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Exploring Mount Faith

Feature : The link between faith, nature and art is not unique to Japan, but here it is particularly important.

Shinto venerates the smallest to the largest elements of the natural world, from individual trees, to rocks, to caves, to entire mountains. Indeed, some believe that God resides in Mt. Fuji.

Japan’s mountains and forests are the home of myths and fairy tales such as demon oni or monster-spirits like tengu, to name but two out of an indefinite variety.

Shinto exists alongside Buddhism, which in this country has assumed many forms, sometimes blurring into Shinto, but a huge part of the varied cultural topography.
In all cultures veneration and art come together at some point. Nor do you have to be a believer to appreciate the art — as many fans of Bach or Mozart or many visitors to the world’s great places of worship like Notre Dame or Todaiji will attest.

This month KS takes a very brief look at some of this heritage and how you can experience it.

However, what we present here is a mere pebble on the mountain of faith.

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