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KS Cover no. 78 2006 November

NOV 2006 :: 078

Maple Park Light Up

Nov 1-30

Kasagi Mountain Prefectural Nature Park, Kyoto

The leaves in the Maple park inside Kasagi temple become a striking red when they turn in Autumn. The atmospheric space lit up against the night sky fills you with peace. The entry to the park is free, although the admission to the Kasagi temple is ¥300. On the 26th, there will be a haiku event (2:30pm, at Kasagi temple), the experience of baked sweet potatoes (11am–3pm, at Kasagi temple), making pictures with fallen leaves (11am–3pm, on the periphery of Maple park), chorus concert (11am–2pm, at Maple park) and other events.

Getting there: JR Kansai main line, Kasagi stn, 40-minute walk
Tel: 0743-95-2301

Frankenstein International Theatre Company London

Nov 15

Kyoto Kyoiku Bunka Center

Frankenstein is one of the most potent modern myths. The International Theatre Company's new production will explore that myth through a Gothic comedy that mixes popular entertainment with a serious exploration contemporary themes - the clash of religious belief and rationalism; the ethics of genetic sciences and stem cell research; the limits on scientific research. These issues will be explored through a Gothic melodrama that switches from high comedy to spine-tingling terror, from love story to horror story, and from thriller to tragedy as the monster is revealed in all his lonely suffering. The play is directed by Paul Stebbings who has explored this style of "serious" Gothic comedy in productions such as The Murder of Sherlock Holmes, Christmas Carol; which have been hugely successful across the globe, winning prizes at the Edinburgh Festival and performing in over thirty countries in Europe and Asia.

Time: 6:30pm
Getting there: Keihan, Marutamachi stn
Admission: Adults ¥5,000/Students ¥2,500/¥2,200 for group of 20 or more
Tel: 075-771-4221/03-5469-2841

Ticket giveaway
Ashley Associates and The Frankenstein International Theatre Company London are giving away five pair of tickets. In order to win your tickets, email us your complete name and nationality with the postal address by not later than 10th Nov. Email to [email protected] with ‘ticket giveaway' in the subject.

Overseas Students Job Hunting Story 2007

Nov 10

The International House, Osaka

This event is organized by GHN Shimada, an outsourcing company that sends foreign talent to domestic companies. The goal of this event is understanding between companies and foreign students, employment advancement, and consciousness raising. There will be a lecture by the former president of Softbrain Co., Ltd. In addition, personnel specialists will explain what kind of people they want to hire. Successful senior foreign students will tell their stories.

Time: 2pm–4pm
Getting there: Kintetsu line, Uehonmachi stn/Subway Tanimachi line, Tanimachi-9 chome stn, exit 5
Admission: free
Tel: 06-6333-0775

Rent Japan tour 2006

Dec 1, 2

Wel City Osaka Hall

Broadway Musical Rent is coming to Japan again! The main character in the story is Roger, an aspiring songwriter living in the East Village in New York. He was so poor that he could not pay his rent … prejudice, drugs, HIV, homelessness - the darker side of life in NY is the focus. The play's motif comes in the lyric "No future, no past, want to live in this moment." There is a wide range of theater music, such as gospel, R&B, hard rock, ballads, tango etc. The play is in English with Japanese subtitles.

Time: 1st at 7pm, 2nd at 12pm & 5pm Admission:¥11,500/¥9,500/¥7,500/¥5,500 Getting there: Subway Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi/Yotsubashi lines, Yotsubashi stn exit 2 Tel: 06-6233-8888

Kansai Event Listings November

Culture Day Bugaku Concert

Kasuga-taisha, Nara
Nov 3
Oct 4, 5, 19

The stage is the island called Nakanoshima on the pond in the garden of the Kasuga shrine. Visitors can listen to Gagaku from the shore of the pond. At this time the red leaves are beautiful. An interesting bit of trivia: there are 270 sorts of plants in the poems of Manyoshu - the oldest existing poetry book in Japan.

Time: 1pm
Getting there: JR/Kintetsu line, Nara stn, City bus, Kasuga-taisha Omotesando/ Kasuga-taisha honden
Admission: free
Tel: 0742-22-7788

The Gents

Biwako Hall, Shiga
Nov 3

This is the long-awaited visit of the Dutch male voice a cappella ensemble. They bring the the most beautiful harmonies into the world.

Time: 3pm
Getting there: JR Biwako line, Otsu stn, Omi, Keihan bus, Biwako hall/ Keihan line, Ishiba stn
Admission: ¥5,000/¥1,500 (Under 25 years old)
Tel: 06-6233-8888

Ceramic Arts Japan 2006

Hall 3, INTEX Osaka
Nov 3–5

Works made by pottery and ceramic artists from all over Japan will be on sale and display. Also, there will be a presentation on appreciating ceramics and there will be a booth where you can try out pottery for yourself, and a competition among amateur pottery artists and others. This is the biggest festival of pottery in western Japan.

Time: 10pm–5pm
Getting there: Newtram Nanko Porttown line, Nakafuto stn
Admission: ¥900 (high school students and older)/free (junior high school students and younger)
Tel: 06-6341-7570

Cycle Mode International 2006

Hall 3, 6, INTEX Osaka
Nov 11–12

Japan's biggest exhibition and test ride event of sports-utility and brand name bicycles will be held at Intex this month. This is a chance for a preview of 2007's models.

Time: 10am–6pm (closes at 5pm on the 12th)
Getting there: Newtram Nanko porttown line, Nakafuto stn
Admission: ¥1,200 (¥1,000 advanced ticket)/Under high school students free (required student ID)
Tel: 06-6947-1912

Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra

Festival Hall, Osaka
Nov 20

Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, which has links with Gustav Mahler, Friedrich Liszt will play Brahms/ Hungarian dance No. 1, 3, 5, 6, WA Mozart /Sym. No.41 Jupiter, and Antonin Dvorak/Sym. No.9 From the New World

Time: 7pm
Getting there: Subway Yotsubashi line, Higobashi stn, Exit 4
Admission: ¥3,000–¥8,000
Tel: 06-6231-2221

Odori ni Ikuze! Vol.7 in Osaka

Art Theater dB
Nov 22, 23

This annual event introduces dance artists from each region. From October to December, 40 groups perform in 20 places. The aims are that works and artists can get wide exposure, that the communication between artists and spaces is created anew.

Time:22th at 7pm, 23th at 4pm
Getting there: Subway, Midosuji, Sakaisuji line, Doubutsuen-mae stn, Exit 5/ JR loopline, Nankai line Shinimaiya stn
Admission: Adult ¥2,500 (¥2,800 on the door)/Students ¥2,000 (¥2,300 on the door)
Tel: 06-6646-1120

Winter Sonata-The Musical

Umeda Arts Theater, Osaka
Nov 23–27

The Korean romantic drama, Winter Sonata has become a musical. The cast are the best actors in Korea, all selected by special audition. There will be added scenes not in the TV drama.

Time: 23th, 25th at 1pm & 6pm; 24th at 1:30pm & 6:30pm; 26th, 27th at 1:30pm
Getting there: Suway Midosuji line, Umeda stn, exit 1/JR line, Osaka stn, Midosuji North exit/Hankyu line, Umeda stn, Chayamachi exit
Admission: ¥11,000/¥8,000/¥5,000
Tel: 06-6377-3800

Glenn Miller and Orchestra

Festival Hall, Osaka
Nov 26

Glenn Miller was called the "King of Swing". He formed his orchestra in 1937 to create a sensation on the jazz scene. He established the typical style of a big band composed of five saxophones, four trombones, four trumpets, three percussion. ‘Moonlight Serenade' and ‘In the Mood' are his most famous compositions.

Time: 2pm
Getting there: Subway Yotsubashi line, Higobashi stn, Exit 4
Admission: ¥4,300–¥7,500
Tel: 06-6375-7431

Kongo Noh

Kongo Noh Theater, Kyoto
Nov 26

The Kongo Noh Theater moved to the current location three years ago although the it is over 130 years since the original Kongo Noh theater opened in Muromachi era.

Time: 1:30pm
Getting there: City Subway, Karasuma line, Imadegawa stn
Admission: Adults ¥6,000 /Students ¥3,000
Tel: 075-441-7222

The Mariinsky Ballet - The Pirates

Biwako Hall, Shiga
Nov 26

This world ballet group, the Mariinsky ballet, has produced many dancers of global renown.

Time: 2pm
Getting there: JR Biwako line, Otsu stn, Omi, Keihan bus, Biwako hall/ Keihan line, Ishiba stn
Admission: ¥15,000/¥13,000/ ¥11,000/¥9,000
Tel: 077-526-0005

Soiree de Danse Roland Petit

Festival Hall, Osaka
Nov 26

Roland Petit will choreograph this masterpiece ballet for a new production. Masayo Kusakari from Japan and Wan Chimin from China will star. This is part of a world tour.

Time:27th at 7pm, 28th at 2pm
Getting there: Subway Yotsubashi line, Higobashi stn, Exit 4
Admission: ¥12,000/¥10,000/¥8,000/ ¥6,000
Tel: 06-6231-2221

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