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UK Rock Trio

Oct 9

@ Big Cat, Osaka

The current lineup of Feeder, which has now been together for over ten years came together after Japanese bassist Taka Hirose placed an advert in a popular UK classifieds newspaper in search of a band. Under different names and line-ups guitarist Grant Nicholas and drummer John Lee had had limit success but with Hirose on board and a record deal as motivation the album Polythene release in 1997 was a breakthrough. Sadly drummer Lee committed suicide in 2002 and for the rest of the year the remaining two members of the band stayed out of the public domain. It was during this time though that Nicholas wrote a number of songs relating to his emotional feelings towards the death of his friend and these in turn became the 2003 album Comfort In Sound.

So to the present, in May this year the band released the sixth Feeder album Silent Cry. Reminiscent of an earlier Feeder sound, the album received praise from the fans and criticism from review- ers. In promotion an eight-date mini-tour sold out in six hours and they have spent the summer doing the festival circuit.

Incidentally, before jetting out to Japan, drummer Mark Richardson has been busy on the set of Brit-movie Souled Out, which is due for release next year. Mark can be seen in the movie in the role of a dance-hall doorman.

Time: 7pm • Entry: ¥6,300
Tel: 06-6535-5569 • Rock

Eddie Higgins Quartet with Annie Sellick

Legendary pianist and new talent vocalist

Oct 7

@ Mister Kelly's, Osaka

Eddie Higgins,who was born and raised in New England, US, played a large part of his professional career in Chicago where he stayed for twenty years during the fifties and sixties before moving to Florida in the early seventies. A pianist of amazing jazz stature, he has during his long career shared the stage with the likes of Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie.

The eighties saw Higgins tour Europe and Japan and it is in the later years of his playing career that he has received most recognition. In the press his playing has been described as "Brilliant … plays piano with a master's touch", his "style is relaxed and swinging with an easy delicacy about it that reminds one of Bill Evans".

A critic recently said that he would give up his first-born in exchange for a ticket to hear Anne Sellick sing. So what's the big deal? To look at, with her long dreadlocks you wouldn't take this young lady from Nashville as a jazz vocalist but she's about one of the best on the scene right now with her engaging performances and silky smooth swirling and hypnotic vocals.

This is a gem of a gig, not just for jazz fans but for anyone looking for a great evening.

Time: 7pm/9:30pm • Entry: ¥8,000/¥8,500
Tel: 06-6342-5821 • Jazz

Def Leppard & Whitesnake

Classic Rock Double Headline Tour

Oct 27

@ Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka

Usually when two acts that have been treading the boards for three decades or more join forces it signifies a downturn in commercial popularity meaning that they are unable to fill a concert hall to capacity under their own steam. In the case of Def Leppard and Whitesnake though here are two bands that seem to be getting their second wind, so to speak. David Coverdale, undoubtedly the king of pomp-rock is thrusting his pelvis with as much fervor as he did twenty years ago when he could do no wrong with hits such as 'Is This Love' and 'Here I Go Again' (which, incidentally is currently being used for a UK TV commercial to sell car insurance - can't really see the connection myself). His new album Good To Be Bad, released in April this year reached number five in the UK album charts and the band line-up, which includes guitarist Reb Beach (Winger, Dokken) has been stable for three years (quite something for Whitesnake). Coverdale formed the band in 1977 after the demise of Deep Purple and apart from an album and tour with Jimmy Page in the early nineties has toured and recorded with numerous musicians under the Whitesnake moniker since.

Like Coverdale and friends, Def Leppard came together in the late seventies as part of the New Wave of British heavy metal, which included the likes of Iron Maiden and Saxon. After two albums Def Leppard's sound moved away from the metal oeuvre. It would be easy to say that they became more commercial, but in fact the Def Leppard sound is distinct and this move saw them become the biggest selling rock act in the US during the eighties behind Van Halen. Unfortunately Def Leppard have had their share of tough times with drummer Rick Allen losing his left arm in a car crash in 1984 and then guitarist Steve Clark losing his fight with alcoholism in 1991. But credit to them, Allen re-joined the band and Clark's vacant position was eventually filled by ex-Whitesnake and Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell. The latest Def Leppard album Songs From The Sparkle Lounge was released in April this year and see the band in fine form with their own brand of harmonized rock.

Time: 7pm • Entry: ¥10,000/¥13,000
Tel: 06-6341-4506 • Rock

Live Listings October

The Skatalites plus The Trojans, featuring Rico Rodriguez

10/1 @ Club Quattro, Osaka
7pm • ¥6,000 Tel: 06-6535-5569 • SKA


10/2-3, 5-6, 8-9, 11-12
@ Zepp, Osaka
7pm • ¥6,600 Tel: 06-7732-88 • J-Rock

Dir En Grey

10-3-4 @ Namba Hatch, Osaka
7pm • ¥5,700 Tel: 06-6357-4400 • J-Rock

Pistol Pete

10/6 @ Taku Taku, Kyoto
7pm • ¥4,500
Tel: 075-351-1321 • Guitar

David Roberts

10/6 @ Club Quattro, Osaka
7pm • ¥7,000/¥8,000
Tel: 06-6281-8181 • AOR

Crystal Castles

10/7 @ Club Quattro, Osaka
7pm • ¥5,000 Tel: 06-6281-8181
• Multi-Instrumental Duo

Willy Walker & The Butanes

10/7 @ Taku Taku, Kyoto
7pm • ¥6,000/¥6,500
Tel: 075-351-1321 • Blues

Eddie Higgins Quartet with Annie Sellick

10/7 @ Mister Kellys, Osaka
7pm/9:30pm • ¥8,000/¥8,500 • Jazz


10/9 @ Big Cat, Osaka
7pm • ¥6,300 Tel: 06-6535-5569 • Rock

Fuck Buttons

10/9 @ Sunsui, Osaka
7pm • ¥4,500 Tel: 06-6535-556
• Progresive-Experimental

G-Love & Special Sauce

10/11 @ Club Quattro, Osaka
6pm • ¥6,000 Tel: 06-6535-5569
• Roots Blues

Your Song Is Good

10/13 @ Big Cat , Osaka
6pm • ¥3,150 Tel: 06-6535-5569
• J-Popular


10/13 @ Taku Taku, Kyoto
6:45pm • ¥3,000/¥3,500
Tel: 075-351-1321 • J-Rock

Bobby Caldwell

10/13-15 @ Billboard Live, Osaka
6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥9,000/¥11,000
Tel: 06-6342-7722 • AOR

Slipknot & Machinehead

10/14-15 @ Zepp, Osaka
7pm • ¥7,500 Tel: 06-7732-8888
• Metal

The Zutons

10/16 @ Club Quattro, Osaka
7pm • ¥6,000 Tel: 06-6535-5569
• Indie Rock

Jon Cleary

10/17 @ Big Cat, Osaka
7:30pm •¥5,000/¥6,000
Tel: 06-6258-5008 • Blues

The Offsrping

10/18, 20-21 @ Zepp, Osaka
7pm • ¥8,400 Tel: 06-7732-8888
• Rock

Kouichi Iwaki & Ryudo Uzaki

10/21-22 @ Billboard Lie, Osaka
6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥8,500/¥10,000
Tel: 06-6342-7722 • J-Popular

Christopher Cross

10/24-25 @ Billboard Live, Osaka
6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥6,900/¥8,900
Tel: 06-6342-7722 • AOR

Crystal Kay

10/24-25 @ Zepp, Osaka
7:30pm • ¥6,000 Tel: 06-6344-3326
• R&B

Def Leppard & Whitesnake

10/27 @ Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka
7pm • ¥10,000/¥13,000
Tel: 06-6341-4506 • Rock

Cockney Rejects

10/27 @ Big Cat, Osaka
6:30pm • ¥4,000/¥4,500
Tel: 06-6258-5008 • Punk


10/27-28, 30-31 @ Billboard Live, Osaka
• ¥11,000/¥13,000
Tel: 06-6342-7722 • R&B

Compiled by Phillip Jackson

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