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10th Anniversary Issue: Happy birthday to you and you, and you, and you, and…

Diane Orrett

Feature : In May 2000, the Taite Modern opened in London, Israel withdrew its army from south Lebanon after 22 years, computer pioneer Datapoint Corporation went bust, as did upstart startup Boo.com after getting through $135million of venture capital in just 18 months for half a million in sales, the volcano Mt. Cameroon erupted, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn formed a rare conjunction with the New Moon and Kansai Scene published its first issue.

2010: KS 10th Anniversary

Ten years later, it is sobering to reflect that the planets and the dot-commers have moved on, the Israeli army has returned to Lebanon and then left again (as witnessed by a KS contributor in the August 2006 issue), the volcano is forgotten, but the Taite Modern and KS are still going strong.

But it’s not just the magazine celebrating this year. It seems like it’s the Kansai’s own birthday. The Kaiyukan aquarium turns 20, the Hankyu and Kintetsu corporations are each 100, Banpaku, the site of the 1970 Expo and starting point of Japan’s late 20th century bullishness is 40, and grandparent of them all by a long way, Nara becomes 1,300 as the nation’s first capital.

So this is a time for checking in on these old friends and others. We catch up with Diane Orrett, UK-born rakugo performer, who featured in KS’s very first issue. She is still here, still making people laugh, and we visit her to see how the decade has treated her, her kimono collection and her adopted city, Osaka, and we take a tour round the region’s other anniversary bashes.

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