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Wouter Hamel

SEP 15&16

Jazz-Pop Singer-Songwriter

Fresh-faced Dutch jazz/pop musician and vocalist Wouter Hamel didn’t release his first album until he was 30 years old (an age by which many striving musicians would have thrown in the towel at the prospect of ever achieving the holy grail of a professional career in music).

After winning a jazz vocal competition in his native Holland in 2005, Hamel began to receive a large amount of interest from the media, which soon led to a recording contract. While distinctly his own person, Hamel has often been compared to English jazzpianist- singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum. His debut self-titled album was released in February 2009 through the label Dox, with all twelve tracks penned by the musician. The single ‘Breezy’ was released solely in Japan and reached number 36 in the Tokio Hot 100 chart.

Although very much of the jazz genre, Hamel states “as a teenager I listened to PJ Harvey, Smashing Pumpkins and was a huge fan of Jeff Buckley”. Special guest to Hamel at Billboard Live Osaka is Dutch pop/funk artist Benny Sings.

• Billboard Live Osaka, Osaka • Sept 15-16 • Jazz-Pop singer-Songwriter • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥4,800/¥6,300 • Tel:06-6342-7722

Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett

SEP 27

Stalwart Folk-Blues Guitarists

Founding member of the Jim Kweskin Jug Band and member of Paul Butterfield’s Better Days band in the sixties (Paul Butterfield was an influential American Harmonica player and singer who inspired many great bands such as the Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers. Sadly Butterfield’s continued use of drugs led to his untimely demise from a heart attack aged 45 in 1987) who went on to become a success- ful artist in his own right.

Performing with many great musicians of the past four decades such as Bonnie Raitt, Eric Von Schmidt (known for his associations with Bob Dylan) and Jerry Garcia, Muldaur’s brand of blues, folk, rock has always been in demand. During the eighties he took a step back from touring and produced a number of scores for film and television winning an Emmy award for his efforts. Muldaur has released nine solo albums in all. Of his music, Louden Wainwright III said “Geoff Muldaur was and is one of my musical heroes. When I listen to him sing and play, I can hear the coal mine, the cotton field ...”

Guitar Player magazine has called Amos Garrett “one of the most lyrical and original guitarists playing today, his single note solos and melodic figures are so distinctive that it is virtually impossible to mistake them for anyone else’s; he’s been hailed by Stevie Wonder and Chet Atkins as one of the most accomplished guitar players working today. Surprisingly though, with all of this acclaim, Amos Garrett is not a guitarist to be under the public gaze and to many fans of the instrument he’s a total unknown.

Guitarist, vocalist and trombonist Garrett, born in the US and moved to Canada at age four, is probably best known for his solo on the classic track of Maria Mulduar ‘Midnight at the Oasis’ in 1974. He continued to work with Mulduar for four years, after which he released five albums under his own name between 1978 and 1988.

On recently converting to the acoustic guitar, Garrett himself says “The acoustic guitar is a very different instrument from the electric, it makes you ‘think’ songs in a different way”.

• Club Quattro, Osaka • Sept 27 • Folk-Blues Guitar • 7:30pm • ¥7,000/¥8,000 • Tel:06-6281-8181

Boom Boom Satellites

SEP 25

Japanese Experimental Rock Duor

The rock/electric duo of Nakano Masayuki and Kawashima Michiyuki first surfaced in Europe in 1997 (their origins actually dating back to 1990) and a year later released their debut single to rave reviews. UK music paper Melody Maker likened them to Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers — Boom Boom Satellites have in fact toured with Prodigy. Quickly building on their debut they appeared at six major Rock Festivals in ‘98 and then returned to Japan to release their first album Outloud.

No sooner had they made a triumphant return then they were on the move again as they relocated their base to the US and went on the road supporting Moby. Their music has been described as being a fine combination of the roughness of rock and meticulously calculated programming. They have also caught the eye of the film industry, their services being procured by Luc Besson for his film Yamakashi. In May of this year the duo released their first album since 2007 called To The Loveless, which is also available as limited edition with a DVD of the single ‘Back on my Feet’.

Zepp, Osaka • Sept 25 • Rock-experimental • 7pm • ¥4,800 • Tel: 06-6535-5569


SEP 30

Four-piece Japanese Girl-Rock

Looking for something a little different? You may just have found it. Scandal are four Japanese girls that rock! (Well, pop-rock to be more precise but you can’t have it all in the land of commercial success.) Starting out on the streets of Osaka it wasn’t long before they were pulling in crowds of up to a hundred to watch them play. A live per-formance at an event at Shibuya Club Asia saw the band picked up by the label Kitty in partnership with Tower Records.

The band’s first single in 2008 quickly sold out across Japan and before they knew it they were off and touring the US, next stop France and then on to Hong Kong.

A marketing dream, the band’s music has been used for numerous films and games, and to add to that, through certain Japanese mobile phones you can access exclusive videos and interviews with the quartet.

2010 has been a busy year for Scandal and as a final word the band’s myspace bio states “Scandal is currently one of the most passionate girl rock bands with a lot of attention.”

• Zepp, Osaka • Sept 30 • J-Girl Rock • 7pm • ¥4,000 • Tel:06-6357-4400

Live Listings

Funky Monkey Babys

Grand Cube, Osaka Sept 1-2
Hip-Hop/Pop • 7pm • ¥5,800 • Tel: 06-7732-8888

Bullett For My Valentine

Namba Hatch, Osaka Sept 2
Metal • 7pm • ¥8,000 • Tel: 06-7732-8888


Kyocera Dome, Osaka Sept 3-5
J-Pop • 2nd & 3rd 6:30pm/4th 6pm/5th 4pm • ¥TBA • Tel: 0180-993-667

Napalm Death

Club Quattro, Osaka Sept 8
Grindcore • 6:45pm • ¥7,500 • Tel: 06-6535-5569

Marcus Miller

Billboard Live Osaka, Osaka Sept 9
Fusion Bass • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥9,500/¥11,000 • Tel: 06-6342-7722


Shangri-La, Osaka Sept 12
J-Rock • 5:30pm • ¥4,725/¥5,250 • Tel: 06-7732-8888


Big Cat, Osaka Sept 13
Rock • 7pm • ¥6,300 • Tel: 06-6535-5569

Fire! & Jim O’Rourke

Shangri-La, Osaka Sept 15
Ambient/experimental • 7:30pm • ¥3,500/¥4,000 • Tel: 06-6343-8601

Wouter Hamel & Benny Sings

Billboard Live Osaka, Osaka Sept 15-16
Jazz Singer Songwriter • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥4,800/ ¥6,300 • Tel: 06-634-7722


Shangri-La Sept 17
Metal • 7pm • ¥6,500/¥7,000 • Tel: 06-6233-8888

Brad Mehldau

Billboard Live Osaka, Osaka Sept 17-18
Jazz Piano • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥6,900/¥8,400 • Tel: 06-6342-7722


Grand Cube, Osaka Sept 18
Metal • 7pm • ¥6,300 • Tel: 06-6535-5569

Acid Black Cherry

Osaka Jo Hall Sept 18
J-Rock • 5pm • ¥TBA • Tel: 06-7732-8888

Namie Amuro

Grand Cube, Osaka Sept 18-19
J-Pop RnB • 18th, 6pm/19th, 4pm • ¥7,800 • Tel: 06-6357-4400


Club Quattro, Osaka Sept 22
Rock • 7pm • ¥5,500 • Tel: 06-6281-8181


Namba Hatch, Osaka Sept 23
J-Rock • 6pm • ¥4,800 • Tel: 06-6341-3525


Billboard Live Osaka, Osaka Sept 24-25
RnB • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥12,000/¥13,500 • Tel: 06-6342-7722

Boom Boom Satellites

Zepp, Osaka Sept 25
Rock • 7pm • ¥4,800 • Tel: 06-6535-5569

Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett

Club Quattro, Osaka Sept 27
Folk • 7:30pm • ¥7,000/¥8,000 • Tel: 06-6281-8181

Graham Bonnett & Joe Lynn Turner

Big Cat, Osaka Sept 27
AOR Rock • 7pm • ¥8,000 • Tel: 06-6281-8504

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Namba Hatch, Osaka Sept 27-28
J-Rock • 7pm • ¥4,600 • Tel: 06-7732-8888

Ned Doherty

Billboard Live Osaka, Osaka Sept 29-30
Billboard Live Osaka, Osaka Sept 29-30


Zepp, Osaka Sept 30
J-Girl Rock • 7pm • ¥4,000 • Tel: 06-6357-4400

The Pillows

Big Cat, Osaka Sept 30
Rock • 7pm • ¥3,675/¥4,200 • Tel: 06-6341-3525

Dreams Come True

Osaka Jo Hall Oct 2-3
J-Pop/rock Duo • 2nd 6pm/ 3rd 4pm • ¥6,500/¥7,300 • Tel: 06-6341-3525

Nikki Yanofsky

Club Quattro, Osaka Oct 4
Jazz-Pop Vocal • 7:30pm • ¥7,000 • Tel: 06-6281-8181


Zepp, Osaka Oct 6
Ambient/Dance • 7pm • ¥6,500 • Tel: 06-6535-5569

Bobby Caldwell

Billboard Live Osaka, Osaka Oct 6-9
AOR • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥9,800/ ¥11,300 • Tel: 06-6342-7722

Rufus Wainwright

Namba Hatch, Osaka Oct 8
Singer-Songwrier • 7pm • ¥6,300/¥6,800 • Tel: 06-4397-0572

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