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Tenpozan Street Performance Competition

Sep 4


Once again Tempozan is hosting a street performance competition. This is a great opportunity for amateur entertainers to get their art seen and appreciated. Excellent talents will be chosen from among many buskers–young, old, male, female and overseas visitors. This competition is open to anybody and for the prize they will be allowed to give their public performance in Tenpozan Harbour Village for a year. Also, the winners will be given the opportunity to perform at the Tenpozan World Performance Festival 2010, which is planned to take place Sep 18–20. This event looks forward to presenting the audience with the big fun on this occasion. The entertainment is suitable for all ages with laughs, surprises, and adulation.

• Time: 1pm–5pm (postponed until 11th in case of rain) • Admission: free • Access: Subway Chuo line, Osaka-ko • Tel: 06-6576-5501

Hikohachi Matsuri

Sep 4 & 5

Ikutama-jinja Shrine, Osaka

There will be a two-day fun event with lots of amusement and belly laughs. This annual event takes place to thank fans of rakugo (comic stories told by professional storytellers) and appeals to visitors through interaction. The name of the event came from the father of Kansai rakugo, Hikohachi Yonezawa who started what was then a new comedy form in the Edo period. His work is the archetype of Kansai rakugo. On these two days, professional rakugo tellers will assemble at this shrine and perform a wide variety of entertainments that they rarely put on in public. There will be food on sale and interesting goods at stalls. There will be funny music and comical dance. Of course, there will be plenty of rakugo performance. It will be a fantastic memory of your time in Osaka.

• Time: 10am • Admission: most events are free. • Access: Subway Sennichi-mae/Tanimachi line, Tanimachi 9-chome; 5min walk • Tel: 06-6354-7727 • Email: [email protected]

Hachimanbori Matsuri

Sep 18 & 19

Hachimanbori in Omihachiman, Shiga

400 years ago when the lord Hidetsugu Hashiba built a castle at this lakeside village, he constructed canals for water transport. These canals caused the village to develop into a major mercantile city. Nowadays the town offers beautiful street scenes with canals and walled houses, which attract many tourists all year around. During this event, old houses that used to be the homes of merchants will be open to the public in addition to the town’s museums and Buddhist temples. Various kinds of live music will be performed at these historical buildings. Also a wedding procession in traditional Omihachiman style will be held in the evening on 19th. In these evenings 2,000 lanterns set up along the canals will transform this area into a romantic fairyland.

• Time: 6pm-9pm • Admission: free • Access: JR Omihachiman, bus to Osugi-cho • Tel: 0748-32-7003

Bakuto Osaka 2010

Sep 18 & 19

The Site of Namura Shipyard, Osaka

Bakuto Osaka is a newly established arts event held every two years. The main purpose in putting on an event like this is to support the work of artists from home and abroad and encourage the general public to take a greater interest in their work. Dancers, musicians, filmmakers, fashion designers, food experts and robot builders, all sorts of artists will assemble to showcase their talents on these two days. This year will include a Tattoo Convention for first time. On the 19th, varieties of events including an art seminar for tattooists, demonstration of tattooing, tattoo contests and a live painting performance will be offered in the Tattoo Convention booth.

• Time: 5pm–5am (on 18th), 10am–10pm (on 19th) • Admission: ¥5,000 for 1 day ¥8,000 for 2 days (¥6,000 on door each day) • Access: Subway Yotsubashi line Kitakagaya exit 4 • Email: [email protected] • www.bakuto-osaka.com/tattoo/about_en.htm

Kansai Event Listings

Himeji Denen Art, Himeji
Until Late in Sep. The centrepiece of this event is a massive work of art made entirely of growing plants. Once mature, they bloom in different colours and were sown on a 1.6 hectare site by a thousand volunteers in June. The sown image represents Himeji castle and a battle helmet. The plant art is best viewed from Mt Shosha Ropeway.
• Time: 8am–6pm (business hours of the ropeway) • Admission: free • Where: Yumesaki-cho in Himeji, Hyogo • Access: JR Himeji bus to Shosha Ropeway • Tel:079-335- 1411 • www.himeji-denen-art.jp

Ukai (Cormorant Fishing), Kyoto
Until Sep 15. A traditional fishing method, cormorant fishing will be shown at Togetsu-kyo. This ancient fishing method will be viewed from boats.
• Time: 6:30pm and 7:30pm • Admission: ¥1,700, concessions • Where: Arashiyama Togetsukyo, Kyoto • Access: Keifuku Railway Arashiyama • Tel: 075-861-0302

Old Town Walking Tour, Nara
Saturdays Sep–Nov. Naramachi in Nara is a historical area that preserves some of the charms and interest of old Japan. There is at least one shop that dates back to the 12th century, geisha work in this area, and houses are decorated with Buddhist charms. An English-speaking professional guide will show you around the town, and give explanations.
Time: 10am–1pm • Admission: ¥2,000 • Where: Naramachi, Nara • Tel:090-9885-8777 • www.eonet.ne.jp/~naramachiwalk/index.htm

Sanyo InternationalLife- saving Cup 2010, Wakayama
Sep 5. This is a competition aimed at improving water safety, water rescue, and lifesaving. Lifeguards from Japan and abroad will compete with each other to win the first prize at Shirahama Beach.
• Time: 8am • Admission: free • Where: Shirahama Beach, Wakayama • Access: JR Shirahama, bus to Shirahama • Tel: 0739-43-5555

Houses and Gardens of Kyoto Book Launch, Kyoto
Sep 9. The author Thomas Daniell and the photographer Akihiko Seki will speak (mainly in English) at the Cafe EN-YA. The book introduces a broad array of Kyoto’s traditional houses ranging from townhouses to old inns. There will be a book signing session. Space is limited and the first 40 people will be admitted.
• Time: 1pm–3pm • Admission: free • Where: Kyoto Handicraft Center, Kyoto • Access: Keihan Railway Jingu-marutamachi; 10min walk • Tel: 03-5437-0171 • Email: [email protected]

Hula Festival in Shirahama, Wakayama
Sep 10–12. Enjoy Hawaiian music and hula dance in the beautiful Shirahama beach. Japanese hula dance teams from the entire country will perform on the purpose-built stage. This event will be held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the friendship city agreement between Honolulu and Shirahama.
• Time: 4pm–7pm • Admission: free• Where: Shirahama Beach, Wakayama • Access: JR Shirahama bus to Shirahama • Tel: 0739-42-2215

Hyogo Unga Sai, Hyogo
Sep 11. A fun family event will take place on the canal promenade. There will be a wide variety of stage performances by local people and professional entertainers, interesting games on the water and food booths for gourmets. Also special lighting will enchant visitors in the evening.
• Time: 2pm–8:30pm • Admission: free • Where: Shinkawa Unga Canal Promenade, Hyogo • Access: Subway Kaigan line, Chuoichiba-mae • Tel: 078-531-0033

Kobe Suma Beach Festival 2010, Hyogo
Sep 12. Sports clubs from across Kobe will assemble at Suma beach and perform their physical activities. Visitors will have opportunities to join beach-volleyball games and flingo games. There will be sand art and demonstrations of first aid.
• Time: 1pm–5pm • Admission: free • Where: Suma bathing beach, Hyogo • Access: JR Suma • Tel: 078-261-3620

Fiesta Mexicana 2010, Osaka
Sep 18–20. The largest Mexican festival in Japan will be held in the heart of Osaka. The Umeda Sky building will be filled with buoyant mood; music by Mariachi bands, dance, stalls selling Mexican goods and food. Meet amigos at the Fiesta!
• Time: noon–9pm (noon–8pm on 20th) • Admission: free • Where: Umeda Sky Building, Osaka • Access: Subway Midosuji line/Hankyu Umeda/JR Osaka; 9min walk • Tel: 06-6440-3901

Kobe Steelpan Carnival 2010, Kobe
Sep 19. This is the largest Caribbean music event in western Japan. Steelpan bands and orchestras from all over the country will assemble at Suma beach. Their vibrant rhythms will get your body moving!
• Time: 11am – dusk •Admission: free •Where: Suma Kaihin-koen Park, Hyogo • Tel: 078-631-5055 • Email: [email protected]

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Hyogo
Sep 22–26. The festival is an explosion of dragon and lion dances, shops selling all things Chinese and authentic Chinese food. Also there will be martial art demonstrations, Chinese live music and lots of other impressive entertainments on these days.
• Time: around noon • Admission: free • Where: Nankin-Machi Hyogo • Access: JR/Hanshin Railway Motomachi; 5min walk • Tel: 078-332-289

Gokasho Machiaruki, Shiga
Sep 23. This is a one-day historical event in this old town preserved picturesquely in the Edo period style. There will be a costume parade including a wedding march, demonstration of calligraphy and a market selling traditional craft works. Also Shinto shrines, temples and old houses will showcase their treasures on Sep 18–23.
• Time: 9:30am • Admission: most activities are free • Where: Gokasho in Higashi Omi, Shiga • Access: JR Notogawa, bus to Ikiikikan • Tel: 0748-48-2100

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