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KS Cover no. 71 2006 April

APR 2006 :: 071


Match — Projections On The Move

KYOTO Apr 1-2

Photo: Timo Schierhorn

The choreography, direction, text, video concept and video direction of Match, is the work of German born, Jan Pusch. It's a series of three works in which the possibilities of merging movement, video, language and sound are explored. This is a dance duet. A video is shown on a large screen while dancers dance on stage, matching their movement with their video counterpart. This new innovative dance has been des-cribed as, 'Confronting imagination with reality, image with substanti-ality, the true motivations and visions of a well known bilateral policy of relations'. Set to the music and sound design of Beat Halberschmidt.

Kyoto-Furitsu Fumin Hall ALTI
Time: 1st at 7pm. 2nd at 3pm
Getting there: Karasuma line, Imadegawa stn
Admission: ¥4,000. ¥4,500 at the door
Tel: 075 211 7140

POP Circus

OSAKA Throu May 7

Although pop music is played during the show, POP here is the abbreviation for, Pursuit of Pleasure, the name of this new circus that was established in 1996. Some thirty international performers have come together to amaze and thrill with their skilful and unique acts. Chinese acrobats from Inner Mongolia, comical clowns, a dog act featuring poodles and the death-defying Pop Circus Flyers, masters of the trapeze and five-time gold medal winners at the prestigious Monte Carlo Circus Festival, are just some of the dynamic acts in the line-up. No hard bench seats here. Chairs with back fill this 46m illuminated big top, which has been designed for comfort and easy viewing.

Big Tent, World Trade Center Mae
Time: Sat-Sun 10:30am,1pm & 3:30pm. Mon-Fri 11am & 2pm. Closed Wed.
Getting there: Cosmos Sq stn, 18mins walk
Admission: Adult ¥2,200 At the door ¥2,500. Child ¥1,200 At the door ¥1,500
Tel: 06 4703 1170

Food and Table Coordinate Fair

OSAKA Apr 8-10

Cooking used to be seen as a hobby, but Japan's ever-growing love for fine dining makes the culinary arts one of the fastest growing professional fields. Many well-known chefs, restaurateurs, cooking academy teachers and lecturers will participate at this fair. Master of French cuisine, Yoshinori Fujimoto will demonstrate how to cook a French dish and the audi-ence will be invited to sample his platter. In fact, there will be many cooking demonstrations, many tastings and many prizes to be given away. A market plaza is open on the third floor with the focus on healthy food and a panel discussion with ABC announcer Makato Ashidawa will take place on the first day, at 10:30am.

Osaka Sangyo Sozo-Kan 3&4F
Time: 10am-6pm.
Getting there: Sakai Tsuji subway, Sakai City Honmachi stn
Admission: ¥1,000. At the door ¥1,200
Tel: 072 261 2463

Earth Day

NARA Apr 23

A day for all of us to think about the environment and the urgent need to take concrete steps to protect our planet. Many groups have come together to express their concern about what is happening to the land, rivers and lakes around us. They stand united in promoting ideas that educate the consumer and that send a clear message to governments and corporations to accelerate progress in protecting the planet.

On this day, in celebration of the Earth, there will be a live band, Korean dancing and wadaiko, the Japanese drums. Energy-saving devices will be on display, plus there will be a demonstration of how to cook fried eggs on a unique solar-powered cooker. Many attractions and activities are planned on the day such as, Joseph Cornell's game, Sharing Nature with Children, which will be played outdoors.

Heijyo Kyuseki Shiryokan Kodo & Shiryo-kan Mae
Time: 10am-4pm
Getting there: Kintetsu line, Saidaiji stn, 10mins walk east
Tel: 0742 30 5755

Events compiled by Mylene Oishi

Kansai Event Listings April

From Apr 1

Opening of OCAT Rooftop Garden
In the middle of busy Namba, this rooftop garden offers a quiet, peaceful haven. A great place to relax with the fragrance of rosemary, lavender and the other herbs that are grown here. Open until November.
OCAT Building
Time: 11am-5pm
Getting there: JR/Kintetsu/Subway Namba stn
Admission: ¥100. Children free
Tel: 06 6635 3000

Apr 1-23

Bunraku Puppet Show
Historical epics are played out with these life-size dolls that have no strings. The dolls movements are controlled by three men. This is a two-part program consisting of Kotobuki-hashiradate-manzai and others in the first part and Sugawara-denjyu-tenaraikagami in the second half.

The National Bunraku Theatre
Time: 11am & 4pm. Closed on 12th
Getting there: Kintetsu line, Nippponbashi stn. Exit 7
Admission: 1st class ¥5,800. Students ¥4,100. 2nd class ¥2,300
Tel: 06 6212 2531

Apr 1-30

Cherry Blossom Dance
There are many spring dances performed throughout the cherry blossom season, but Miyako Odori is the most famous with the Geiko and Maiko (Geisha and trainee geisha) of Gion performing grace-ful dances to the accompaniment of traditional instruments such as the koto.
Gion Koubu Daurenjo, Kyoto
Time: 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm, 4:40pm
Getting there: Keihan line, Shijyo stn or Hankyu line, Kawaramachi stn
Admission: ¥4,300 to include tea ceremony. ¥3,800 First class. ¥1,900 Second class
Tel: 075 541 3391

Apr 2

Yoga in the Park
Experience yoga in the great outdoors. Hatha yoga and Hollywood yoga are just two of the kinds of yoga that will be taught by an experienced teacher from England. A natural way to relax. All welcome, admission free.
Nakatsu Chuo Park
Time: 1pm-4pm (In case of rain, on 9th)
Getting there: Hankyu line, Nakatsu stn
Tel: 06 6377 0628

Apr 2

All Beethoven Program, Piano
Pianist, Freddy Kempf from London will perform three pieces by Beethoven. Moonlight Sonata, Appassionata Sonata Op. 57 and Hammerklavier Sonata.
The Symphony Hall, Osaka
Time: 2pm
Getting there: JR line, Fukushima stn
Admission: ¥1,000-¥4,000
Tel: 06 6453 6000

Apr 8

Aida Gomez
This dance company from Spain will perform, Iberia, a series of dances directed by Carlos Saura. Plus Aida Gomez's own rendition of Carmen.
Festival Hall, Osaka
Time: 2pm
Getting there: Yotsubashi subway line, Higobashi stn
Admission: ¥5,000-¥6,000
Tel: 06 6233 8888

Apr 8-9

Grand Tea Ceremony
Known as Spring Ochamori, this is essen- tially a tea ceremony using a large tea bowl 30cm in diameter and 7kg in weight. Two or three people hold the bowl while one person takes a drink. The tea is pre-pared by the priests using a large tea whisk 35cm in length.
Komyoden of Saidaiji temple, Nara
Time: 10am-4pm
Getting there: Kintetsu line, Yamato Saidai-ji stn, south exit
Admission: ¥4,000
Tel: 0742 45 4700

Apr 8-9

Osaka Citizens' Regatta
A spring sports festival in this city of rivers. Many regatta races take place, including 'eight,' the most popular speed-racing regatta. From Genpachi-bashi to Sakuranomiya-bashi. Regetta races start in the mornings around 9am.
Okawa river
Time: Eight race starts 1pm on 8th,
4pm on 9th
Getting there: JR line, Sakuranomiya stn
Tel: 06 6615 0907

Apr 20-22

Barrier-Free 2006
Free admission to this event introducing welfare equipment and products aimed at creating a comfortable lifestyle for seniors and the handicapped. Organized by the Barrier-Free Executive Committee.
Intex Osaka
Time: 10am-5pm
Getting there: Subway Chuo line, Cosmos Square stn
Tel: 06 6267 8213

Apr 21

Mibu Kyogen
Designated as an important intangible folk cultural asset, this is a unique Buddhism-based pantomime. Kyogen plays usually depict the everyday life of normal people in medieval times and always involves humorous incidents.
This particular play was advocated by
the priest Engaku.
Mibudera temple, Kyoto
Getting there: Karasuma line, Shijo stn
Time: From 1pm. Admission: ¥800
Tel: 075 841 3381

Apr 22

Classical Russian
Osaka born female conductor, Tomomi Nishimoto will conduct the Hyogo Perfor-ming Arts Center Orchestra for an evening of Russian classical music. The program includes, Overture, op.96 and Symphony No.5 in D minor of D. Shostakovich and S. Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije.
Hyogo Performing Arts Center
Time: 3pm
Getting there: Hankyu line, Nishinomiya Kitaguchi stn
Admission: ¥1,000-¥4,000
Tel: 0798 68 0255

Apr 22

An ideal option to celebrate the Art Day in Japan with Japanese and international community. There will be lots interactive shows and performances of Japanese drums, African drums and digeridoo, live music and live painting, skating, conte-mporary video art, and much more with yummy food on house.
NAMURA SHIPYARD blackchamber
Time: 8:08pm-05:03am
Getting there: Yotsubashi line, Kitakagaya stn Osaka
Admission: ¥2,000
Tel: 06 4702 7085 / 080 3792 1957

Apr 22-24

Infiorata, is an Italian word that means, flower carpet. Huge design patterns are created on the streets using flower petals. This European tradition was first introdu-ced in Kobe after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake to encourage citizens and to promote landscaping of towns.
All are welcome to participate!
Sannomiya Higashi, Kobe City
Time: To be advised
Getting there: JR/Hankyu or Hanshin line, Sannomiya stn
Tel: 078 303 1010


Spiritual Voice 2006
Hiroyuki Ehara, is said to have had psychic abilities since he was a child. Entertain-ment in the form of Ehara offering advice to those with problems. Known for his down-to-earth friendliness and openness, he appears frequently on TV programs and radio talk shows.
Theater Dramatic
Time: 27th & 28th at 6:30pm.
29th at 5pm & 30th at 3pm
Getting there: JR/Hankyu line, Osaka stn
Admission: ¥7,500
Tel: 06 6233 8888

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