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KS Cover no. 73 2006 June

JULY 2006 :: 074

Maurice Bejart Bellt —
Bellt for Life

Jul 1

Festival Hall, Osaka

This stage sensation stage has come back to Japan after two years! This ballet is a fusion of legendary rock group Queen with Mozart‘s music created by modern virtuoso choreographer, Maurice Bejart.

He produced Ballet for Life in 1997 to honour Queen’s vocalist, Freddie Mercury and prominent dancer, Jorge Donn, distinguished for Bolero. Both had charisma, both attracted lots of enthusiastic fans during the same period, and died ata young age around the same time. Maurice Bejart couldn’t help finding a lot in common between them and seeks to express this through the ballet. During popular songs like‘Bohemian Rhapsody', ‘I was born to love you’, ‘Radio Ga Ga’, dancers jump and step passionately as if to express joy of the lives of Freddie Mercury and Jorge Donn. Meanwhile, in the Mozart music scene, disease, death and heaven are associated, which may mean worship of Freddie Mercury and Jorge Donn.

Time: 7pm
Getting there: Subway Yotsubashi line, Higobashi stn, Exit 4
Admission: ¥4,000–¥18,000
Tel: 06-6231-2221

Asia Nail Festival in Osaka

Jul 11

Hall 4, INTEX Osaka

The event includes the All Japan Nailist competition, a nail trade show, nailing classes, a “naitiful” contest, the art chip award, and more.

There are many kinds of competitions, such as the professional section, free section, junior section, and student section. Twenty-two companies are planning to take part in this nail trade show. As for nailing classes, you can take a lecture selected from 10 nail companies. “Natiful”— an invented word that combines “Nail” with “Life”— indicates beautiful nails decorating various aspects of your life. The theme this year is “Asia”.

Contestants create their image through nails, hair, and dress. Which naitiful work can get the first prize? Whoever loves nail art can join the art chip award. The organizer expects futuristic and artistic work with intelligence, sensitivity, and creativity. The more competitive spirit you have, the brighter your beauty is. Take this rare chance to soak up a world of beautiful nails.

Time: 10am–6pm
Getting there: Newtram Nanko Porttown line, Nakafuto stn
Admission: ¥2,500
Tel: 06-6612-8888

Japan International Birdman Rally

Jul 22-23

Hikone Municipal Matsubara Swimming Place, Shiga (Biwako Lake, East)

If I were a bird, I would fly. This event makes the dream come true. You can see a birdman flying in a handmade glider or jinriki propeller vehicle. Pilots run hard on a high platform to take to the air as long and as far as possible. Some fall into the lake without flying, the other keep airborne all the way around the island, about 7 km from the platform. Though participants usually compete for a distance, a time trial competition is also held this year as the 30th anniversary special race. Their time to reach the designated point shows the performance of their handmade plane and their control technique. The longest distance is 34,654.10 m in 2003 at the 27th championship by a flying study circle from the department of science and engineering of Nihon University. Thinking how far a birdman can fly this time is creating a lot of excitement. This event is organized and broadcast nationally by Yomiuri Television/ Nippon Television. The day of broadcast is as yet undecided.

Time: 22th at 8am, 23th at 6am
Getting there: JR Tokaido line, Hikone stn
Admission: free
Tel: 0749-30-6120

The Party VI @ Suma Beach

Jul 15-16

In front of Beach House Rainbow, Suma, Kobe

What began at the six years ago with a crowd of 200 participants has evolved into the hottest event of the summer season in Kansai, consistently drawing over 3,000 people of all nationalities over the two day event — The Party VI @ Suma Beach. It offers soothing summer jazz to local Japanese Hip Hop artists, live Dancehall performances to Rock and Roll. New additions to this year’s party include promotional giveaways, live magicians, and a dance competition and open mic time for the truly brave. International food and drink stalls, in addition to classic Matsuri food are also available well late into the evening.

Getting there: 10 minutes from JR Suma station, behind the Suma Aquarium
Admission: free • Ample parking is available.

Events compiled by Toshie Kashihara

Kansai Event Listings July

Chanel, Vionnet and Dior — Fashion Revolution in
the 20th Century
Until Jul 4

Dress, fashion plates, photos and magazines of three big designers in the 20th century, Chanel, Vionnet, and Dior are on display. Exhibited unique clothes created by novelty couturiers.
Kobe Fashion Museum
Time: 10am–6pm
(Last entry 30 min before closing)
Close: Wed (next day if Wed is national holiday)
Getting there: Rokko Liner, Island Center stn, Exit Southeast
Admission: Adults ¥500/students & seniors (Over 65) ¥250
Tel: 078-858-0050

Lightup Promenade Nara
Jul 1– Oct 31

The Great Buddha Statue Hall is illuminated. Entry to the hall from 7:30am to 5:30pm in July. Admission: Adults ¥500/elementary ¥300. After closing, you can look at the lighted Statue’s front because the gate hall is left open. Other temples and museum are also illuminated, such as Kasuga-taisya, Suzakumon.
Todaiji Temple, Nara
Time: 7pm–10pm (Jul, Aug), 6pm–10pm (Sep, Oct)
Getting there: JR line, Nara stn, City bus following a circular route, Daibutsuden
Kasuga-taisya mae
Admission: free
Tel: 0742-22-5511

The 12th Shin-Osaka Morning
Glory Market
Jul 1, 2

Summer fubutsushi in Osaka, means things that remind one of the summer season. Individual morning glory pots are sold at a wholesale price. Other enjoyable events are held. Admission is free.
Shin-Osaka Seni City
Time: 9am until sold out
Getting there: Free shuttle bus from JR line, Shin-Osaka stn, Exit 1F/Subway Midosuji line, Shin-Osaka stn, Exit 4
Tel: 06-6394-1127

Kabuki Performance Celebrating
The Naming Of Tojuro Sakata
Jul 2– 26

Ganjiro Nakamura, a living national treasure, succeeds to the name of Tojuro Sakata the Fourth. This name has not been used for 231 years.
Osaka Shochikuza Theater
Time: 11am/4:30pm
Getting there: Midosuji line,
Namba stn, Exit 14
Admission: ¥6,000/¥10,000/¥20,000
Tel: 06-6214-2211

Kobe Shoin Japan-cambodia Project — The Annual Poolside Charity Barbecue Party With Live Jazz Band Take5
Jul 4

The admission includes all-you-can-eat barbecue, first drink and donation to Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project. Reservations by 10 July.
The Kobe Club Time: 7pm
Getting there: JR/Hankyu/Hanshin line, Sannomiya stn
Admission: ¥5,000
Tel: 078-241-2588 (The Kobe Club)
Fax: 078-882-7986
Email: [email protected]

Tango Express — Daniel Binelli Quintet
Jul 6, 8 & 9

Their dance is gorgeous and fascinating.
Daniel Binelli quintet plays in a powerful and speedy way. You can hear Liber tango, El Choclo, La Cumparsita, and 20 other songs. Their Argentine tango is a particular attraction.
Jul 6: Yao Prism Hall
Time: 7pm (Open at 6:30pm)
Getting there: Kintetsu Osaka line, Yao stn
Admission: ¥5,000 (¥5,500
Tel: 0729-24-9999
Jul 8: Sayaka Hall, Osakasayama
Time: 2pm (Open at 1:30pm)
Getting there: Nankai Koya line, Osakasayama-shi stn
Admission: ¥5,000 (¥5,500 at door) Tel: 072-365-8700
Jul 9: Kobe Bunka Hall
Time: 3pm (Open at 2:30pm)
Getting there: Subway Yamanote line,
Okurayama stn
Admission: ¥5,000
Tel: 078-351-3535

Touki Kuyo
Jul 9– 12

Touki Kuyo means holding a memorial service for a potter. This event is held to appreciate pottery and pray for the pottery industry’s development. There is a wide selection of pottery from all over Japan.
Senbon Shakado-Temple, Kyoto
Time: 10am–8pm
Getting there: JR line, Kyoto stn,
50 bus to Kamishichiken
Admission: free
Tel: 075-461-5973

Ishinha — Natsu No Tobira (Summer Door)
Jul 14–17

This stage performance consisting of 10 stories describes a summer day in a city in Japan. A dark shadow created by the rhythms of the sun changes how the city looks over time. No shadows — perfect white — at noon, dark, night-like shadows during the day are caused by huge skyscrapers, long shadows by the strong light of the evening sun, strange shadows made by artificial light in a city atnight, the moon is eclipsed by the shadow of the earth. The monochromatic
stage has a strong contrast light with shadow in all the scenes.
Main Hall, Umeda Arts Theater, Osaka
Time: 14th at 7pm; 15th at 7pm; 16th
at 2pm & 7pm; 17th at 2pm
Getting there: Hankyu line, Umeda stn, Exit Tyayamachi-guchi/ Subway Midosuji line, Umeda stn, Exit 1
Admission: ¥3,000/ ¥5,000
Tel: 06-6763-2634

Bati Holic — Yajikita Group
Jul 15

Yajiro, Kitahachi are travelers in an old novel written in the Edo period — Bati Holic, the group performing traditional wadaiko drum, songs, dance, arranges the characters into a modern version. The hoped-for third live performance of Bati Holic is playing a Shimaguni — island — beat.
Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts
and Culture
Time: 2pm (Open at 1:30pm)/
7pm (Open at 6:30pm)
Getting there: JR Kyoto stn/Hankyu line, Shijyo-kawaramachi stn, 4/17/ 205 bus to Furitsu Idai Hospital mae
Admission: Adults ¥2,500 (¥2,800 on the day)/ Students ¥2,000 (¥2,300 on the day)
Tel: 075-222-1046

The Andersen Project — A Modern Fairy Tale
Jul 15, 16

Created and directed by Robert Lepage, a pioneer who adopts film as a stage effect. His stages are called “Lepage magic”. Great visual magic leads all attendances to a world of imagination. The first one-man show of Akira Shirai selected on the condition of a well-known person as both an actor and a director.
Theater Hall, Hyogo Performing Arts Center, Nishinomiya
Time: 2pm (Doors open: 1:30pm)
Getting there: Hankyu line, Nishinomiya
Kitaguchi stn
Admission: ¥3,500/¥4,500
Tel: 0798-68-0255

Jul 16, 17

The 10th anniversary came since all male comedy dancers started performing. The ‘ballerinas’ entertain not only an audience watching a ballet for the first time, but devotees of ballet, too. The company will play Swan Lake, Dying Swans, Sleeping Beauty Party, Pas De Quatre, Near the Middle and others. This is a ridiculously
amusing and skillful ballet.
Festival Hall, Osaka
Time: 16th at 6pm, 17th at 4pm
Getting there: Subway Yotsubashi line, Higobashi stn, Exit 4
Admission: ¥7,000/¥8,000/¥9,000
Tel: 06-6231-2221

“Ink”—Project of Japan & Australia Culture Exchange
Jul 18, 19

A remarkable stage performance directed by Kate Denborough in Kage Physical Theater, which flourishes at the center of Melbourne, and performed by Gerard Van Dyck and Narumi Kitamura, a choreographer in Naniwa. Kyota Takahashi proficiently handles the reflection with a live mood via an analog device made by himself.
Art Theater dB in Festival gate 3F, Osaka
Time: 7:30pm
Getting there: Subway Midosuji, Sakaisuji line, Doubutuen-mae stn, Exit 5/ JR loopline, Nankai line, Shin-imamiya stn, Exit East
Admission: ¥2,500 (¥2,800 at door)
Tel: 06-6646-1120

Touki Festival
Jul 18–20

Tens of thousands of people visit this event every year. Hundreds of thousands of dishes, tea sets, flower vases, ornament, and others are sold cheaply. Many entertainments, such as a ceramics workshop, are held so that a lot of people can experience pottery and feel the fascination.
Kiyomizu Danchi, Kyoto
Time: 9am–9pm
Getting there: JR Tokaido line/Keihanline/Subway Tozai line, Yamashina stn,
29 Keihan bus, Kiyomizuyaki Danchi
Admission: free
Tel: 075-581-6188

Biwako Hall Summer Opera “Mignon” By Thomas
Jul 22, 23

This opera is performed in 55 years in Japan since the last play. Main four characters individual express their kind of love—
one-sided love, jealousy, tactics, bonds of parents and child. “Mignon”, a pure dancer in street performer group, and Philine, a glamorous star dancer, are rivals for Wilhelm.
Main Theatre, Biwako Hall, Shiga
Time: 2pm
Getting there: JR Biwako line, Otsu stn, Omi, Keihan bus, Biwako hall /Keihan line, Ishiba stn
Admission: Under 25 years old ¥2,000/¥3,000/¥5,000/¥7,000
Tel: 077-523-7136

Kattobi Modern Rocket — About 30 Lies
Jul 22, 23

Old fellows at work meet again. They are swindlers. Sleeping cars are running with many lies and a little truth. This theatrical company acts in Osaka as a base and their motto is to give a play without a lesson to a wide-ranging audience from 3 to 90 years old.
Art Theater dB in Festival gate 3F, Osaka
Time: 22th at 3pm & 7pm, 23th at 1pm & 5pm
Getting there: Subway Midosuji, Sakaisuji line, Doubutuen-mae stn, Exit 5/ JR loopline, Nankai line, Shin-imamiya stn, Exit East
Admission: ¥2,000 (¥2,500 at door)
Tel: 06-6772-3869

Sewage System Fair Osaka 2006
Jul 25–28

Exhibition of latest technologies and equipment
to have people better understand and more interested in the role, coverage, history, the proper direction, and issues of sewage system in an enjoyable way. There is also a workshop, science show, 3D movie and other attractions.
Hall 1-5, INTEX Osaka
Time: 10am- 5pm (25th opens at 10:30am and 28th closes at 4pm)
Getting there: Newtram Nanko porttown line, Nakafuto stn
Admission: free
Tel: 06-6612-8888

Osaka King 2006
Jul 29–Aug 6

The theme is “Even More ×3 Osaka”. The popular TV and radio programs of MBS, Mainichi Broadcasting System organize games and street stalls, for example Curry Koshien tournament held by Chichinpuipui program and Futsal Osaka King championship.
Osaka Castle Park
Time: 11am-7pm (Fri and Sat, until 9pm)
Getting there: JR loop line, OsakaJokoen station
Admission: free
Tel: 06-6371-0004

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