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AUG 2005
Issue 063

Akarenga Jazz Festival 2005

KYOTO Aug 6&7

New Orleans is best known as the home of jazz, but for two nights in Kyoto, a special stage is set up in the traditional red brick warehouse district where a jazz environment every bit as jumping as New Orleans is nurtured, a place where renowned musicians, domestic and international, can gather to perform.

Top billing on the 6th at this summer jazz festival is foreign vocalist Charito with her special group and drummer from Brazil. The quartet of Saori Yana who plays alto sax will perform on the 7th. Located near Maizuru harbour this liberally mixed summer festival with a wide range from nostalgic Dixieland acts to straight-ahead jazz combos will appeal to all music lovers and fun-loving people.

Maizuru Red Brick Building
(next to Maizuru-shi government office)
Time: 19:00
Getting there: 15mins walk from Higashi-Maizuru station on JR Maizuru line
Entry: Single ¥3,500. Two performances or two person ¥6,500
Tel: 0773-63-7710

Kamen Rider Super Live

Aug 12 OSAKA

In 1971 the first episode of Kamen Rider was aired on TV and has now become one of Japan's most popular series of super heroes. Created by Shotaro Ishinomori, Kamen Rider or Masked Rider has been through 20 different incarnations since it was born, unlike other TV series such as Doraemon where the storyline and character have remained unchanged.

Super heroes have always been a part of children's entertainment, these extraordinary beings with special powers and a strong sense of what is good and what is evil have always captured the imaginations of children (and adults). Although Kamen Rider is a live-action television program and not technically an anime (Japanese animation), having a comic book background and the fantastic nature of the series makes it a close relative of the animation genre. Fans of all ages will appreciate this live show. Watch the heroes battle the enemy right in front of your eyes!

Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan
Time: 10:00, 13:00 & 16:00 • Entry: ¥1,500 ¥3,000
Getting there: Yotsubashi station exit 2
Tel: 06-6532-6301

Asia Festival 2005

Aug 12-14 OSAKA

FM Cocolo(76.5) the multilingual radio station presents this festival for the second year running. Thirty thousand people attended the first event so you could say it is back by public demand. The keyword here is, Asia. There will be Asian ethnic music and pop artists from all over Asia will perform on the special stage. Over twenty food booths filled with delicious Asian foods and delicacies and all kinds of entertainment and events are planned over this three-day period.

“Communication, cooperation and love”, reads the logo of this radio station launched in 1995. Since then listeners have been entertained in Hindi, Singhalese, English, Japanese, Malaysian, Spanish, Urdu and other languages.

Shin-Umeda City Wonder Square
Time: 12th 17:00-22:00, 13th 12:00-22:00, 14th 12:00-21:00
Getting there: JR Osaka station • Entry: Free
Tel: 06-6615-7650

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

Aug 13 OSAKA

A musical based on the animation Futari wa Precure. Two schoolgirls comple-tely different from each other are thrown together when Mippuru and Meppuru, from the Garden of Light, which has been conquered by evil, endow them with special powers. They become Cure Black and Cure White magical defenders. Together they are Pretty Cure. A sequel to this anime currently being broadcast is, Futari wa Puricure Max Heart. The popularity of this anime is due to the super cute heroines who coolly battle evil. Good all-round family entertainment.

Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan
Time: 10:30. 13:30 & 16:30
Entry: ¥1,500 ¥3,000
Getting there: Yotsubashi station exit 2
Tel: 06-6532-6301

Events compiled by Mylene Oishi

Kansai Event Listings August

August 1
Hawaiian Hula Night
Aloha! In Hawaii, the hula is more than just dancing. The movements and gestures are steeped in the culture and history of this tropical island. This dinner show will transport you to Hawaii for the evening.
Hotel New Hankyu, Osaka
Time: Dinner 18:00-19:30,
Show 19:30-21:00
Getting there: Hankyu Umeda Station
Entry: Dinner show ¥12,000; ¥20,500 Dinner show and room for the night.
Tel: 06-6372-5101

August 4
A evening of traditional Japanese music. Kakujyo Nakagawa plays the biwa while Kono Kameyama plays the koto with Toru Fukuhara on the fue (Japanese flute), hence the title. To the musicology of Haruko Komoda.
The Phoenix Hall
Time: 19:00
Getting there: Kita Shinchi station
Entry: ¥3,000; Students ¥1,000
Tel: 06-6363-7999

August 6-7
Summer Festival 2005
Biwako Hall continues its summer festival with a weekend of interesting shows and performances. Free entertainment takes place in the lobby.

Mokutekichi performed by Chelfitsch
August 6th at 15:00 ¥2,500.
Dance Picnic with various artists
August 6th at 17:30, August 7th at 16:30. Free.
Kim Itoh and The Glorious Future
August 6th at 19:00. August 7th at 18:00. Adult ¥3,500, Under 25 ¥2,500
Medea —Performed by the Ku Na'uka Theatre Company
Inspired by bunraku puppet theater.
August 7th at 14:00, Adult ¥3,500 Under 25 ¥2,500.

Ticket for all performances on 6th ¥4,500 on 7th ¥5,000
Biwako Hall, Shiga
5mins from JR Otsu station
Tel: 077-523-7136

August 6-7
Be shocked by the excessive eros and violence in this musical performed by Kegawazoku. Bloodstained characters and slaughter on stage. Has been described as vulgar, yet this group has a huge following.
IMP Hall, Osaka
Time, admission to be announced.
Getting there: Osaka Business Park subway station
Tel: 03-3467-2793 (Kegawazoku)

August 6-20
The annual High School Baseball Championship Tournament, which has nearly the whole of Japan glued to the TV. Koshien Stadium is the home ground of Hanshin Tigers, but, in August, it draws almost one million spectators who turn out to watch the playoffs between the 49 regional finalists that survived local tournaments. This event gets full radio and TV coverage but a visit to the stadium is a must for the real experience.
Hanshin Koshien Stadium, Hyogo
Opening ceremony: August 6 at 9:00.
Time: From 8:30 daily
Getting there: Koshien station on the Hanshin line.
Admission: Gaya seats are free.
Tickets: From ¥500.
Tel: 06-6201-8220

August 7-10
Gojo Pottery Festival
A massive outdoor ceramic event that takes place on the two streets leading up to the temple. This festival offers some of the best ceramic shopping in Kyoto with a large amount of mass-produced table-ware from areas like Arita and Mino.
Both sides of Gojo Street between the Kamogawa River and Higashioji.
Time: 7:00-19:00
Getting there: Gojo Station on the Keihan Subway Line. Bus from Kyoto to Gojozaka
Tel: 075-541-1161

August 11-14
"The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow ... " Seems like the sun keeps shining on this Broadway musical and stage play of the little orphan girl with a mop of red curly hair, Annie. A Japanese cast will perform this lovable musical with the unforgettable line: “I don't believe in miracles, I depend on them”.
Theater Drama City
Time: 11th at 17:00. Other days at 11:00 & 15:30
Getting there: Hankyu Umeda Station
Entry: ¥8,000
Tel: 06-6233-8887

August 13-14
Powder Technology Summer Sonic
Organized by the Summer Sonic 05 Office, this is a rock festival featuring both Japanese and foreign artists. Duran Duran, Echo and the Bunnymen and many others will perform on of the five stages. The Open Air Stage, Mountain Stage, Sonic Stage, Rock/Urban Stage or the new Aqua Stage.
Intex Osaka
Time: 11:00-21:00
Getting there: Cosmos Square station
Entry: 1-day ¥13,000, 2-day ¥24,000
Tel: 06-6233-8888

August 18-19
International Summer School
Stuck for something to do with the kids. One night, two days of fun filled activities for children and parents.
Former Todai-ji School, Nara
Tel: 0742-20-5027 / 090-1592-5613
(Tue-Sat 13:00-18:00)

August 20-21
Goldfish Catching Contest
Yamato-koriyama is a city famous for goldfish. Each year Kingyo Sukui is held, a contest to see how many goldfish can be taken from the water and placed into a bucket using a scoop made of paper with a plastic rim. My best is three, but those who reach top ranking can fill the small bucket. This contest will decide who is the nation's champion goldfish scooper.
Koriyama-shi Sogo Koen (In the gym)
On 20th from 8:30. On 21st from 9:00.
Admission: Free
Getting there: On 21st there will be a shuttle bus from Koriyama JR/Kintetsu.
Tel: 0743-53-1151

August 24-28
Didier Theron
French choreographer, Theron is known as a solo performer, but here he will team up with Monochrome Circus, a contem-porary dance company. He will also have dance workshops over two days.

Kyoto Geijutsu Center
August 24-25 dance Workshop ¥5,000
August 26 performance at 19:30
August 27 at 18:00 & 28th at 14:00
Getting there: Shijo subway station
Tel: 075-213-1000

Opening of Riverside Restaurant Balconies
More than 80 restaurants, bars, inns and other establishments set up balconies over the canal. Many places are open at lunch-time. A refreshing way to dine or have a drink with the river flowing below.
On the west bank of the Kamo River, between Nijo Street and Gojo Street
Tel: 075-351-7871 (Ogai Preservation Society)

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