words anyone who is not one hundred percent heterosexual. Having said that, the festival, a showcase of international films related to sexuality and gender is open to everyone. The aim of the festival is to bring awareness and understanding of the diversity of sexual identity and lifestyle and it is also about people coming together, speaking up and enjoying themselves.

July 23

11:00 Opening
12:00 Touch of Pink (England/Canada) by Ian Iqbal Rashid
14:30 A selection of Japanese gay-themed short films selected by the Kansai staff. Followed by a discussion with a guest speaker
17:30 Butterfly (Hong Kong) by Yan Yan Mak
20:00 Slutty Summer (America) By Caspar Andreas

July 24

11:30 Being Normal (South Korea) by Choi Hyun-jung
13:00 Southern Comfort (America) by Kate Davis
15:00 Tying the Knot (America) by Jim deSève. Followed by a discussion
17:00 A selection of Japanese gay-themed short films selected by the Kansai staff.
19:30 Arisan! (Indonesia) by Nia Di Nata
*Non Japanese films will have Japanese subtitles, but only some films will have English subtitles.

HEP HALL, Hep Five 8F (Landmark is the red Ferris wheel)

Getting there: 3mins walk from Hankyu Umeda station
Entry: One film ¥1,400, ¥1,600 at the door • Three session pass ¥3,800 and Kansai Free Pass ¥8,000-¥10,000 (can only be bought in advanced)
Tel: 090-1156-3039

Alegría 2 — Cirque Du Soliel

Thru Sept. 25 OSAKA

Be dazzled by the astonishing acrobatics. Be amazed by the awe-inspiring aerial acts, the spectacular sets and eccentric characters dressed in flamboyant costumes. The circus has rolled into town, but this is no ordinary circus, this is Cirque Du Soliel, the brainchild of Canadian Guy Laliberté who had the vision back in 1984 to create an internationally renowned circus. A circus that over the years has thrilled, enchanted and entertained millions worldwide.

Cirque Du Soliel's Alegría, which means jubilation in Spanish, is a mood, a state of mind. The themes of the show are many — it is hymn to life and youth, power and the evolution from ancient monarchies to modern democracies. Against this backdrop many interesting characters play out their stories. Fleur, is our guide. Tamir is the magical fairy who appears when needed. Nostalgic old birds, nymphs and clowns all play an integral part in this world of fantasy and magic.

Main circus acts include, Power Track, a lively gymnastic routine reaching astounding height and speed, trapeze, the slack wire, the flying man whose virtuosity defies gravity and explanation and the Russian Bars, where acrobatic flyers are thrust into the air from single, double or triple bar. The musical score is by René Dupéré. Super Big Top entertainment. Not to be missed!

Nanko, New Big Top
Getting there: New Tram, Cosmo Square station
Entry: Adults ¥5,500, ¥9,000 & ¥11,500
• Children ¥3,500, ¥5,500 & ¥7,500 (12 years and under)
Tel: 06-6233-8890

Events compiled by Mylene Oishi

Kansai Event Listings June

Thru October 31
Light-up Promenade Nara
Click. Click. Click-click. Hoards of amateur photographers blend in with the pros to take pictures of the historically importa-nt structures, specially lit up in the eve-nings through the summer. World Heritage Sites, including Todaiji, Kofukuji temples and Kasuga shrine. A fantastic experi-ence to see Nara shining at night.
Nara city
Time: 19:00-22:00
Getting there: Nara Kintetsu station
Tel: 0742-22-1101 (Nara Tourism Division)

July 2
Dancing Tango Argentino
Maestro Jose Colangelo returns to Japan with his Dancing Tango Argentino. The tango is a sensual dance of passion and seduction. Watch the dancers burn the floor as they display split-second timing where legs dart in and around each other to the music of Colangelo.
Sayaka Hall, Osaka
Time: 14:00
Getting there: Osaka Sayama-shi station on the Nankai Koya line
Entry: ¥4,500, ¥5,000 at the door
Tel: 072-365-9590

July 3-28
Grand Kabuki
Day performances comprise of Greeting Kojo, Wisteria Maiden Fuji Musume and The Vendetta at Iga, Igagoe Dochu Sugo-roku. The evening performance is the Noda version of The Tragedy of Togitatsu Togitatsu no Utare, one of the three most famous vendetta stories of feudal Japan.
Osaka Shochikuza Theater
Getting there: Midosuji line, Namba station, exit 14
Time: 11:00 & 16:30
Entry: ¥6,300 ¥10,500 ¥21,000
Tel: 06-6214-2211

July 6
The Shiki Theatre Company presents the ballet, Ondine. The story of Prince Pale-mon, who falls in love with a mysterious girl who emerges from the fountain in his palace. Smitten, he elopes with her, but Ondine is a water sprite and the Lord of the Mediterranean Sea calls up a storm to part her and her new husband. But it doesn't end there ... if you want to know the ending, go and see the performance.
Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan Gejitsu Hall
Time: 18:30
Getting there: Yotsubashi stn, exit 2
Entry: ¥3,150 ¥5,250 ¥8,400
Tel: 06-4796-6600

July 18
Young women dressed in summer kimono (Yukata) will parade through this famous Osaka shopping street. A winner will be chosen and will receive the grand prize of a trip for two to Hawaii, in front of Daimaru department store. Street entertainment is also planned.
Start from Parco on Shinsaibaishi
Time: From 16:30 (about 45mins)
Getting there: Midosuji, Shinsaibashi stn

July 18
Summer Wine Festival
A chance for serious and amateur wine lovers to sample hundreds of wines from around the world. Admission price includes a chance to win some wonderful prizes and a special discounted room rate for those who want to stay the night.
Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers Hotel
Time: 12pm-8pm
Getting there: Island Center station, Kobe
Entry: ¥2,000, ¥2,500 at the door.
Tel: 078-857-7000
[email protected]

July 23
Noism 05
A bill of threes. Three dancers. Three choreographers. Italian born ballet dancer Alessio Silvestrin who has been a free-lance artist resident in Japan since 2003. Ryohei Kondo, founder of the contem-porary dance company, Condors and Ikuyo Kuroda who started learning ballet at the age of 6 make up this triple bill.
Theater BRAVA!
Time: 7pm
Getting there: Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi line, Osaka Business Park subway station
Entry: ¥6,800
Tel: 06-6233-8888

July 23-24
Summer Festival 2005
This center of performing arts presents interesting shows over two days. Free entertainment takes place in the lobby.
D'avant with Sasaha Waltz & Guests
July 23 at 7pm. July 24 at 2pm
Adults ¥4,000, Child ¥3,000
Live Painting & Talk Show by Koji Suzuki

July 23 & 24 . From afternoon to evening
"Mass, Slide & ." — Solo Dance Performance by Tsuyoshi Shirai
July 23 at 3pm. July 24 at 6pm. ¥2,500
Dance Picnic with various artists
July 23 at 5pm. July 24 at 4:30pm
Biwako Hall, Shiga
5mins from JR Otsu station
Tel: 077-523-7136

July 26 & 31
Meet The Promising Artists, 2005
Osaka Asian Art Festival presents two volumes of classical music concerts to introduce future promising stars to the world. Volume one, Masahiko Ohkochi, Kazuhiro Takagi and Hideomi Matsumura — July 26 at 7pm
Volume two, Keiko Kobayashi, Chikako Nakajima and Atsuko Kakioka — July 31 at 2pm
Izumi Hall, Osaka
Getting there: JR Osaka-jo Koen station
Entry: One concert ¥2,500
Both concers ¥4,000
Tel: 06-6944-1188

July 30
Canzone da Kobe VII
Derived from the Italian cantio, meaning singing, a canzone is an Italian or Pro-vençal song or ballad. Ten male singers will sing songs about love with titles such as, Passione, O paese do sole, Chitarra romana, accompanied by the piano and the mandolin.
Kobe Shinbun Matsukata Hall
Time: 19:00
Getting there: JR Kobe Station
Entry: ¥3,000
Tel: 078-362-7111

July 31
Summer Pops Concert
Conductor Sachio Fujioka conducts the Kansai Philpops Orchestra. Divided into two parts, the first part of the concert titled, Beautiful Bygone Days has music composed by Augusto D. Algureo and others. The second part comprises of movie scores such as, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Back to the Future.
The Symphony Hall, Osaka
Time: 2pm
Getting there: JR Fukushima station
Entry: ¥3,000 ¥4,000 & ¥5,000
Tel: 06-6453-6000

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