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KS Cover no. 72 2006 May

MAY 2006 :: 072



The French cat meets Mike-neko! Femfatal, the one and only all-female-party-crew in Osaka, will welcome Miss Kittin to make the night even more sexy. Although she has been djing and making tracks of her own for a few years now, this sexy cat's musical career really took off when she and The Hacker recorded Frank Sinatra for the famous International DJ Gigolo label owned by Mr.Electroclash aka DJ Hell. She also collaborated with Felix da Housecat, Steve Bug, and Golden-boy as a singer and then, inspired by Sven Vath, she moved to Berlin, where she has since concentrated on her DJing and started seeking out cool, new talent as an A&R at Mute Records. Her playing style is as unique and diverse as her figure while Miss Kittin herself explains it as “minimal, deep, kicking techno, mixed with funny leftfield tunes, classics, electro, no matter what it is”. She loves what she does, which evident from her happy-go-lucky style behind the decks!



Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Nathan Fake from the middle of nowhere in England. This reserved boy loved M83 and Boards of Canada and enjoyed playing and writing music too. When he turned 22 years old, he met another quiet music enthusiast called James Holden and they really hit it off. James happened to have his own label Border Community and Nathan also happened to finish a new song titled Outhouse. One day the sky was really pink and Nathan wrote a song about it. His dear friend James simply loved the tune and remixed it. Nathan continued to create numerous numbers for different labels such as SAW recordings and Traum Schallplatten but he decided to release his memorable debut album Drowning In A Sea of Love through Border Community. He expresses his love of music via his tremendously beautiful songs with his laptop computer. Come and feel Nathan's truly pure sound -— this guy is no fake. Highly recommended to all music fans from electric music lovers to rock enthusiasts.

6/2(FRI) 11:00PM @ CLUB KARMA

Club Listings May

1 Mon

KERO ONE JPN TOUR @ TRIANGLE. Nu jazz/Nu soul/Hip hop. GUEST LIVE: Kero One with DJ King Most (from CA). DJs: Taiji, M-Rock. 10:00pm. 2,000/1D.

2 Tue

ULTRA PUMPIN' @ SAZAE. Hard dance. DJs: Yoji Biomehanika, Remo-con. 8:00pm. ¥4,000/1D.
SUPER WICKED! @ UNDER LOUNGE. House. GUEST DJ: Bob Sinclar. DJs: R(e'rre) del Mondo. ¥3,500/1D(WF: ¥3,000/1D).
LEGEND SPECIAL @ GRAND CAFE. House. GUEST DJ: Alex From Tokyo. DJs: Yoku, Ageishi, Toshibo. 8:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
PLAY ROOM @ TRIANGLE. Techno. DJs: Yuuki Shimahuji, Mou, Shine, Yuri, KK. 10:00pm. ¥2,000/1D (WF:¥1,500/1D).
KERO ONE JPN TOUR @ METRO. Nu jazz/Nu soul/Broken beats. GUEST LIVE: Kero One with DJ King Most (from CA), Ulticut Ups!. DJ: Soul-tag Selective. 10:00pm. ¥3,500/1D (ADV:¥3,000/1D).
ONE LOVE supported by GRAND CAFE @ WORLD. Reggae. SOUND: Hiroto Da Yankee, K.S.Sound with Hi-rank. 10:00pm. M:¥2,500/1D, W:¥2,000/ 1D(¥1,000 off before midnight).

3 Wed

BREAKS 3rd ANNI. SPECIAL @ GRAND CAFE. Breaks/House. GUEST DJ: Santos. DJs: Mizuta, Tuttle, Yohei Yamamoto, Kenji Marui, Sugimoto. 8:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.
NEW MAPS OF HYPERSPACE @ ZEPP OSAKA. Psy-trance. LIVE: GMS. DJs: Raja Ram, Dimitri D.K.N, Isao & Takashi. 10:00pm. ¥6,500 (ADV: ¥5,500). INFO: www.solstice23.com.
UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE JPN TOUR @ METRO. Techno. LIVE: Inter-stellar Fugitives. DJs: Suburbank Knight aka James Penington, S2 aka Santiago Salazar, Dex aka Nomadico. 11:00pm. ¥5,000/1D (ADV:¥4,000/1D).
DRUM&BASS MOVEMENT @ TRIAN-GLE. D'n'B. GUEST DJ: D-Biridge(from UK). DJs: Aki, Toyo, Speed. 8:00pm. ¥2,500/1D(¥1,500/1D before 11pm).
PUBLIC CAFE GW SPECIAL @ NOON. Rock/Pop. DJs: Aoyama, Nakamura. 9:00pm. ¥2,500/1D(WF:¥2,000/1D).
DIAMOND TRAXX TOUR @ LAB.TRIBE. House/Crossover. GUEST DJ: Benjamin Diamond & Benjamin Morando (from FR). DJs: Takahiro Takahashi, Lala, Kazuma-m. 11:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.

4 Thu

DERRICK MAY JPN TOUR @ WORLD. Techno. GUEST DJ: Derrick May. DJs: TBA. ¥3,500/1D(ADV:¥3,000/1D).
MUZIK @ TRIANGLE. Break beats. GUEST DJ: Soul of Man (from UK). DJs: Duck Rock, Shin, Zin, Kenji Marui + more. 10:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.
LAGA STADIUM @ SAZAE. Reggae. SOUND: M.L.S., Delight, Fire Dance, Feel good. 8:00pm. ¥2,500/2D (ladies FREE before 11:00pm).
SMILE @ ZING. House. DJs: Katz, Natural, Tokosaburo, Yoichi Koyama, Ge-hi Mania. 10:00pm. ¥2,000/1D.

5 Fri

PAUL VAN DYK JPN TOUR @ UNDER LOUNGE. Trance/Progressive house, GUEST DJ: Paul Van Dyk (from Germ-any). DJs: Ko-Matsushima, Ken-Gee. 10:00pm. ¥4,000/1D (A:¥3,500/1D).
X-PRESS2 JPN TOUR @ SAZAE. House. GUEST DJ: X-press2. DJs: Mizuta, Tact, Kenji Marui, Tuda. 8:00pm. ¥3,500/1D.
MOODYMAN JPN TOUR @ GRAND CAFE. House. GUEST DJ: Moodyman (exclusive DJ Set). DJ: Koma. 8:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.
DJ KRUSH JPN TOUR @ ROCKETS. Abstract/Techno. GUEST DJ: Krush. DJs: Kihira Naoki, Wessun, Kazuma, + more. 11:30pm. ¥3,000/1D (WF:¥2,500/1D).
Hip hop. GUEST LIVE: Five Deez (from US). GUEST DJs: Fat Jon, Pase Rock. DJs: Shinya, Toshi, Kyohey. 10:00pm. ¥3,500/1D(ADV:¥3,000/1D).
LOVE GROCER JPN TOUR @ NOON. Dub. LIVE: Love Grocer (from UK), COmpsticks, Echo Mountain. DJs: Okimura, Akio Nagase, Kamon. 10:00pm. ¥4,000/1D.
BEAT POINT @ KARMA. D'n'B. DJs: FU1, Nari aka Future Lion, Yui, Kom + more. 11:00pm. ¥2,000/1D.
ESSENTIAL @ WORLD. Hip hop/ Reggae. REGULARs: Sancon, Danbo, 2g RICE. 10:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.
NIGHTLIFE @ LAB.TRIBE. D'n'B. GUEST DJs: D-Bridge(From UK), Aki. DJs: Takeshi, Tsutsui, Massive, Sara, Aso + more. 10:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.

6 Sat

REFLEX @ UNDER LOUNGE. Techno. GUET DJ: Bad Boy Bill. LIVE: Table Manners! DJs: Y.Matsuoka, Astro. 8:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.
BPITCH CONTOL JPN TOUR @ CANDY. Techno. GUEST DJs: Ellen Allien, Mode Selektor, Tomas Andersoon. ¥TBA.
BALADA BRASILEIRA @ TRIANGLE. Brazillian/House. DJs: Rodriguinho, Jandy, Oennis. 10:00pm. M:¥2,500/ 1D, W:¥2,000/1D.
LAB.TRIBE 1st ANNI. SPECIAL Vol.1 DEEP FLOW SPECIAL — JOE CLAU-SSELL JPN TOUR @ LAB.TRIBE. House. GUEST DJ: Joe Claussell(from NYC). DJs: Ban, Kazunari,, Masayaan. 9:00pm. ¥3,000/1D (A:¥2,500/1D).
DISCOVERY @ SAZAE. All mix. DJs: Nishikawa, Tsune. 10pm.¥2,500/1D.
BOSSA NOVA UNDERGROUND @ NOON. House/Bossa Nova. LIVE: Asa Festoon, Hello! Appricotty + more. DJs: Sakurai, Iwase, YOshino, Chiaki. 9:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
SUNSHINE KAKE @ KARMA. House. GUEST DJ: Emma. DJs: Bluetreexxx, Naoto, Hide Man + more. 11:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
RHAPSODY @ ZING. House/Techno. DJs: Ageishi, Keiji Shimazaki, Sachiko, Shirakawa. ¥2,000/1D, WF ¥1,800/1D
VITAL 45 @ METRO. Dancehall Regg-ae. LIVE: Taizo (from Ketsume ishi), Monkey-Ken, Hot Signal, G-Man. ACTs: UJ, Toh, Hotosignal, Ryu-ki. 10:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
GOLDEN STAFF NIGHT @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHORIBASHI. All mix. Open till 8am. DJs: Tatsuhiko Fuji, Masamitsu, Beans + more. 9:00pm. M:¥2,000/ 2D, W:¥1,000/1D.

7 Sun

CHAYAMACHI RAVE @ SAZAE. All mix. Weekly event. DJs: Gws., Gws-pro. 8:00pm. M:¥2,500/2D, W:¥FREE.
ONE LOVE @ GRAND CAFE. Reggae. Weekly event. DJ: Hiroto Da Yankee. 10:00pm. ¥2,000/1D.
SOULFREE @ UNDER LOUNGE. Hip hop. Weekly event. DJs: Minami, Ben-kei, Kaz001. 10:00pm. ¥2,500/2D.

12 Fri

IAN O'BRIEN JPN TOUR @ NOON. Techno. GUEST DJ: Ian O'Brien(from UK). LIVE: Dol-lop. DJs: Kazuma, Coff-ee. 9:00pm. ¥3,000/1D (ADV: ¥2,500 /1D + mix CD, WF:¥2,500/1D).
GLOBAL NIGHT CLUBBING @ ROCK-ETS. Hard dance/Techno. DJs: Nick Sentience, Ed Real, Energy Dai, Faster, Atsuji, Hajime Matsumura. 11:00pm. ¥3,500/1D(ADV:¥2,500/1D).
Hip hop/R&B. DJs: George, Getaku.
DRUM'N'BASS NIGHT @ TRIANGLE. D'n'B. DJs: Akane, Masashi. ¥2,500/1D
HURA-HOOP @ SAZAE. Hard dance. GUEST DJ: Monobe. DJs: Co-hey, F.Gotoh. 8:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
DISCOTIQUE GOLD @ WORLD. Disco. DJs: Atsushi Otsuki, Misa, M-Chin, Gen-Chin + more. 10:00pm. M:¥2,500 /1D, W:¥2,000/1D.
SECOND ROYAL @ METRO. Break beats/Rock. LIVE: Harvard, Rufus. DJs: Takahiro Takahashi, Morino, Kozakai +. 10:00pm. ¥2,300/1D.
TOP DOG @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All mix. Hot dog eating contest. 7:00pm. M:¥2,000/2D, W:¥1,000/1D.

13 Sat

FOR PARADISE @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. DJs: Tokusaburo, Ge-hi Mania, Kenichi Kotani, Megumi. 8:00pm. ¥2,000/1D.
DANCE! @ ZING. Psy-trance. DJs: Buzz, Q, Ru-ra, Kz + more. 10:00pm. ¥2,000/1D(WF ¥1,500/1D).
HARLEM-HI @ TRIANGLE. Psy-trance. DJs: Hiro, Keko, Taisei, Halka. 10:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
SUPER SONIC @ SAZAE. All mix. DJs: Gws., Gws Pro DJs. 8:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
PUBLIC CAFE @ NOON. Rock/Pop. DJs: Aoyama, Nakamura. 9:00pm. ¥2,500/1D(WF:¥2,000/1D).
VIVID ROOM @ KARMA. House/DQ show. DJs: Kaoru, Ota. 10:00pm. ¥2,000/1D.
DJs: Tatsuhiko Fuji + more. 9:00pm. M:¥2,000/2D, W:¥1,000/1D.

19 Fri

LINE @ SAZAE. Progressive house/ House. GUET DJ: John Kelly (from UK). DJs: Yashima, Dimitri, Milk Bro. 8:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.
HOUSE FUSION @ GRAND CAFE. House/Garage. GUEST DJ: Timmy Regisford. DJs: Daisuke, Ackin', Masaki. 8:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.
FREE TEMPO NEW ALBUM RELEASE TOUR @ WORLD. House/Jazz. GUEST DJs: Coldfeet, Free Tempo, Ram Rider 10:00pm. ¥3,500/1D(A:¥3,000/1D).
DAIEL WANG JPN TOUR @ METRO. Disco Dub/House. GUEST DJ: Daniel Wang(from Berlin). DJs: Mamezuka, Tan Ikeda, Ban. ¥3,000/1D.
KEMISTORY FOREVER @ TRIANGLE. D'n'B. GUEST DJ: Strome feat MC Rage. DJs: Toyo. 10pm. ¥3,000/1D.
GOLDEN EGGS @ ZING. Reggae/ Dance show. DJs: Make Love Sound, George, Feel Good + more. 9:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
AREA CODE 075 @ LAB.TRIBE. Hip hop. DJs: Kirist, D's + more. 10:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
GIRLS NIGHT OUT @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All mix. All female bar staff on hand to cater to your every need. Come and be pampered!! 7:00pm. M:¥2,000/2D, W:¥1,000/1D.

20 Sat

WEST @ ZING. Progressive house. DJs: Yashima, Shogi, Togawa, Ian, Nogami. 10:00pm. ¥2,500/1D (WF:¥2,000/1D).
LUG presents ELECTRO BODY MUSIC 06 @ BAR YU-HI. Techno/ Electro. DJs: Kotaro, Tez, Luke Le Mans, Shuhei, Shingo. 11:00pm. ¥2,000 (WF:¥1,500). INFO: 06-6244-0032.
TWILIGHT WORLD @ GRAND CAFE. Ibiza house. DJs: Mitomi Tokoto, GWS. 8:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
SOCIAL INFECTION @ NOON. Techno. DJs: Kihira Naoki, Ooshima Shigeru. 10:00pm. ¥TBA.
DISCOVERY @ SAZAE. All mix. DJs: Nishikawa, Tsune. 10pm. ¥2,500/1D.
NYRON @ KARMA. House. LIVE: Ram Rider, Coldfeet, Neon, Mashmans. DJs: Hiroshi Nakamura. 10:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
FEARLESS @ WORLD. House. GUEST DJs: Mondo Grosso aka Shinichi Osawa, Vanne. DJs: Kitagawa, Oguni. 10:00pm. ¥3,500/1D.
COOL TO KOOL @ METRO. Future jazz. GUEST DJs: Ayako Nakamoto, Kawasaki. DJs: Yoshiharu Okino, Kenji Sakajiri. 10:00pm. ¥2,000/1D.
RAVERS UNITED @ LAB.TRIBE. Rave sound. GUEST LIVE: Cycheouts G, 4wolves. DJs: Horn, Ya-chi, Rftc + more. 10:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
SEXXXY SATURDAY @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All mix. Flair&extreme bartending showtimes throughout the night, drinking games, prizes, laybacks, and craziness guaranteed! 7:00pm. M:¥2,000/2D, W:¥1,000/1D.
HAWAII 5-0 @ SAM&DAVE NAGAHO-RIBASHI. All mix. Wett-shirts contest. DJs: Tatsuhiko Fuji. 9:00pm. M:¥2,000/2D, W:¥1,000/1D.

26 Fri

FATBOY SLIM @ ZEPP OSAKA. House. LIVE: Fatboy Slim, Cagedbaby, zzz. 10:00pm. ADV:¥7,000. INFO: www.smashwest.com.
POST OR DRY @ LAB.TRIBE. Techno /Electronica. GUEST LIVE: Andreas Tilliander. LIVE: PsysEx. DJs: Tsukasa, A.I. + more. 10:00pm. ¥3,500/1D.
OSAKA SAFARI @ GRAND CAFE. Hip hop/R&B. DJs: George, Getaku.
CYCLON @ SAZAE. Techno. GUEST DJ: Uiroh. DJs: Nishito, Koo, Yashima. 8:00pm. ¥2,500/1D.
PLAY ROOM @ TRIANGLE. Techno. DJs: Yuuki Shimahuji, Mou, Shine, Yuri, KK. 10:00pm. ¥2,000/1D (WF:¥1,500/1D).
XXXTRAVAGANZA @ ZING. Break beats/House. DJs: Koji "pommer" Tanaka, Moody Kitamura. 10:00pm. ¥2,000/1D(WF ¥1,500/1D).
CLUB SNOOZER @ KARMA. Rock. DJs: Soichiro Tanaka, Kohara. 11:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.
SAYONSE @ WORLD. Reggae. GUEST SOUND: Sun Set, Indipendent. SOUND: Bass Green, Jam Field, Thunder Head. 10:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.
LADIES NITE @ SAM&DAVE UMEDA. All mix. Special menu for the ladies and Go Go Boy Yusuke. M:¥2,000/ 2D, W:¥1,000/1D + much more!!

27 Sat

LAB.TRIBE 1st ANNI. SPECIAL Vol.2 WE WANT YOUR SOUL @ LAB. TRIBE. All mix. DJs: Lab. Tribe all stars. 9:00pm. ¥2,000/1D.
BANQUET @ GRAND CAFE. House/ Garage. DJ: Orienta Rhythm. 8:00pm. ¥2,000/1D.
PUBLIC CAFE @ NOON. Rock/Pop. DJs: Aoyama, Nakamura. 9:00pm. ¥2,500/1D(WF:¥2,000/1D).
READYMADE WEEKEND @ KARMA. House. DJs: Yasuhiro Konishi, Groove Anchan, Orange Records Crew + special guest. 10:00pm. ¥2,800/1D.
VISION @ LAB.TRIBE. House. DJs: Oshima, Tomomi, Evi, Atsushi Matsu-moto. 10:00pm. ¥2,000/1D.
ESSENTIAL @ WORLD. Hip hop/ Reggae. REGULARs: Sancon, Danbo, 2gRice. 10:00pm. ¥3,000/1D.

KS club section compiled by Terumi Tsuji

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