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Small, beautifully formed—but why?

It’s slightly tricky to know who buys portable television sets these days, especially those that use the crappy 1-Seg mobile digital format so beloved of phone makers here. Still, Panasonic’s tiny new Viera has a lot going for it on the design front, so is worth a look.

The Viera MC75 has a 4.3in screen (making it not that much bigger than, say, an iPhone), 8GB of internal memory, and a slot for further expansion through an SD card. If you haven’t worked it out by now, the upshot is that the MC75 is essentially a pocket-sized digital VCR.

Panasonic says the device can hold up to 43 hours of video, whether it’s recorded from a 1-Seg broadcast (unlikely) or sourced from something like the TV at home, a camcorder or a cellphone. At ¥40,000, however, the littlest Viera is something of a luxury purchase.


We’re Eneloopy about rechargeable batteries

Next, as if only to prove it’s not just Sony that gets far too much stuff in Tech Know, Sanyo has some really cool batteries and related products you simply have to know about. The company’s Eneloop rechargeables are already massive sellers worldwide, shifting 100 million units in just four years.

To mark the occasion, Sanyo has released a stack of new Eneloop gear, including a pack of AA cells in eight rainbow colors, a new kairo hand warmer that just keeps on giving, and a plastic dog called Eneloopy that will gobble up your batteries and tell you how much charge is left in ’em. There’s nothing earth-shattering among that lot, but they’re all kinda cute and we just really like typing the word ‘Eneloop.’


Carwash in a cup

Speaking of all things filthy, we have a smaller, slightly more affordable way to breathe fresh air in the form of a “personal atmosphere scrubber” that fits right into your car’s cup holder.

The ¥2,980 Airwasher from auto specialist Seiwa features a water filter that cleans air drawn through it by a fan, primarily by the highly technical feat of drowning pollen, bugs and other nasties.

Aside from it being just about believable that the Airwasher actually works, the other charm points are that it runs off the 12V cigarette lighter socket and fits right in the aforementioned cup holder. Oh, and the water lights up and glows blue when the whole shebang is powered up. Nice.


Text by by Mark Hiratsuka

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