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Dress in history exhibition updated

Jul 1

Kobe Fashion Museum, Kobe

This permanent exhibition at the Kobe Fashion Museum displays all kinds of fashions, from 18th century Robe à la Française to the Bustles of the 19th century, and some changing styles of the 20th century. The exhibition has been updated to create an entirely fresh point of view. The collection is truly diverse and includes, for example, a replica of the garments that Napoleon 1 wore during the coronation ceremony in 1804. French artisans precisely reproduced this replica, which was based on David's painting. They draw you into the solemnity of 19th century French royal world. Apart from being a visual treat, the show is an educational experience where you can learn about form, structure, construction, materials and even optic angles.

Time: 10am–6pm (Last entry 30 min before closing)
Close: Wed (next day if Wed is national holiday)
Getting there: Rokko Liner, Island Center stn, southeast exit
Admission: Adults ¥500/Students & seniors (Over 65) ¥250
Tel: 078-858-0050

Zen meditation

Jul 7–22

Myoushinji Temple, Kyoto

Are you interesting in learning or practicing zazen, zen meditation? You can join a weekend zazen practice — one night, two days in Myoshinji Temple, Kyoto. The word zen comes from the Sanskrit ”dhyana” and it originally means meditation, concentrating deliberately in tranquility. Before joining the meeting, let’s tell you a little about how to practice zazen. First, kick off your socks, fold a Japanese cushion in two and sit on it with your legs crossed — the right foot goes on the left thigh. If it’s possible, do the place the left foot on the right thigh. Then lay your hands on your lap with thumbs touching lightly and keeping your eyes half open looking at the floor one meter in front. Lastly, abdominal breathing helps you to concentrate on your meditation. Before arriving on Saturday, please eat dinner. After joining the meeting, you cannot go out without permission till 9am on Sunday. Bring night wear and toilet kit.

Time: 5pm–9am (Jul 7-8, 14-15, 21-22)
Getting there: 26 bus Myoushinji Kitamon mae
Admission: ¥2,000 first time (next time~¥1,000)
Tel: 075-463-3121 • www.myoshin.com

Ragus Show — Irish dance

Jul 21, 22

NHK Osaka Hall, Osaka

The Ragus Show is back in Japan. This dance troupe come from Inishmore in the Aran Islands, west of Ireland where, it is said, the traditional Celt culture is still very much alive. The Ragus producer and music director has won the all- Ireland accordion competition eleven times and now he creates some of the hottest dance and music entertainment in the world attracting many fans of Irish music.

On this tour, the number of dancers has been increased so the show is even more spectacular. The performer’s costumes are very simple and this simplicity makes a beautiful contrast with the exciting dance moves. This is a show that will move you to dance.

Time: 3pm
Getting there: Tanimachi/Chuou line,Tanimachi 4-chome stn
Admission: ¥8,000/¥6,000/¥4,000
Tel: 06-6362-7301

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2007

Aug 3–5

Osaka Business Park Enkei Hall, Osaka

The Short Shorts Film Festival is back in Osaka. Short here means from one minute to 25, but whatever the length, all these films exhibit the skill and discipline that is required to tell a complete story in such a condensed form. All famous movie directors started out with short films so at festivals such as these you might be watching the work of up and coming talented film directors or tomorrow's big names. In the competition program, selected films from more than two thousand entries from all over the world are going to be shown, which provides a dramatic diversity. Films to watch out for include, The Little Matchgirl, a US film based on the old Danish story, Destino (Destiny), Eine- der Andere, Der (This One and That One), Ichi Nicht (Not Me) from Germany and Shinhwa from Korea.

Time: 11am–10pm
Getting there: JR Osaka Loop Line, Kyobashi stn west exit
Admission: one program ¥1,000 advance, ¥1,400 on the day; three programs ¥2,800/¥3,600
Tel: 06-6343-8711

Kansai Event Listings July

Garage Sale

Expo Park, Osaka
Jul 1, 15

Everything you want is here at this flea market in Expo Park. This also happens to be a nice open-air location.

Time: 9:30m–4:30m
Getting there: Kita Osaka Kyuko Railway, Senri-chuo stn
Admission: Adult ¥600/Elementary and junior ¥170
Tel: 06-6362-6322

Henmen — Chinese national treasure

Yao Prism Hall, Osaka
Jul 7

It is a top secret how to change the masks so many times in this Sichuan musical, which is a Chinese National Treasure. Dancers change their colorful traditional masks in apparently
no time at all between dances and roles.

Time: 6:30pm
Getting there: Kintetsu line, yao stn
Admission: ¥3,800 primary school ¥1,800
Tel: 072-924-9999

Frog Jumping

Kinpusenji Temple, Nara
Jul 7

There is story from the 11th century in which a huge man insulted sacred prayers and was changed into a frog by prayer’s power. Then he started devotional training at Kinpusenji, finally reforming himself and returning to human form. In this event, a person wears a blue frog costume. It looks
very humorous.

Time: 1pm
Getting there: Kintetsu line, Yoshino stn, cableway Sanjyo stn
Admission: free
Tel: 07463-2-8371

Pottory Memorial Ceremony and Market

Sendon Shakado Temple, Kyoto
Jul 9–12

This festival is an opportunity to give thanks for the pottery we are using in daily life. Many potters come here in this period to pray for prosperity in their pottery businesses. A special
ceremony for pottery will be held on Jul 10 from 2pm. During all four days there is a pottery market in the temple grounds.

Time: 10am–8pm
Getting there: 50 bus to Kamishichiken
Admission: free
Tel: 075-461-5973

Music in Ohara

Jul 14, 15, 16

You can listen to a variety of music — classic, jazz and pop music played on the Japanese bamboo flute, Koto and piano. This temple is not usually open to the public. This is a special chance to enter this historical place and listen to music.

Time: 1pm, 2:30pm
Getting there: JR Kyoto stn, 17, 18 bus to last stop
Admission: Adult ¥1,300 Child ¥600 (advance ¥1,100/¥550)
Tel: 075-744-3102

Summer dance party

Lisa School, Osaka
Jul 15

Summer Party 2007 produced by Lisa language and Culture School. Belly dance Salsa, Samba dance, Jazz shows and more. Have fun and enjoy international communication and language exchange.

Time: 2:30pm–5:30pm
Getting there: JR loop-line, Fukushima station
Admission: ¥2,500 (one drink included) ¥2,000 (advance ticket)
Tel: 06-6377-0628

Momoo waterfall

Momoo waterfall, Nara
Jul 15

On the upper Rufu river, there is the 23m waterfall called Momoo. Every third Sunday in July, the ceremony takes place to pray for safety during the summer.

Time: 2pm
Getting there: JR or Kintetsu line, Tenri stn Nara bus to Chishahara Uetakimoto
Admission: free
Tel: 0743-63-1001


Men only ballet performance

Umeda Arts Theater, Osaka
Jul 24, 25, 26

This is the 33rd anniversary of Les ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo founded in 1974. They parody many classic ballets works but with beautiful ballet technique. All members are men
who come from famous ballet schools. You can enjoy their unique interpretation of Swan Lake and many other famous pieces.

Time: 7pm
Getting there: Hankyu line, Umeda stn, exit Ch ayamachi-guchi/ Subway Midosuji line, Umeda stn, exit 1
Admission: ¥8,000/¥7,000/¥6,000
Tel: 06-6763-2634

Pumpkin purification

Anrakuji Temple, Kyoto
Jul 25

A pumpkin prayer serves a piece of pumpkin during this event. Event participants can enjoy cooked pieces of pumpkin for free. These blessed pieces of pumpkin are believed to have the power to prevent sickness.

Time: 9am–3pm
Getting there: 5 bus to Kinrin Shako Mae
Admission: ¥400
Tel: 075-771-5360

Cucumber Purification

Gochizan Rengeji Temple, Kyoto
Jul 29, 30
During the two days, participants pray over cucumbers and then rub them on their body to purify themselves of illness. Then they write their name and age on the cucumber and temple monks pray for them. It is believed that illness will be taken from the body when the sick area is rubbed with the blessed cucumber and the cucumber is buried.

Time: 29/12pm–9pm, 30/6am–6pm
Getting there: city bus No.26 Omiro Ninnaji Temple
Admission: ¥1,000 (cucumber included)
Tel: 075-462-5300

Horoku Kyu Kitou

Sanpo-ji Temple,Kyoto
Jul 30

This annual event is held on the hottest day of summer. Ceremony participants hold an earthen pan above their head filled with smoldering straw. The straw smoke is believed to get rid of evil spirits and illness.

Time: 9am–4pm
Getting there: JR Kyoto line, Kyoto stn, 37 JR bus to Sanpo-ji Temple. A free shuttle bus is available on the day.
Admission: ¥500
Tel: 075-462-6540

EVENT section compiled by Toshie Kashihara

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